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Wednesday 20 October 2021

Covid - Tories Too Late AGAIN

After alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson appointed Sajid Javid, the great libertarian, as Health Secretary earlier this year, all those pesky restrictions that had been in place to counter the spread of Covid-19 were lifted. We had won back our FREEM! Our free and fearless press praised Javid to the rafters; his actions were exactly as they had urged. Hurrah for Saj! But that was then, and now is rather different.

New infections are running at around 45,000 a day. Hospitalisations are up to 850 a day. The daily death toll is averaging 130, with more than 900 dead in the past week. For those people, and many more in the near future, their FREEM has been sadly curtailed. While Javid, and the likes of Kwasi Kwarteng, sent out to face the broadcast media this morning, talk of “living with the virus”, more and more people are not. They’re dead.

So how bad will Bozo, Saj and Co allow it to get before they bow to the inevitable and reintroduce the kinds of measures that other countries have retained, and which should, whisper it quietly, not have been dispensed with last July? What kind of action would a responsible Government take? What action would Nietzsche have taken?

The problem for Javid is that he, and the Government, would lose face by taking action. He appears like a rabbit in the headlights, an old banger stalled on a level crossing with hundreds of tonnes of oncoming train about to comprehensively flatten it. So Bozo’s cheerleaders are briefed on how to spin the descent into cabinet inertia.

That means the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog telling their readersPanicking Gloomsters Seeing Lockdowns Again … Threat Of Covid Plan B Looming” and blustering “According to the Spectator’s Data Tracker on October 12, Covid patients occupied just 5% of all NHS hospital beds … Daily Covid hospital admissions are 80% lower than they were during the pandemic peak and it’s clear that the link between cases and hospitalisations is still largely broken”. Oh no it isn’t.

As Brian Jarman, professor emeritus at Imperial College London, has shown in his regular Twitter excursions, Covid deaths have followed new infections and hospitalisations, if at a reduced rate. Peter Stefanovic, whose video compilation of Bozo being seriously economical with the actualité has already embarrassed both the Government and the BBC, has pointed out the disparity in new cases between the UK and other countries.

And the daily rate of new cases per million people merely makes the UK look worse. This is not a time to get hung up on ideological purity, libertarian or otherwise. It’s about something rather more basic: a Government giving a damn about the wellbeing of its people. And what we have here is a Government which gives every impression that it couldn’t give a rat’s arse who lives or dies. And that’s not good enough.

The problem is, sadly, that this Government is backed to the hilt by the right-leaning part of a media class which has within its ranks plenty of others who aren’t interested in the wellbeing of their fellow citizens. So they will start kicking and screaming, even as, to use Bozo’s happy phrase, the bodies pile high. So long as it’s someone else’s bodies.

Worst of all, booster jabs will not significantly curb the increasing infection and death rates. The Government fouled up. It continues to foul up. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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Anonymous said...

The tories haven't "fouled up".

It's deliberate policy.

Which makes it mass murder.

Johnspartacusanonymous said...

True that. Likelihood of them being brought to book - Zilch I reckon.

Anonymous said...

If as you say javid is the driver of the ‘old banger’ stuck on the level crossing with hundreds of tons of oncoming train fast approaching, he really doesn’t give a flying fuck because he has already got out and is observing the oncoming disaster from a safe distance. He really doesn’t give a flying fuck about what happens. And his actions exemplify the attitude of this entire government from the start.
Vote tory get tory. Only little people die.
But back to the crash - Javid is much more interested in how much he’ll be able to sell film rights to the crash for, and how much he and his private equity friends might make in fees from the train wreck wreckage.
It really couldn’t be clearer could it? The NHS is the passengers of the train and we the British people are locked inside the boot of the car.
Vote Tory get Tory. Selfservatives …. Only little people die.

Mr Larrington said...

Count Orlok tells us that:

If not enough people get their booster jabs, if not enough of those people that were eligible for the original offer... if they don't come forward, if people don't wear masks when they really should in a really crowded place with lots of people that they don't normally hang out with, if they're not washing their hands and stuff, it's going to hit us all.

The handwashing I see is bastards like Javid telling us that when it goes tits-up again it'll be our fault.

Anonymous said...

18 months of hard won gains thrown away, 150000+ deaths, yet Johnson would win a GE tomorrow because people hail his 'competence'..........what a desperate state we're in.

Anonymous said...

According to a BBC report Bozo The Murder Clown says the rise in infections and deaths is "... within parameters of the forecast."

Which means HE KNEW THE CONSEQUENCES OF INACTION. Which will be ignored by far right corporate media, thus making them culpable in mass murder.

Meanwhile, the Starmer Quiff Quisling thinks all the tories need do is "get a grip."