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Tuesday 20 June 2017

Sun Muslim Hypocrisy BUSTED

In the wake of the Finsbury Park terror attack, the Murdoch goons at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun have come over all concerned. “UNITED AGAINST TERROR Londoners of all faiths come together vowing ‘love will win, terror will lose’ at defiant vigil for Finsbury Park attack victims … People gathered outside the mosque which is just yards from where the horror unfolded in the early hours of Mondaythey tell readers today.
The suspect’s Mum was clearly aghast at what her son had done: “Finsbury Park terror suspect’s mum reveals horror at seeing son, 47, on TV – as locals claim he was living in a tent after love split and ‘cursed Muslims’ in pub day before mosque attack”. But what the Sun hacks do not tell their readers is why anyone would suddenly start cursing Muslims.

And there’s a good reason the Sun doesn’t want to go there: because much of the stirring up of hatred towards Muslims has been done by Themselves. And it’s been done over a long period of time. It’s incessant, dishonest, hateful, bigoted … and deliberate. The Murdoch press’ Islamophobia comes from the top. The roll of shame is endless.
Back in September 2014, an elderly woman was murdered in her garden. The killer had a history of mental illness. The Sun dishonestly ranted “‘MUSLIM CONVERT’ BEHEADS WOMAN IN GARDEN”. They made it up. Sells papers. You get the picture.
Last December came the totally made-upXMAS TERROR PLOT BUSTED”. Before the General Election, the Sun tried to frighten voters off Labour with “JEZZA’S JIHADI COMRADES”. And who can forget the dishonest and prejudicial1 in 5 Brit Muslims sympathy for Jihadis”? Be frightened of Scary Muslims (tm), Sun readers.
And it’s not just the front page headlines that spread anti-Muslim sentiment: the Sun also willingly - and all too regularly - publishes hate speech by Islamophobic bigots, especially the deeply unpleasant Douglas Murray, he of “conditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder across the board”. The Sun has published him recently.
Not only did the Sun employ bigot Kelvin McFilth ...

In fact, the Murdoch goons have given Doug Murray The K THREE columns in less than a month, he being their go-to anti-Muslim rant merchant, especially after anything resembling a terror attack - well, a terror attack that can be pinned on Muslims, that is.
... they also gave space to the far more insidious Douglas Murray

So after the Manchester bombing, we gotAttacking women and children is just another day at the office for sick jihadists … Douglas Murray says it's not just Manchester where the twisted warlords of jihad have used women and children in their savage war on civilization”. Hard on the heels of that rant was “Why do Islamists kill? Because they hate women… so where does this hatred come from? It's in Islam's origins and too few people are willing to admit it”. As Sir Sean nearly said, I think we got the point.

Then, following the London Bridge and Borough Market attack, back came Murray for his pièce de résistance: “Never mind singing John Lennon songs … if we want peace then we need one thing - less Islam … It is the same everywhere: Don’t look back in anger, just forward in blind, bovine hope. This has to change”.

You want to see the trigger for the Finsbury Park attack? Look no further. The Sun likes to claim that others have “blood on their hands”. Theirs aren’t exactly clean right now.


Anonymous said...

Quite soon Murdoch, his brats, and his goons are going to drown in their own rabid spittle.

Crackpot people, crackpot propaganda.

But how has mainstream media (of which the Murdoch employee-thugs are but one part) come to this? And who is responsible?

Does anybody think ANY of them are going to suddenly turn through 180 degrees and become honest citizens?

Cultural historians will surely look back on the last forty years of this country and shake their heads in disbelief. Assuming said crackpots haven't by then shuffled themselves and us into a nuclear incinerator.

Richard J said...

As usual Zelo Street calls it right. Also see today's brilliant Martin Rowson cartoon in the Guardian, already relagated off the online front page and with no comments allowed.

RIchard J

Anonymous said...

Just looking at those headlines, what is the difference between that rag and the Volkischer Beobachter/Der Sturmer? Degrees of insanity?

And now the tories are "reviewing" Murdoch's attempted takeover of what's left of youknowwhat. Doubtless to say "The market [sic] has changed" and thus complete the job started by Hunt when he was Minister For Bullshit And Lies.

The world according to Murdoch and Northcliffe.

And people ask why we are headed down the shitter on a sledge.