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Monday 23 March 2009

Three Penny Bits

1: Why does anyone in the UK rate Lynton Crosby?

As one of Michael Howard’s peepell, all he got the Tories was ridicule over their campaign slogan, and much accusation of closet racism.

He may have had success in Australia, but the rule that applies to the USA must be considered: just because they speak a form of English doesn’t make us identical or even similar.

For starters, the UK would never have elected a Prime Minister who looked like a refugee from a Dilbert cartoon.

2: Oh yeah?

Yesterday’s appearance on the Andy Marr show by William ‘Ague included the reheating of another Tory chestnut: keep saying something and someone might believe you.

Young William told that administrative costs under the present government had “mushroomed”.

As someone who remembers “Shagger” Major telling us that “ ...of course, British Rail is deeply inefficient”, the first question that enters is straightforward: got any figures to stand that one up, Master ‘Ague?

No, thought not.

3: Slant at the Beeb

The thought that a less than representative number of Tory guests have been appearing on the BBC’s Sunday politics shows has been doing the rounds, typically voiced by Iain Dale (and there is no blogger greater than he).

Oh, I dunno. Andy Marr had Carole Vorderman on recently. No, stay with me on this. I’m not being flippant. Ms V (and others like Ms Kirstie Relocation) have taken the Cameron shilling. They come from a background of undemanding shows, they’re smart and agreeable, and still carry a little authority.

Think of it this way: who would the average swing voter prefer to see on Andy Marr’s sofa – Fat Ken, Dominic Grieve, John “live long and prosper” Redwood, or Ms Vorderman?

Stealth introduction of alternative cat skinning technology shock horror!

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