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Saturday, 7 May 2022

Tories Lose Big - Look Over There

Anyone still not yet convinced that the UK is in the iron grip of a Brexiteer death cult, made up mainly of the Tory Party, its press pals, bad faith lobby groups and a variety of independent larcenists, needs to look at Thursday’s round of local election results, the way they have been spun, the vicious campaign against any and all opposition, the crude and dishonest gaslighting of the electorate, and give their heads a shake.

The party still led by alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and his coterie of ineptitude lost one out of every four seats it contested, its losses edging ever closer to the 500 seat mark. Flagship London councils like Wandsworth and Westminster were lost to Labour; across the south and south-west, seats were shipped in worryingly large numbers to a resurgent Liberal Democrats, and break-up of the UK came closer.

This last was down to the SNP having yet another good election - despite being in power in Scotland for some years now - and Sinn Féin becoming the largest party in the Northern Ireland Assembly. The slow but certain direction of travel towards a united Ireland, and an independent Scotland, are both down to the Tories and their actions. Yet they will get a free pass on both issues from those invested in The Adoration Of The Boris.

Instead, the deflection and gaslighting is in full swing this morning, as Labour’s patchy performance outside London, coupled with Durham Constabulary’s decision to genuflect in the direction of the inmates of the Northcliffe House bunker and re-investigate what is being referred to as “Beergate” - Keir Starmer and fellow Labour campaigners having a takeaway at a campaign office after a day knocking on doors - becomes front page news.

So any pressure on Bozo’s lack of leadership is ignored by the shock troops at the Mail and Sun; instead, readers are left in no doubt that the leader whose tenure is hanging by a thread is now Starmer, the Mail thundering “NOW IT’S SLIPPERY STARMER IN CRISIS … First he fails to win back Red Wall. Then Police launch investigation into his beer and curry night - just like the probe that led him to piously demand Boris’s head”.

The Murdoch Sun has the odious flannelled fool Master Harry Cole sneering “CALLS GROW FOR HYPOCRITE TO QUIT … HYPOCRITE Sir Keir Starmer was facing calls to quit last night after Police began an inquiry into his beer and curry night”. Note how a takeaway is reinvented by both papers as a “beer and curry night”, which it was not.

This comes hard on the heels of a viciously misogynistic attack on Starmer’s deputy Angela Rayner, with the press casting itself as a wronged victim after the Mail invented a story about Ms Rayner distracting Bozo at PMQs by emulating Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, something that did not happen, because it could not have happened.

Inflation rising, poverty increasing, costs of food and energy rocketing, shortages of a variety of foodstuffs looming, the Union fracturing, taxes being ratcheted up, yet when the talking points are not focused on hatred towards the Sussexes, they are about the more intimate parts of one woman’s anatomy, and trying to bully the cops.

Meanwhile, the dishonest, narcissistic, inept, uncaring, out of touch and sexually incontinent SOB in 10 Downing Street remains protected and untouchable. All who dare to oppose him will be taken down by the press boot boys. The UK remains screwed.

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Anonymous said...

Johnson, Gove, Patel, Sunak, Truss, Raab, Coffey, Eustace, Dorries, Dowden, Rees-Mogg.

Your boys took one hell of a beating!!

Anonymous said...

When it looks, sounds, reads and waddles like a far right totalitarian tory nastzi.......it's probably a far right totalitarian nastzi.

As their hysterical desperation intensifies, so will their reaction. Truth, honesty and plain decency have been dead for years in British public life. Now it has crossed over into outright evil.

Even that is only the beginning of what lies in store. Don't kid yourself about where this is leading if not confronted then reversed.

Anonymous said...

Huge amusement viewing weasel face Kuentssberg squirming on BBC "News".

Nobody can blame celtic peoples for not wanting a part in the UK shitshow.

Anonymous said...

The Tories may have lost seats but that's because this is the shire districts' election year, and that means lots of chances for rural southern Liberal Democrats. Some of which they took. But elsewhere the Tories hung on quite well, and Labour's performance was distinctly middling. In Birmingham, for example, Labour won fewer seats than they did in 2018 when Corbyn was in power. There was some recovery from last year in places like Dudley and Sandwell, but no more.

And it's not 'look over there'. Durham police are now investigating Keir Starmer again for lockdown offences, because, they say, of 'significant new information'. Starmer has called for Boris Johnson to resign over Partygate. If he were to receive a lockdown fine it would put him in a very difficult position indeed.

Arnold said...

The Express is the winner with this huge streaming pile of bullshit from its parallel universe.

'Massive defeat' Starmer humiliated as key borough flips to Boris
SIR KEIR STARMER has been humiliated after a key London borough flipped to Boris Johnson.


Anonymous said...

So, let's fast forward a bit.

Starmer (somehow) is found to have broken the rules and receives a FPN. Having challenged Johnson over this, there is only one course of action: for him to resign.

And so begins another lengthy internecine struggle for power in the Labour Party with Blairites and Corbynites trading insults, each calling for the other to be purged whilst battling for their vision of ideological purity to prevail and how Labour should be in their image, not that of the others.

Meanwhile, the Tories smirk a thousand Patel-level smirks, laugh at Labour once again tearing itself apart and what next? Johnson calls a snap GE and wins again (after all, who wants to vote for Labour? - they're always fighting amongst themselves) whilst the poor buggers at the bottom of society's heap find ever more of them heading towards food banks and dodgier employment contracts, ignored by the very people who consider the pursuit of the purity of their particular ideology much more important than helping those who really need it? Frankly, both sides of Labour should be ashamed of themselves and the Labour Party (and its supporters) should be consigned to the dustbin of history.

rob said...

Amazing some of the supposed left on twitter would prefer to see Johnson remain in power rather Starmer.
I believe they would rather Labour be a Party of protest rather than get anywhere near the seat of power.
One wonders who is financing them when they prefer an incompetent charlatan and his sycophantic incompetent Cabinet in office?

david walsh said...

I wouldn't mind but one or two supposedly "alt-left" oulets are up to the same form of sham whataboutry....

Arnold said...

Boris fears 'he will be forced to resign’ if Starmer quits over beergate says Tory insider

If the Mail and Express are responsible for Bozo being dumped, I will wet myself.

Exiled in Ard Mhaca said...

Don't watch BBC but will have to look for the Boris worshipper LauraK squirming. Must have been a tough time for her.

Mr Larrington said...

And if the Scots do get independence the this Unit will be off up the M6 quicker than Jim Taggart could say “There's bin a murrrrderr”.