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Sunday 11 March 2018

Katie Hopkins Pleads For Nazis

The attention seeking antics of pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins began at a mediocre level, and have worked their way down ever since. From sneering at anyone who didn’t look like her, she progressed to kicking migrants, then went for attacking Muslims, and then predictably ended up over the New Year backing the racist rump of South Africa’s Apartheid fans. Now she has gone even lower. And she’s dead proud of it.
Viewers may still want to look away now

The latest outpouring of her support for people who are, let us not drive this around the houses for too long, modern-day Nazis came yesterday, after one of the Genération Identitaire leaders Martin Sellner, whose potential appearance at a UKIP youth gathering in Sheffield last August may have been instrumental in several venues in the city declining to host the event. Sellner is an unreconstructed white supremacist.
You'll have to speak up, I'm a bit Mutt and Jeff

Freedom News told “Generation Identity has been described by antifascist campaigners as ‘racist and extreme’. The organisation, founded in France, gained prominence in Germany, Austria and Italy. It is often described as Europe’s version of alt-right. Its main mission is to preserve national differences. Its local groups all sport the same yellow-and-black websites and spread anti-migrant, islamophobic and racist content”.
Along with his partner Brittany Pettibone, who claims to be an “actor and YouTuber”, Sellner arrived at the UK Border the other day, and was immediately nicked. He may be deported; whether she has to accompany him is not known. Hatie Katey was not a happy bunny at this news. Someone had to make a futile gesture, and it was her.
Request for information. Have the British police arrested / detained @BrittPettibone and @MartinSellner in the U.K. on the grounds they MIGHT say something the state will not allowed to be heard? #freebrittany … Please read. Brittany is a lovely young lady. I understand she is detained individually. Imagine if this was your daughter. The Establishment versus The People”. “The People”? A repulsive Nazi and his pal?
There could only be one group behind this - yes, it was the Scary Muslims (tm). “Detained at airport on the basis their speech at Speakers Corner MIGHT upset the Muslim population. And boy oh boy, we can’t allow that to happen in Londonistan now can we? #londonhasfallen #londonistan #FreeBrittany”. Wibble.
And when it was claimed “An American citizen is being unlawfully detailed by the British Government” (how many wrong turns can you make in one line?), she concurred. “Absolutely true @Cernovich - detained for future hate speech she MIGHT have said. The Rest of the U.K. do not recognise Londonistan”. It must be that awful pink carpet.
I mean, it’s so unfair, innit? “Jihadis. Welcomed back to U.K. Bribed with welfare & homes. Rights protected. America journalist: detained at airport for future hate speech as yet unsaid. Confined in cell”. Certainly is when you can just sit there and make it up.

But good of Katie Hopkins to remind everyone where her sympathies lie - with white supremacists, Nazis, and other far-right hate mongers. Sadly, tomorrow does not belong to them. And no-one else will give a stuff when Sellner is deported. End of story.


Roy said...

So why have they been detained?
I do hope it's not just for being revolting neo-Nazi arseholes, because if being a revolting neo-Nazi arsehole was illegal, we could lock up quite a few bloggers and maybe even a radio presenter or two.
And I hope it really isn't for something that might be about to do, because that would mean I'm being forced to agree with Hopkins, which is somewhere I really don't want to go.
You don't fight fascism by becoming fascist

Arnold said...

It's called controlling your borders Katie. Suck it up.

Jonathan said...

It's a shame Hatey Katie doesn't seem to realise that the law applies to all irregardless of race, colour, creed or faith.

The Blog Commission said...

As The Blog Commission we agree. Closing down free speech is our job. Unless, it isn't free speech.
However, due to cuts in funding we are now reduced to complain directly to source online after having our ISP switched off and having difficulty locating a Post Office to buy a stamp. It is a good job we have a Boswells near our basement where we can connect to their free WiFi spot.

Anonymous said...

That woman is in serious danger of self-harm.

Having tried and failed to harm civilisation she has to turn all that hatred on something or somebody.

At this rate she'll have to be sectioned.

SteveB said...

Am i missing something today? More than one quote that they were planning to meet "Tommy Robinson". So where is he in the campaign to free them? Rather than camping outside the detention centre he's off faking fights on a different subject. Which suggests that either he doesn't know about them - or he doesn't care.