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Saturday 2 October 2021

Guido EU Shortage Lies BUSTED

Supermarkets with empty shelves, long queues of cars at filling stations, and all the while, the dawning realisation that this is not unconnected to Britain leaving the European Union. So when the same problem appeared to affect a supermarket in Belgium, the very heart of the EU, it was, to the Brexiteer faithful, something that looked too good to be true. And as so often, that was because it was too good to be true.

Christian Calgie - talks well, but lies badly

To no surprise at all, the story - shortages at a Carrefour outlet in Brussels - has been seized upon by the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog. “Senior Reporter” Christian Calgie, in reality former assistant sandwich monitor promoted to teaboy as a replacement for Tom “Hardwood”, who has gone to Gammon Broadcasting™ News (“Bacon’s News Channel”), proclaimed “Explain This, Remainers”.

Er, explain what? “Remainers have spent weeks now telling us the UK’s HGV driver shortage was caused by Brexit. For a group so keen on calling 52% of the population thick, they’ve been impervious to facts. Guido’s been reporting for a while now that some countries on the continent have been even worse hit by the Covid-caused supply chain issues, and now there’s photographic evidence to prove it”. Oh yeah? Do go on.

Another failure of Fawkes non-journalism

From the heart of Brussels, Twitter user James Holland shows us that shops in the heart of EU-capital Brussels have also been struck, with near-empty shelves”. That would be one shop. But Calgie is not finished. “A sign tells frustrated shoppers that due to logistical problems, some products are temporarily unavailable and apologise for the inconvenience. Good luck blaming Brexit for this one”. But sadly, the story is crap.

The outlet shown is a Carrefour. Rather less than Two Minutes’ Googling™ would bring the news that the supermarket chain is currently affected by strike action. As the Brussels Times reported - last Monday - “Carrefour Belgium is struggling to supply some of its shops with enough products following a strike at its logistics provider, a spokesperson for the company confirmed to the Belga news agency on Monday”.

For Brexiteer Tories, there's one born every minute

So the problems were known about, and reported upon, four days before The Great Guido excreted his latest steamer. As was reported, “Kuehne+Nagel, a logistics subcontractor for Carrefour Belgium, wants to close its warehouse in Nivelles. This threatens to lay off 549 employees. In response, the employees immediately stopped working last week and colleagues in other distribution centres did the same out of solidarity”.

This latest lack of journalism comes hard on the heels of the Fawkes massive making claims about Novara Media’s pay rates without bothering to check first. On that occasion, the reaction was to double down and come over all righteous. How dare the Rotten Lefties™ question the accuracy of The Great Guido’s reporting?

But there will be no credible pushback this time. “Guido’s been reporting for a while now that some countries on the continent have been even worse hit by the Covid-caused supply chain issues”. No he hasn’t, because there aren’t “some countries on the continent … even worse hit”. The Brexiteer desperation has descended into flat-out lying.

And the Fawkes rabble aren’t even capable of doing that convincingly. Another fine mess.

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J said...

Imagine being toryboy Pisser and being so desperate that its not brexshit that you end up using the lying drink driver Gwidiot Fwcks as your source to make yourself feel better...

Sad as fcuk - totally pathetic.

Calgie's Brain is Algae said...

Ohhh. You can't get thicker than a Fawkes bull-shitter.

Pendragon said...

Tim -- thanks for doing your background check on the real reason for the empty shelves. Will we soon this story in, say, the Daily Mail? I don't know enough about the internal workings of big newspapers to know if the Mail would run a Guido Fawkes story without checking it first.

iMatt said...

Surely there would have to be at least dozens of examples of shortages throughout the EU for Remainers to have to explain. But yet again, this is another brexiter example of 'look over there' without any explanation of how Brexit is actually making life better.

Arnold said...


Even its readers aren't buying it.
There are empty shelves in Brussels because the depot drivers who deliver to Carrefour have been out on strike, in real terms the shortage of drivers is about a third of what it is in Britain and all the other supermakets in Brussels are full. Read about it in the Brussels Times and get the truth.
This propaganda rag should be ashamed of itself to bring out such nonsense. This shortage was due to a strike, not a driver shortage. I can find an empty shelf anywhere in the world even outside a pandemic.

Anonymous said...

So corporate media are lying again.

So what's noo?

Dotcom Computers said...

I see Grimes is doubling down on this story, even though it was debunked days ago.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, there are enough dumbed-down mugs in Britain to believe the far right propaganda.