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Sunday 11 June 2017

Press Demands Tory Suicide

As I told yesterday, whatever the question being asked by those in and around the Tory Party, the answer can never be Boris Johnson. London’s formerly very occasional Mayor has inevitably been talked of as the next Tory leader in the wake of Theresa May’s less than stellar showing in last Thursday’s General Election, but his abysmal Mayoral record, and his skeleton cupboard, mean his should never be the name in the frame.
Sadly for those who scrabble around the dunghill that is Grubstreet, taking any notice of those outside the press bubble is not on their agenda, and nor is any kind of real world analysis. The only thing that counts for so many of the Press and Pundit Establishment is that Bozza is one of their own. He can do journalism, they argue, and so he is instantly an expert on every subject known to humankind, especially politics.

So it was no surprise to see the Mail on Sunday telling readersBoris Johnson is preparing a new bid to become Prime Minister as Theresa May’s grip on No 10 becomes increasingly fragile … A close ally of the Foreign Secretary said last night it was ‘go-go-go’ for Mr Johnson’s leadership push, adding: ‘We need Bojo. We need a Brexiteer. We need somebody who can talk and connect with people like Jeremy Corbyn does. We need someone who can make Britain believe in itself again’”.
And it’s complete crap. Bozza isn’t a Brexiteer - he’s an unprincipled opportunist. He’s hardly going to make Britain believe in itself when he doesn’t himself believe most of what he says. But on ploughs the press, with the Murdoch Sunday Times claiming “Five cabinet ministers urge Boris to topple May”, along with an opinion poll showing support for the PM resigning, by 48% to 38%. The Murdoch Sun goes further.

There, alleged Sunday political editor David Wooding claimsBORIS Johnson is being lined up to mount a Tory leadership bid … Plotters fear Theresa May will not survive the summer and are urging the Foreign Secretary to save the party and Brexit”. Bozza couldn’t save with the Woolwich, never mind save the Tory Party.
But on gurgles Wooding: “Boris is their favourite but has yet to be told he is the popular choice … It would be an astonishing comeback almost a year after he pulled out of his last leadership bid - giving Mrs May a clear run for the crown … At least three MPs have been asked to be stalking horse candidates to trigger a contest”. More complete crap.

It’s yet more of the self-serving nonsense the right-leaning part of the Fourth Estate dreams up when it’s got no idea what to do. And while some of the press goes into default “Good old Boris” mode, the Daily Star has added another minus point to the Bozza account - his apparent removal of barriers from London Bridge which would, had they been left in place, have prevented pedestrians being mowed down last weekend.
On top of that, a YouGov poll gives us a glimpse of Bozza’s real popularity with the electorate - he doesn’t have any. Nor do David Davis, Amber Rudd, Philip Hammond, Liam Fox or Micheal Gove. The only Tory name they could get a positive score for was Ruth Davidson - and she isn’t even in Parliament right now.

What the press is demanding is that the Tories commit suicide so they can get one of theirs into its Top Job. Thus the shortcomings of the Media Establishment in one story.


Anonymous said...

The various Sunday shows have already been good viewing/listening and Brexit is leading discussion topic. Toby "toadmeister" looking uncomfortable on Marr sofa, Farron being rolled out as ever to say everything is wonderful, Ian Duncan Cough on 5 live and now Montgomerie.

May really needs to show leadership. To do this she could make an immediate announcement that she is off to Brussels tomorrow to do something! Whether this be to pause the exit process, negotiate an interim deal aka Norway or a third option, she can choose.

However, there is absolutely no way she can even contemplate going over there to begin negotiating when the EU team know there is absolute turmoil which will result in a night of the long knives in the not too distant future.

Come on TM, prove your critics wrong, you aren't a robot, you are strong and you have a plan!

I'm not holding my breath,

TPC said...

Hi Tim. Help me here.
1. Did BoJo ever provide a clear explanation on why he stood back from the post-Cameron leadership election? The timing was very odd. Kompromat at work?
2. Garden Bridge. Should BoJo be help personally liable for wasted public funds based on him not having respected the legal procedures? Should this not be thoroughly investigated before any attempt to put him in as PM? We really don't need another Trumpish Clown in power ...

rob said...

Saving grace if he does get in Captain Ska would only have to delete a couple of "s" for the next round. Paging Eddie Mair.

Anonymous said...

I don't bother too much with TV. Most of it is just prolefeed of the worst kind. The "political" programmes are little more than far right freak shows.

But today I did watch a few minutes before I had to switch off because my sides were aching too much.

There was "Andy" Marr with his mouth STILL trying to find its most appropriate setting under his right ear. The wild-eyed loony tory harridan Soubry trying to avoid on-camera hysterics. Newton-Done spouting his usual crackpot shite. Neil almost disappearing into his fat, sweaty gut after failing to disguise his increasingly badly-dyed hair. Young being his usual arm-waving, stupid-twat, empty-headed self. Osborne gloating like the tenth rate public school boy he is. Dead-face Fallon adopting the body language all tories adopt when they get a good kicking by the electorate: Head tilted to one side, nodding forward every now and then to indicate "sincerity", whiney false spaniel eyes to show how "vulnerable" he is.

But most of all there was the hypocritical doddering old thug Heseltine. Yes, the same reactionary dog turd who waved his fist and shouted at poll tax protestors, "Won't pay, can't vote". All of it delivered in quiet tones from an armchair to show how "homely" he is. Whereas he's decayed into nothing more than a sly, ageing hoodlum peddling the same old muck for the same old profiteering reasons.

It was worth a few minutes viewing to see them squirming in their own excreta, while throwing a lot of it at the hapless May. None of them of course emphasised how the tories were okay with it all until the results were declared. After which they reverted to type.

Beneath the propaganda and public relations lies is the same old ugly assault on everything decent in a civilised society. Anybody who thinks they'll ever change is living in cloud cuckoo land.

Arnold said...

Anonymous. If your sides are still aching, avoid the Daily Mail.
"Let's calm down and remember that Mrs May WON! PETER OBORNE on how the setback the PM has suffered is not the calamity some would have you believe"