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Monday 4 January 2021

Allison Pearson - Bang Out Of Order

Bullying is not clever. It is not a means to achieving a merit badge. It is not a behaviour that sits well on one’s CV. When combined with punching down, picking on one of the little people pour encourager les autres, it is downright abhorrent. So it should come as no surprise that the increasingly wayward Allison Pearson, still given a berth by the increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph, has been caught doing it.

Someone called Dave Bradshaw put out a Tweet apparently suggesting that Ms Pearson was engaging in a hate campaign against the NHS. He very soon deleted it and apologised. But for Ms Pearson, this was only the start: she had clearly decided that a mere apology was too little. Only total retribution, including the loss of Bradshaw’s livelihood and the involvement of suitably expensive lawyers, would suffice.

Off she went. “Does anyone know where Dave Bradshaw works please? Claims to be a scientist”. Bradshaw repeated his apology. What say Ms Pearson? “You’re finished”. Then, responding to Peter Hitchens, who appeared to be encouraging a response from not only Ms Pearson, but also the loathsome Toby Young and self-promoting TalkRADIO host Julia Hartley Dooda, she went further. She actually doxxed Bradshaw.

Dave Bradshaw works for Glaxo Smith Kline Tonbridge, Peter. I’ll be contacting the CEO in the morning. He libelled me twice and others including you. I have the screenshots”. Bradshaw pleaded with her to contact him directly. “I’ll be in touch with your CEO. Presenting official NHS data as falsehood. My God”. She’s all heart.

One wonders what Tobes will make of what looks rather like a genuine example of cancel culture, something which one Tweeter pointed out. And now, as Paul Cotterill noted, a problem entered for Ms Pearson. "The gentleman seems menaced by the [Pearson] tweets, which is interesting given it's an offence to send ‘by means of a public electronic communications network a message or other matter that is grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character’ (sec 127, Comms Act 2003)”.

Bradshaw has said sorry. He has deleted the allegedly libellous Tweet. He also appears to be an a state of distress as a result of what looks like an act of bullying. What a judge might make of that being put before a defamation hearing is an interesting thought. What is also interesting is that Ms Pearson has previous for attacking the NHS.

Hence the Royal College of General Practitioners last July tellingRCGP responds to Daily Telegraph article criticising the NHS’ handling of COVID-19 pandemic … Contrary to Allison Pearson’s criticism of the NHS for its handling of COVID-19, GPs have certainly not been ‘lazy and doing almost nothing’. GPs and their teams have been working incredibly hard, often at risk to their own health, to ensure patients receive good, safe care throughout the pandemic”. But Ms Pearson isn’t defaming anyone, you understand.

Once again, the impression is given that hacks and pundits are fine slagging off any person or organisation in pursuit of More And Bigger Paycheques For Themselves Personally Now, but anyone slinging a bit of mud back over the fence does so in fear of having lawyers sent after them, or even losing their livelihood as a result.

Allison Pearson is the one who should be apologising. I’ll just leave that one there.

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Anonymous said...

So the usual gang of ranting righties claim not to be hate-mongers.

How very inaccurate.

Someone, somewhere, touched an exposed far right nerve.

J said...

So once again, the freeze peach absolutists demand that others are silenced... well my flabber was once again gasted. It seems that cancel culture is alive, well, and being enacted - by the very people screaming like toddlers that everyone is out to cancel them. Funny how those with the huge power, and megaphone, of tax avoiding newspapers and their owners are so quick to silence any dissent against their views.

To use her own words against her: (from when she was quote tweeting an actual neo-nazi):
“Criticism of [Alison Peerson] will become an offence .... and will be shut down.” The [Alison Peerson] plotting to silence [] concerned citizens, as always..."

The truth is that reality is biting hard: all the people who have slagged off the NHS, Doctors, Nurses, distancing, wearing masks, (and soon will ramp up the attacks on teachers (1)), over covid are all being proved wrong - again, and again, and again, and again, and at some point someone is going to notice... so every dissenting voice must be silenced less their tax avoiding masters realise the wind is no longer blowing in a reichward direction.

(1) Funny how people who were all for cuts and using unqualified teachers and having schools run for profit, not education, are now all worried about the poors. They never were before. Far to busy jetting off on very expensive holidays, or gloating that their kids caught infections that would happily kill off nana and gandar (but not them, personally, now, because no way were they being allowed to come home while infectious...) strange that!

Anonymous said...

So, that's 2 apologies and a deletion and she's still not satisfied. Jesus, what a vile, spiteful biatch.

david walsh said...

Just looked (1745 4th Jan) at Ms Pearson's twitter feed and it seems to be pretty near totally backing Mr Carr. I think, given the monstering that GSK have had from batty media conspiracy theorists over their own work on developing a COVID vaccine, that they will not merely ask Ms Pearson 'how high' when she demands that they make an employee jump off a cliff.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to Dave and hope he's feeling okay at the moment. Sociopathic tax-dodger Karen has gone too far this time.

Well said, J - these idiots have completely blown it. They can post all the propaganda they want in their social media bubbles but ordinary people are seeing an increasing number of their friends getting sick and are realising they've been lied to for months by elements of the media.

Also re: the poor. Yep, the same people who supported austerity, cuts to schools, cuts to education allowances, spent the past half-decade whining about young people being 'snowflakes' and drafted hundreds of articles hating on the unemployed, as well as publishing similar amounts of wordage accusing those with mental health issues of being 'scroungers'... those fuckers do not care one iota about the poor or mental health or the financial situation of minimum wage workers.

Anonymous said...

It may be a case of reality intruding, but over the past week or so have noticed a serious pushback against the Covidiots in the media. Not just Pearson getting shredded over Wuhan, but a number of commenters exposing the months-long campaign of disinformation promoted by the usual crowd.

Long may it continue. We really need the question answering of why so many with connections to the government* have tried their hardest to damage any attempt at mitigating this virus.

*Let's be honest here - if Boris rung up the DT's editor and said 'Please knock off this denialist shit, you're helping to kill off a ton of my voters', does anyone think the Telegraph would say no? They're almost North Korean in their worship of the Tory party.

Anonymous said...

Spot on.

Unknown said...

Anyone else noticed the picture here: https://scramnews.com/telegraph-columnist-allison-pearson-coronavirus-column/

Very Katie Hopkins look-a-like!!!

Michael R said...

"the increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph"