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Saturday 14 May 2022

Lee Anderson - Chat Shit, Get Banged

[Update at end of post]

Tory MP Lee Anderson, who represents the Nottinghamshire constituency of Ashfield, is no stranger to lawsuits, having taken action recently against Google for serving an advert which made a wholly untrue claim about him. So he can have no complaints when the boot is very firmly on the other foot. Nor, given his propensity to verbal attacks on his opponents, will there be much sympathy for him, should he have to pay up and say sorry.
Lee Anderson MP ...

Why he might have to do so can be put directly: Anderson appeared, perhaps unwisely, on Reclaim The Media, where Martin Daubney (yes, Mr not at all racistTwo-tiered Policing” himself) drew him in to making a most unfortunate claim about campaigner Jack Monroe. Daubney also made a potentially actionable claim about them.

Daubney: “I want to just briefly talk about Jack Monroe, who is the self-appointed representative of the impoverished. Sold loads of books, done quite well out of it. No doubt probably earns more than the Prime Minister [totally untrue]. I digress. Today she has called you a white, rich, privileged male. What do you say to that mate?

... Martin Daubney ...

Anderson: “Well I’ll tell you what I’ll say. She needs to come to my food bank. I hope she watches this [she has] because I donate money out of my own pocket to this food bank, given up time delivering meals with the local chef, you know, in all weathers, getting out to people that’s most desperate in need.” As Sir Sean nearly said, I think we get the point.

Do go on. “And isn’t it funny? You know, I’m giving up my time and my money to help the people in Ashfield. And what is she doing? She’s taking money off some of the most vulnerable people in society, and making an absolute fortune on the back of people.” WHAT? Jack Monroe is renowned for NOT making a fortune. They give away recipe details free, gratis and for nothing, working with foodbanks and the least well off.

... Jack Monroe ...

Jack Monroe has *given away* books. Anderson has spectacularly failed to do his research. Daubney just led him in and he walked straight in to the trap. And talking of Martin Daubney, he later overstepped the defamation line himself on Twitter, claiming “Monroe makes out she is a champion of the working classes but it’s plastic. Plus she takes from the poor and gives to the rich - herself - via book sales”. Oh dear!

As a result of this latest attack, many have asked if there is a crowdfunder to pay for legal action against Anderson, and possibly also against Daubney. Meanwhile, someone in the legal profession now has that most thankless of tasks: to explain to Lee Anderson that it might be in his best interests to withdraw his accusations, and say sorry. Because if he doesn’t, and a lawsuit comes down the track at him, it may get expensive. Very expensive.

... and, potentially, something like this

If Anderson needs to know how expensive lawsuits get, if they are not settled well before going anywhere near a court, he could always mug up on the action that Jack Monroe took against pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins, which cost Ms Hopkins her remaining credibility, probably cost her that MailOnline column, and definitely cost her her house.

That’s the problem with shooting from the hip. It might just hit you in the foot.

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[UPDATE 1520 hours: Jack Monroe has now instructed lawyers]


Mr Larrington said...

Be a shame if Anderson failed to learn from the mistakes of professional gobshite Hatey Cockpins and ended up bankrupt*. No sitting or voting in the Commons if that happens, Lee. And no re-election either. Sadly, the Famous Web Search Engine is unforthcoming about whether bankrupt Members are still entitled to subsidised pies in the office canteen.

* Lie.

Anonymous said...


What an appropriate name for anyone who scratches obscene far right graffiti on back alley walls......

Anonymous said...

Andersen donates? From £80,000 pa salary and 220,000 expenses?

He used to be a Labour Councillor, you know, until suspended over an incident.

Anonymous said...

Talking of lawsuits, what is happening with Everydoctor and Julia Hartley-Brewer?
Not on Twitter and haven't heard anything for a while.

David Lindsay said...

It is never long into the days of hunger before rich people start telling poor people what to eat. Lee Anderson should ponder that food banks were practically unheard of before 2010, well after the Crash. Was 2010 the year that people forgot how to cook?

If Jeremy Corbyn had never become Labour Leader, or if Owen Smith had supplanted him, then 30p Lee would have been a Labour MP by now. He was in the Labour Party until 2018, when he was a 51-year-old Councillor and on the paid staff of the Labour MP whom he was to go on to unseat. Such Labour intake as there may be next time would all be like him, as will any by-election candidate imposed by Keir Starmer in the meantime.

Christian Wakeford has still yet to cite a policy reason for his defection, but however much he may have differed with and from the denizens of Mayfair, they always used to be in the same party. Now they are again. That feels right. Very, very, very Right, indeed.

iMatt said...

What the likes of Anderson fail to realise is that whilst foodbanks are very necessary, they should NOT be necessary. Every foodbank is a sign of failure. Esp the rate at which they have grown under 12 years of Tory govt.

As for the lads' mag arse Daubney, what did HE do for the working class he keeps claiming he's on the side of? A failing Brexit, which makes them poorer for a start. And then doing fuck all for them as an MEP in the EU Parliament. Unless one calls aping Herr Hitler and the Nazi party in turning his back along with fellow Brexit Party goons during the playing of the EU anthem.

Mr Larrington said...

Daubney looks like Tim Nice-But-Dim's evil twin in that picture. Coincidence?

Anonymous said...

To 23:00.

This morning on BBC R5 "....a business man....non-executive director of Marks and Spencer.... formerly of Asda...." said "Maybe food is too cheap." This in the wake of huge profits for supermarket chains.

Soon it won't be a matter of eat or heat. Soon enough neither will be affordable. Capitalism at its "finest" for the "business man".

Which Goldstein will they find to blame for this latest entirely predictable result of organised thievery.......

AndyC said...

Lawyers instructed. Excellent news. Take 'em to the cleaners Jack.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Lozza Fox has jumped in with both feet, claiming it's free speech!
Don't ever remember publishing something which if it were true could put Jack and her family in serious danger, but Lozza , like his RW chums, didn't bother checking the facts, because facts don't matter in their NWO.

Well Lozza better lawyer up v.soon, it's going to.be an expensive ride.

Jaxster said...

"Reclaim the Media Ltd" is apparently "an entirely separate legal entity to The Reclaim Party". They describe their studio as the Reclaim Party underground bunker. The have used the same set for Political party broadcasts but with the neon light turned off other than that absolutely identical set.

Reclaim the Media Ltd Company number 13562398 is owned and operated by Harry Miller the Reclaim Party chairman, the company secretary is Stephanie Kowalski who is also the Head of Operations for the Reclaim party. Every single video on their channel features either Laurence Fox party leader of the Reclaim Party or Martin Daubney Deputy Leader of the Reclaim party. The show is filmed by "Alex" who also worked on Martin Daubneys North Shropshire election campaign for The Reclaim Party. All their videos are posted to the Facebook and twitter accounts of The Reclaim Party.

How is it possible for them to be a separate legal entity entirely staffed by the exact same staff that work for The Reclaim political party?

Steve from Bolton said...

Wow, as a person of a certain age, that photo of Daubney is an absolute dead ringer (minus the trilby) of one of the Monty Python characters in the fabulous "upper class twit of the year" !!!