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Wednesday 21 June 2017

Corbyn - The Sun Loses It

If anyone still harboured any thought that the right-wing press might not be as out of touch as some of their recent excursions have suggested, today’s screaming, abusive, defamatory, and utterly delusional editorial from the Murdoch Sun has disabused them of any such notion. The inmates of the Baby Shard bunker have finally lost it - and what is worse for them, they clearly don’t care who knows it.
This departure from the real world is titled “Rage concern” (geddit?!?) and rants “DO Jeremy Corbyn’s fans truly understand what he represents - and what they would be voting to destroy? Labour’s new young middle-class supporters have grown up in an era that takes capitalism for granted. Now, far fewer than half believe this system which has lifted billions out of poverty in the last 25 years is even a force for good”.

Then comes the descent into screaming paranoia. “They assume the economic privileges they enjoy every day are the natural order - and Corbyn will merely iron out its flaws. It is utterly delusional … Corbyn and his aides want a different system: the hardcore socialism which has reduced once-rich Venezuela to starvation and helped condemn Greece to mass unemployment and poverty”. That’s beyond ridiculous, but do go on.
Today, Corbynistas descend on London for a “Day of Rage”, an iPhone in one hand, a £3 coffee in the other (and zero regard for the hard-pressed police having to cope with them) … If they ever read anything beyond their Facebook feeds they would know where socialism always leads: food shortages, destitution and early graves … They are not remotely ready for the revolution they are willing on”.

This is weapons grade bullshit: the idea that more affordable housing, funding the NHS properly, higher tax for top earners, a company tax rate that would still be the lowest in the G8, better childcare for working parents, removal of tuition fees, social care reform, free school lunches for all pupils, and less private sector involvement in the railways is going to turn the UK into Venezuela is beyond the bounds of credibility.
Masterful slice of delusional paranoia, more like

Worse, much worse, is the continuing attack on younger voters: for disobeying the instructions of the Murdoch mafiosi, they are sneered at and characterised as not really knowing how the world works - unlike the delusional clowns who churn out the Sun, with their obscenely high pay packets and restricted social circles. Which doesn’t know what it’s like for ordinary people? It ain’t the young people, Murdoch clowns.

The delusion of the Sun’s finest was summed up by non-bullying political editor Tom Newton Dunn’s claim “A masterful bit of leader writing on Day of Rage”. The only masterful part of it is to broadcast loud and clear to anyone and everyone that the tabloid press is finally losing touch not only with reality, but with its readership - those whose patronage keep the overpaid and dubiously talented hacks in allegedly gainful employment.

Today’s Sun editorial is significant. As Winshton once put it, “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning”.

The Murdoch goons have admitted they are now losing the war. Just rejoice at that news.


twistedByKnaves said...

Are the Sun really quoting Churchill's response to his first significant victory? What do they think they've won?

Anonymous said...


So protestors are now "middle class"?

Things must be bad if they've stopped twitching curtains and have taken to the streets.

But that won't have occurred to far right Sun jobsworth loonies.

Imagine when Murdoch and his brats decide to close the Brit end of his press propaganda. Who's going to employ dopes like Newton-Done and Kavanagh?......I mean, they can't all fit on Fox-Sky TV. Not while positions are filled by forehead-knuckling morons like Boulton and Burley.

Anonymous said...

"and helped condemn Greece to mass unemployment and poverty"

Hang on a minute, the Greek debt crisis was a direct result of profligate spending by the New Democracy party of Kostas Karamanlis....a right of centre conservative party. And wasn't that nest of communist sympathisers Goldman Sachs also implicated in the debt crisis?

Still, as they say, best not to let facts get in the way of a good bit of slander.

Anonymous said...

"Today, Corbynistas descend on London for a “Day of Rage”, an iPhone in one hand, a £3 coffee in the other

That line of attack didn't work when Louise Mensch tried it on HIGNFY, and it won't work now.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the iPhones were hacked?