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Sunday 31 October 2021

Oh Tommy Tommy - YOU’RE BARRED

He’s not at all racist. And if anyone calls him racist, he’ll rock up in the dead of night on their doorstep with his pals, effectively doxx their address, and all the while claim dishonestly that all he wants is a “polite conversation”. But in his latest publicised rant, Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, really has come over all racist. So claiming he isn’t one is going to become exceptionally challenging.

What appears to have happened is that Lennon has gone, with his children in tow, to a restaurant in the Milton Keynes area, entered the premises, sat at a table, and then discovered that his presence was not welcome. The management of the establishment, as is their right, declined to serve his party and asked him to leave. Cue meltdown.

I’ve gone to Milton Keynes, with my children, to have dinner at a new restaurant. I’ve gone in, I’ve sat down, and then I’ve been told I need to leave. They can’t give me an answer, just who I am … d’you know what I found, it’s a black-owned business”. But he’s not racist.

There was more. “D’you know how many curry houses I go into? I’m about to walk into another Muslim-owned business now [no comment] … I have never once, and I’ve [eaten] in so many Muslim-owned businesses, I’ve never once, all the things I’ve said about Islam, all the differences of opinion I have … every one I go into, they’re nothing but pleasant, nothing but polite … we talk, yeah? We talk”. And yet more.

So what I’m shocked at, is that the biggest snowflakes in Milton Keynes …can’t handle someone having a different opinion”. He said he just went in and sat down. Did something else happen? But back to the rant. “And they need to feel comfortable, apparently - the staff don’t feel comfortable”. Sounds like something else did happen.

Fucking pathetic! I’m going to share it with you … share the name of the restaurant. I’ll leave it my review, you can leave it yours … you tell me in the comments what you think I should do about that restaurant. D’you think all of us should go to that restaurant? D’you think we should book tables at that restaurant? D’you think I should tolerate this continued discrimination? Six banks have closed me down. I’m not allowed a bank account”.

Cue the nanoviolin: Lennon’s past behaviour, and his ever-lengthening criminal record, may have something to do with that. Do go on. “What hotel was it in Brent Cross? Got kicked out of a hotel, just went in, you’re not allowed to stay here … If everyone does [it] I’m not allowed to eat any more, can’t go shops, can’t go supermarkets”.

None of them can give me an answer. Some facey little woman in there, nothing to say but be rude … what do I want? Just come to get some chicken and chips, you weirdo, I just want some food for my kids. I don’t want to be discriminated against ‘cos I have a different opinion to you”. So he’s going to start a hate campaign against the restaurant.

Stephen Lennon should have thought about that before he went on his intimidation spree. Before he broke the law (several times). Before he got himself that criminal record. Also, I have one comment to make on his continuing efforts to play the victim: the acting ain’t making it. Plus he needs to come clean on exactly what happened at that MK eatery.

Actions have consequences. Stephen Lennon is discovering that. But maybe too late.

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Mr Larrington said...

I believe there is a phrase or saying popular with the Gammonariat which covers this situation, viz. “Chat shit, get banged”.

Anonymous said...

I hope whoever escorted him to the door smiled politely as he exited, then turned away and farted gently in his general direction. While still smiling.

Unknown said...

Toommiee can go to his local food bank of he likes..

Anonymous said...

What is the name of the restaurant? I want to give it a 5 star review. Obnoxious little twerp.

Anonymous said...

So... he can discriminate, but if someone discriminates against him then he throws his teddy out of the play pen?
Little hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

I guess the staff was all out of spit for his toppings and he must be so used to that taste of gob by now.

Anonymous said...

I guess the only restaurants who will entertain him now are the ones whose chefs wack off in his meals before serving him!

Anonymous said...

I see the police are involved now. Depending on the type of insurance the business are on - they may be able to make a claim for libel and slander. Not sure why TR is so shocked they got the police involved!

David said...

Here's the update https://www.lbc.co.uk/news/chicken-wings-tommy-robinson/?fbclid=IwAR2vYDzePor2ntCoCJ3YrkYgeMuWlMRtPqEszT2JIryjS-1nGtbviEWB-3g

Anonymous said...

Henceforth: Chicken Lennon.