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Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Susanna Reid Weetabix Shock

With a round of local elections coming up later this week, constant attempts by his pals in our free and fearless press to demonise opposition parties not working, and voters preparing to deliver the Tories rather more than what The Italian Job’s Mr Bridger called “A Good Going Over”, alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson was finally persuaded to be interviewed by ITV breakfast offering Good Morning Britain.

Morning all

After all, that rotten Piers Morgan chap had left the scene, Bozo wouldn’t have to leave 10 Downing Street, and they’d send that Nice Gel Susanna Reid to do the honours. What could possibly go wrong? We did not have long to wait for the answer.

In a routine display of discourtesy, Bozo rocked up for his interview 15 minutes late. This meant a third of the time set aside had already passed, as the broadcast was live. So Ms Reid had less time to get through her questions. Worse for Bozo, she had clearly been at the Weetabix, and was equally clearly not going to allow him to waffle and bluster.

The audience found out what could possibly go wrong with the first question. Was he honest? Yes came the answer. “Yes. I do my best to represent faithfully and accurately what I believe”. But beliefs are not facts. Have another go. “What the UK is doing & has done since the start of this conflict began is lead the world in helping the Ukrainian people to protect themselves”. That would be a flat-out lie. In the first minute. And it got worse.

Ms Reid informed Bozo “You took £20 off people on Universal Credit”. His response? “That's not true”. IT SODDING WELL IS. On lawbreaking, she asked “You have said you'll let us know if there have been any more fines. We already know you've been fined once, have you been fined since then?” Come on Bozo! ”No”. Russ Jackson added “he waffles, then looks over presumably to his comms adviser off camera”.

Then came the moment where the wheels came off the Bozo wagon. Adam Bienkov was watching. “Susanna Reid asks Boris Johnson about 77-year-old Elsie, who can only eat once a day because of soaring energy bills and uses her freedom pass to pick up reduced food at the supermarket. Boris Johnson says he introduced the 24 hour freedom pass. Reid: So she should be grateful?” Also, he lied about introducing the freedom pass.

Could it get worse? You know it could. And it did. What about a windfall tax, to help all those having difficulty paying their ever-increasing bills? With BP just having declared yet more billions in profit? Paul Brand had the bad news for Bozo fans. He argued “that increasing benefits for those struggling with the cost of living could make inflation worse”.

And as time ran out for Ms Reid to expose yet more of his dishonesty and ineptitude, it got worse still, as the audience was told she was handing over to Lorraine. “Who’s Lorraine?” asked a clueless Bozo. One Tweeter summed it up. “Man who just got absolutely fucking savaged by Susanna Reid would like you to know he is definitely the man to face down Vladimir Putin”. Lorraine called it “a masterclass in political interviewing”. So it was.

And I'll be here at 9 tomorrow morning. Unlike the Prime Minister

Less than 48 hours from polls opening, that is a car crash that not even Bozo’s press pals can delete from public memory. He failed to prepare for the interview. He lied time and again. His “who’s Lorraine?” remark insults many of his potential voters. His crass indifference to suffering has been exposed for all to see. Put a fork in him - he’s done.

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Anonymous said...

It's "crass indifference" alright.

Bozo and his type couldn't give a shit who they steal from.

Nor could their paymasters in the utilities and energy companies.

Each day draws us a tiny bit closer to the moment when there are enough people to tell those thieving gobshites and their yellow media, "Fuck you and your shareholders." And to action the words.

It can't come soon enough.

AndyC said...

Just watched it on catch-up. What a car-crash. Hats off to Susanna Reid; she wasn't taking any prisoners and clearly wasn't going to let Johnson get away with all his evasions and lies. I doubt if he'll be in a hurry to repeat a grilling like that.

Mr Larrington said...

I always liked that Susanna Reid…

Anonymous said...

Haha fatty skewered by both bolloks. Shame when itv 630 min news covered the free bus pass issue they left in the LIE that dishonest fatbollok introduced it, or that his government (as part of TFL bailout restrictions) cut the start time to 9.30am. Perhaps the ITV newsroom think that most pensioners watch Lorraine before beginning their daily red rover jamboree?