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Tuesday 6 March 2018

Theresa May Employs Misogynist Creep

Although his LinkedIn profile has not yet been updated, Dylan Sharpe, former PR for the Murdoch Sun, who was a SpAd for Damian Green until the former Deputy PM had to walk the plank recently, has since moved not just to be a SpAd at 10 Downing Street, but has now been confirmed as Head of Broadcast there. This demonstrates excellently the way in which Theresa May bends over backwards to appease the Press Establishment.
Dylan Sharpe. Claims to be a PR specialist. No, don't laugh

Sharpe, another of those Clever People Who Talk Loudly In Restaurants, would in most walks of life not have been let near such a role, but in the looking glass world of the Westminster bubble, all things are possible, even for the terminally inept.

Exactly how inept Sharpe is can be seen from his recent achievements, none of which can be put down to the credit column. His talent for routine idiocy was typified by his intervention in the Sun’s campaign against Labour MP Emily Thornberry, where he claimed‘Van driver’ bro of Em Thornberry who ‘put the record straight’ is actually a trendy fashion photographer in New York”. The man in question was actually working in London.
But it was over the Sun’s abandonment of Page 3 topless photos where Sharpe came properly unstuck: after the paper had apparently stopped the feature, there was one last “Mammary relapse” [geddit?!?!?]. To celebrate this event, Sharpe sent the topless photo - unsolicited, please note - to several women, including Kay Burley of Sky News, and then Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman. Creep by name, creep by nature.
Even his “apology” was laced with deflection, victimhood, and claims that it was only “Banter”. After Grace Dent told “This isn’t an apology. It’s gloating and drawing attention to his ‘banter’”, he blubbered “please Grace, it’s an apology - don’t start the hate again”. What he did was “banter”, and people saying otherwise engaged in “hate”.
Worse, Alex Spence, a proper journalist at the Times, had been briefed from within the Murdoch empire that Page 3 was ending, so when Sharpe’s “relapse” came out, his credibility was shot. Spence walked the plank; the useless Sharpe stayed.

It got yet worse: Sharpe claimed there was a “hate mob” after him, after he was mocked for cluelessly asking of a BBC debate “Why does this audience only ask questions about newsworthy issues?” The PR at the Sun needed telling why that should be.
So we know who's in charge of the Government ...

Could it get even worse? As if you need to ask. After the Nepal earthquake in 2015, the Mirror had splashed on a mother whose baby had been pulled alive from the rubble. For many, this would have been off limits, but not to the sneering Sharpe: “I will accept the shit but who does this pic on the Mirror's splash remind you of..?” he sniggered into his reassuringly expensive latté. He was trying to suggest that the baby’s mother bore a resemblance to Ed Miliband. Laugh? I thought I’d never start.
... and we didn't get to elect him

And the misogynist, laddish, victimhood-playing creep responsible for that cretinous idiocy has just been promoted to Head of Broadcast at 10 Downing Street. No appointment shows more clearly the ability of ineptitude to fail upwards, the detachment from reality of our Government, and Theresa May’s subservience to the Press Establishment.

Dylan Sharpe isn’t worth paying in washers. But you’re paying for him anyway.


Arnold said...


Anonymous said...

The Bot needs all the PR help she can get.

Not only is she a bit thick, she's also a liar, hypocrite, bullshitter and completely incompetent.

Add to that a mouth full of bad teeth, a misshapen downward mouth she borrowed from Blair, the dress sense of an orangutan, bling jewelry even an East Ender wouldn't wear, the speaking style of a primitive android and the warmth of a London slug and you can see she needs all the help she can get.

Hence the hapless moron Sharpe. They should make a perfect combination.

Ferdy Fox said...

What - another gormless, useless twat on the "team".
No break with tradition there then.
He'll feel right at home with the rest of this shower.
Is this the Maybot trying to get the message across better? Or just tell lies more convincingly - either way, it won't end well.

Ferdy Fox said...

Anonymous - are you hinting that you're not too impressed with her?
Man up and tell it like it is!

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

You should go into PR, Anonymous. Your bitter, bilious rants could generate unwarranted sympathy for even this prick and his clueless boss. Well done.

Mike said...

Bloody hell, Anonymous 1152, of all the myriad things you could criticise May for, you go for her looks and dress sense? Clear off, jog on, and crawl back under your rock. Your comments are not welcome here; they add nothing.