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Thursday 15 March 2018

Farage Promotes White Supremacist

Once again, broadcaster LBC has some of those Questions To Answer after its continuing employment of former UKIP Oberscheissenf├╝hrer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage resulted yesterday in the channel getting caught up in the promotion of a notorious foreign bigot - dressed up as nothing more than an exercise in “free speech”.
Squeaky promoting extremism finger up the bum time

Mr Thirsty had clearly been kept up to speed on the refusal of the authorities in the UK to allow Canadian far-right activist Lauren Southern to enter the country; she was stopped near Calais and told she was not welcome. This set the Usual Suspects off ranting about how Britain was becoming some kind of totalitarian state, and of course that the country was now in hock to all those Scary Muslims (tm).

So Farage decided to interview Ms Southern from Strasbourg, where he has been once again milking the EU, which he claims to dislike, for all the expenses he can get out of it. He solemnly Tweeted later “Anti-terrorism laws were used to ban @Lauren_Southern from the UK this week. We should be able to criticise religion in a free society”.
Lauren Southern - persona non grata in the UK

The question then is, is Ms Southern merely wanting to criticise religion? And the answer, to no surprise at all, is more than likely no. We can say this with some confidence as the people at Hope Not Hate have been on the case, and this is what they have to say.

While Southern attempts to stay away from the issue of race by veiling it in anti-Muslim rhetoric, some of her closest colleagues and friends do not. Faith Goldy, whom Southern has made multiple videos with and who she worked closely together with at Rebel Media, has appeared on extreme right media outlet Red Ice TV and on a podcast by the neo-nazi Daily Stormer site. Goldy supported the white nationalist ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, a rally which led to the killing of anti-racist activist Heather Heyer and is a proponent of the idea of ‘white genocide’”.
There was more. “Southern supported and took part in the ‘Defend Europe’ mission that sought to block NGO ships from rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean … She defends her dangerous actions by arguing that Muslims are ‘barbarians’ that will lead to the fall of Western civilisation”. “Western civilisation” is code for “White civilisation”.

And more. Ms Southern claimed “As far as I’m concerned, Hitler was just a SJW” and went on “another problem I have with Hitler? He fawned over Muslims more sycophantically than Justin Trudeau. Bibi Netanyahu was right to point out that Hitler decided on the Holocaust partly because Middle Eastern Muslims told him they didn’t want Jews expelled into the region”. Muslims, in her worldview, are responsible for the Holocaust.
She’s also “argued for ‘The Great Replacement’ far-right conspiracy theory espoused by xenophobic scholar Renaud Camus. In Southern’s own words the theory maintains that  ‘You have one people and in the space of one generation you have a different people’. The Great Replacement theory is regularly championed by far-right groups and websites”.

That is who Nigel Farage - and, yes, LBC - gave a platform to yesterday. A white supremacist rabble-rouser pretending to be just another young voice saying the things that so many others are thinking, honestly. Still want to keep Nige on the airwaves, LBC?


A.Robot (Mrs) said...

Great Replacement Theory:
'You have one people and in the space of one generation you have a different people’

Is that like, 'My cells are constantly replacing themselves so the man you see before you today, M'Lud, is not the man who strangled that kitten last month' ?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Farage allegedly going to be arrested?
Or has that fell by the wayside?


Ted Bangor said...

Farge going for the Dail Mail Sad Face of the Year award there.

Before the usual talking about things he's apparently not allowed to talk about.

Anonymous said...

There'll be tremendous scenes when UKIP folds and Farage rejoins the tories.

Can't wait for that one.

Jonathan said...

Waiting on the Special Counsel to serve an extradition warrant for Thirsty...
Imienent we are advised... Thirsty must be filling his boots before the Met come for his collar.

damon said...

The reason the Border Force gave for refusing her entry was that she’d been in Luton previously, and was at a stall handing out “racist material”.

The supposedly racist material said “Allah is gay - Allah is trans - Allah is all of us”.
If you think that Muslims need to be protected from that kind of thing (by law) then fair enough.
I just think it shows that the authorities have a very low view of Muslims.