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Monday 12 June 2017

Don’t Menshn Class Libel Action

While politics watchers in the UK have had the aftermath of the General Election to savour, across the North Atlantic there is the continuing chipping away at the credibility of the Presidency. Combover Crybaby Donald Trump is under increasing scrutiny for potential links to Russia, alleged obstruction of justice, and a whole host of other variously serious and - more importantly - impeachable offences.
Has she got news for us? Er, no

There is also a growing “resistance” to the Trump Gang, using social media to leverage the movement. But here a problem enters: social media is also open to those determined to spread misinformation and disrupt the resistance. It is also open to those who are not only getting way ahead of themselves, but at the same time dismissing and even abusing those of dissenting view. And Zelo Street regulars will know exactly who that means.
Yes, (fortunately) former Tory MP Louise Mensch, now representing the distant constituency of Manhattan Upmarket, has decided that only she knows what is going on. To this end, she routinely smears others as agents of Russian intelligence if they call her out for being totally batshit. This has now dropped her well and truly in the mire.
Ms Mensch chose to defame someone who knows her law. Laura, whose Twitter handle is @SheWhoVotes, takes up the story. “Louise is literally trying to gaslight #TheResistance into thinking Trump is being impeached *right now.* This is long past ridiculous … Mensch is accusing me of being Russian Intelligence Service now … Louise Mensch has also baselessly accused @mikefarb1 @olgaNYC1211 @sarahkendzior and hundreds more. She's a dangerous McCarthyist … My account has never been locked. I just had Louise blocked and she's apparently dumb enough to think that meant my account is locked”.
Yes, that’s the Louise Mensch we in the UK know all too well. So what was Laura going to do about this? Here it gets deliciously interesting: she contacted Ms Mensch’s lawyer. “@MarkSZaidEsq please inform your client that this is libel per se before I sue her … I want a retraction and apology, Mark. I have clerked for 3 judges. I take this very seriously and will gladly sue her if for no other reason than to depose her about all the hundreds of others she has baselessly accused of being Russian spies. Perhaps a class action?
You read that right. And to demonstrate that she was taking this very seriously indeed, Laura then Tweeted “Any libel lawyers in NY interested in taking on a defamation class action against Louise Mensch? I have 20+ clients for you”. Only 20+? Hold on a minute!

Over on this side of The Pond there are several more who may be interested, for starters anyone whom Ms Mensch targeted during her championing of Tim Hunt. Add to that Abby Tomlinson of Milifandom fame, Paddy French at Press Gang, Peter Jukes at Byline Media, the man otherwise known as Joe Public, and of course Myself.

The Guardian recently said of Louise Mensch “She insists she has no fear of being sued for libel. ‘I’ve never been sued because I’ve never been wrong,’ she said”. This is complete bullshit: she’s got away with it for so long because she’s filthy stinking rich, and her targets aren’t. That may be about to change.

Louise Mensch’s little Wild West Show has been on borrowed time for a while now. It would be better for all concerned if it were swiftly put out of its misery.


Nick63 said...

This is Mensch's problem writ large. She seems to have got the Trump/Russia story more or less right... but then pissed all over that success by too gleefully berating all others also on the case independent of her, as though hers is an 'exclusive' no one else can possibly touch without first acknowledging her 'brilliance'and then abasing themselves by kissing her feet (and, no doubt, appropriate rings) before asking her permission to publish their independent (of her) findings.

I told you a couple of weeks ago she'd soon start pissing people off in the US with her monumental batshit ego.

Anonymous said...

Who says she got the "Trump/Russia" bullshit right?

Vauxhall Cross? Langley? The Sun? The Daily Mail?

Don't make me larf.