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Friday 9 June 2017

It’s The Sun Wot Lost It

In 2015, we were told that it would be the election when social media finally eclipsed the dinosaurs of the press establishment. It didn’t happen: the Tories unexpectedly gained a majority, mainly by spending obscene amounts of money and shafting their former coalition partners, the hapless Lib Dems. Once again, the Murdoch goons could claim that It Was The Sun Wot Won It. But after yesterday’s poll, it all looked so different.
Of course I'm not f***ing resigning, c***

The Sun, with the Daily Mail close behind, ran wave after wave of hatred, spite, dishonesty, bigotry, a tsunami of intolerance and negativity with which they fully expected to deliver Theresa May a thumping majority. The hatchet jobs on Jeremy Corbyn were relentless, the scare stories unremitting. It didn’t work. The Tories have lost their majority and must depend on the DUP to take them over the win line.
It was her fault. We had no part in it

For the two editors concerned, there must now be a question mark over their future. We know that the Sun’s Tony Gallagher will be sacked as soon as the post-election dust has settled; this is an open secret among those who scrabble around the dunghill that is Grubstreet. The legendarily foul mouthed Paul Dacre at the Daily Mail is well past retirement age, and is rapidly becoming a parody of himself.
You're getting sacked in the morning

Both papers slavishly backed Ms May - a truly dreadful campaigner - as she stumbled from one pre-prepared soundbite combination to another. She was hollow, she was empty, she was unable to answer directly the most basic of questions. She never faced a genuinely open public gathering. Corbyn, by contrast, revelled in rallies, the confidence growing and smile broadening as the campaign progressed.
Yeah, her fault. Nothing to do with us, honestly

Social media may not have landed a decisive blow. But it is now well and truly in the ascendant. The press dinosaurs, by contrast, weighed down by their entourage of clueless and obscenely overpaid hacks and pundits, with their advertising revenue in freefall, got the mood of the country totally wrong, unable to do so much as peer out beyond their hermetically sealed bubble. This was their last hurrah.
Bye bye Fawkes credibility ...

And what of the supposedly feared right-wing blogosphere? Forget it. Their main player, the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog, has sold out to the press establishment, his credibility well and truly shot through. Staines and his pals were forecasting that the Tories would win almost 400 seats. They are no less out of touch than the press to which they have hitched their wagon.
... here were the Fawkes predictions. Bunch of tossers

The media establishment might not like The Canary, Evolve Politics and Skwawkbox, but they are clearly here to stay. Also, whisper it quietly, Zelo Street is still around, ready to subject the terminally clueless part of the Pundit Establishment - for which, read most of it - to a regular dose of reality. And most of the younger voters that turned out this time don’t care about the press. It is a situation they will find hard to accept, let alone understand.

This time, It Was The Sun Wot Lost It. The right-wing press has finally shot its bolt.


mirandola said...

"It was The Sun Woit lost it!"


mbc1955 said...


Anonymous said...

Well, Tim, admit too your forecasts of doom and gloom were also a load of bollocks.

I too expected a loss but I wasn't about to blame Corbyn for it. Not when he had to face mainstream media which did everything but spit hate in his face, plus a New Labour gang of traitors.

The result indicates that at last the 38 years long shift to the Right has been halted. But not reversed. What matters now is how Labour manage the new situation. To do so, a wary eye will have to be kept on the likes of Benn, Umuna, Watson, the Eagles sisters and Starmer. None of them can be trusted, particularly Starter who made his bid for the leadership with that notorious speech to the Chatham House hoodlums. It will be a rocky road.

Bearing in mind the gobshite tories are still minutely ahead in numbers - I'm still going to quaff a glass of champagne even at this hour.

And here's a message for the Sun, Daily Heil, Daily Express, Daily Telegraph, The Times, Murdoch, Northcliff, BBC News, ITN and Sky and all their dipshit lackies:


Brian Higgy said...

Without Dacre's disgusting monstering of JC the result could have been even better for Labour. I have heard so many, supposedly intelligent, people repeating The M**l and the S*n lies about Corbyn I have found it very hard not to get angry.

D Trump said...

Zelo Street. You are fake news.
The Daily Mail is fake news.
Fox news is more reliable than the bible itself.

Just seen that big guy on British BBC being interviewed by Andrew O'Neil.

His name is pickles. They even talked about suit cleaning.

I'm off out with Rupert Murdoch to join the biggest penis competition.

I've already won. That's without even taking my pants down.

john riches said...

It's great to see the press get their comeuppance. Corbyn has turned everything that people thought they knew on it's head. And, in the nicest possible way Tim, I'm glad you don't have to do another of your 'Morte' blogs.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone blamed Putin yet?

Oh my aching sides.

Tim Evans said...

Let's not forget the shameful part played by almost everyone at The Guardian. Now I've discovered the progressive web commentariat they'll not get another penny from me if I can help it.

Anonymous said...

well said.

rob said...

Yet another bad week for KRM. Pet doggies in the US and UK are on the run. News of the Sun losing £60m. Still mutitudinous court cases to come in the UK and potentially some in the US regarding Fox News which will potentially set him back a few more bob.

No wonder there were (apocryphal?) stories of him storming out of The Times election party on hearing the exit polls! Coming after the Comey hearing it must have been a double blow.

Totally Treesa Trumped! You will hear it on Fox News first. Or perhaps not.

rob said...

****Summer Sun frolics****

It was The Sun, Sun, Sun 'til the voters took her mandate away!

We May not always back you but if Leveson 2 is back on
KRM only knows what's she'll do without him.

Bad bad bad, bad vibrations, bad bad bad, bad vibrations

Doodle doodle do, doodle do, doodle doodle do, doodle do, do do,
Murdoch and crew in the do do, Murdoch and his crew in a stew

So we'll have fun, fun, fun as The Sun readers drift further away.