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Thursday 21 October 2021

NZ Takes UK To The Cleaners

With a population of around 8% that of the UK, New Zealand might be expected to find itself a minor partner in negotiating a trade deal with the UK; after all, the latter’s size relative to the EU didn’t exactly put it in the driving seat during those long Brexit negotiations. But alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and his coterie of ineptitude have pulled defeat from the jaws of victory once more.

As the BBC has reported, “The UK has agreed a free trade deal with New Zealand which it says will benefit consumers and businesses. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the deal will cut costs for exporters and open up New Zealand's job market to UK professionals. The government hopes it is a step towards joining a trade club with the likes of Canada and Japan”. Yes folks, we’re “tilting to Asia”. But then comes the bad news.

Jacinda Ardern - good reason to smile

The New Zealand deal itself is unlikely to boost UK growth, according to the government's own estimates … New Zealand will fare slightly better as it may be able to sell more lamb to the UK”. And while Bozo was blustering his way through a series of rugby-related metaphors, NZ PM Jacinda Ardern had an ominous response for him.

I loved your use of rugby metaphors, but if we were going to continue that on, then naturally it would conclude with the All Blacks winning … And I know that New Zealand feels that way with this free trade agreement”. Plenty of people in the UK agree with her.

Why that might be was explained by Jim Pickard of the FT: “According to the Department for International Trade’s internal assessment, the deal at most would boost the UK economy by 0.01% … In another scenario, it would make the UK poorer by 0.01%”. Liz Webster, the chair of Save British Farming, was less than totally ecstatic.

Our overlord wannabe world king has agreed New Zealand trade deal: PM hails 'great' new pact. NFU warns it offers 'almost nothing' for British farmers … But sadly there’s no referendum or Article 50 to reverse this executive decision”. SBF added “We warned this would happen - Trade and Agriculture Commission even less effective than we predicted, it has now been gaslit. Govt tell people to stop eating meat bc their agenda destroys British farming. Our countryside and food and values being destroyed, so tragic”.

Ms Webster warned “Lamb farmers next on the Brexit altar. Then us beef farmers will follow with Australia/Brazil/Argentina deal”. There’s Bozo about to host COP26, and his Government signs a deal that will see meat and dairy products - along with some wine and honey - trunked half way around the world. Joined up thinking it isn’t.

The Tweeter known as Otto English was unimpressed. "Absolutely nuts isn't it. The UK-NZ trade deal benefits New Zealand but the UK government's own figures show it will actually shrink the UK economy. And still our government heralds it as a triumph and still there are millions who fall for it”. Also, despite the best efforts of Emily Thornberry, the opposition remains mainly ineffective, preferring to go to war on its own membership.

And until the UK does have an effective opposition, Bozo and his pals will continue to get away with selling out the country, overseeing an increasing Covid-19 death toll, a rise in protests and heavy-handed crackdowns, while getting away with gaslighting the population into keeping them in the power they are not fit to wield. No change there, then.

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Anonymous said...

British governments of the last 40 years:

Lies are truth.

War is peace.

Ignorance is strength.

Hypocrisy is moral.

Honesty is the enemy.

Good men and women are evil.

Poverty is prosperous.

Greed is good.

Theft is an institutional necessity.

Rigged laws are normal.

Far right monopoly media owners and their propaganda are "objective".

Racism and xenophobia are "necessary for survival of the 'white race' ".

Britain 2021. A spaniel nation in a USA kennel, shaking like a shitting dog, yapping like a hysterical Chihuahua, deluded to the point of US insanity, scared of a shadow cast from the most corrupt capital on Earth. A perpetual 1984.

Anonymous said...

Another Truss 'triumph'.

RodJ said...

Anomymous @ 13:13

May I add this

"Crass stupidity is unsurpassed genius"

to your excellent list?

Simon said...

Most farmers round here are Brexit and Tory voters. They've made their bed now they can damn well lie in it. My sympathies to those who didn't.

Mr Larrington said...

According to the Beeb Bloody Stupid Johnson has said “the deal will […] open up New Zealand's job market to UK professionals”.

Translation: Bright people fed up with being governed by a raving egomaniac surrounded by incompetent yes-men will find it easier to emigrate to a country which, by all appearances, is actually run by someone with a functional brain. Their jobs in Britain will be taken over by, er, we'll get back to you on that one…