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Sunday 14 November 2021

Sleaze - A Tory Doesn’t Speak

Susan Hall is a Tory member of the London Assembly. She is loyal and highly partisan. Her Twitter feed features a photo of her with London’s formerly very occasional Mayor, and now our alleged Prime Minister, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. She has been slagging off both Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner this morning, as well as the obligatory Remembrance Day stuff and a Retweet of the increasingly alt-right Spectator magazine.

She's back ... but loyal Bozo backers ...

But - something that you will see many Tories doing, but not many in the Labour Party - she is saying nothing about the S-Word. Nothing about Sleaze. And of course her observations on Remembrance Day do not mention that Bozo only looked less shambolic than usual at the Cenotaph because he had been persuaded to wear an overcoat, which covered his increasingly unkempt and unhealthy frame.

She praises London’s black cab drivers, managing to miss that it was Bozo who let Uber into the capital. She Retweets Chesham and Amersham Tories, seemingly unaware that her party lost the constituency in a recent by-election. She Retweets Tom Harwood, formerly teaboy to the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines at the Guido Fawkes blog, now at off-the-scale wacko GB News. But no admission that the Tories are in trouble.

... like Susan Hall are keeping quiet ...

This is not an isolated occurrence. The Blue Team is well versed with doing its dirty washing behind the scenes, keeping the public in the dark. The member for times long past Jacob Rees Mogg may have been plastered across the pages of the Mail on Sunday today over the £6 million of cheap loans he managed not to declare, but obedient, loyal and fervent Tories aren’t going there. And then we get to Grant “Spiv” Shapps.

The minister also known as Michael Green (or Sebastian Fox, if you prefer) appears to have been lobbying against the Government of which he is a member, which really does put him in one of those Very Difficult Positions. Shapps, it seems, isn’t at all keen on cutting back on his passion for flying. Not a good look during COP26.

... about the likes of him ...

Ultimately we get to the latest revelations about Bozo, featuring the return of Jennifer Arcuri, who, so it is rumoured, said of her physical relationship with the then Mayor that it was, shall we say, a less than earth moving experience. But he had power, and the ability to move a significant amount of the folding stuff in her general direction.

But devoted Tory Party Bozo fans won’t be dwelling on him allegedly telling Ms Arcuri “How can I be the thrust - the throttle - your mere footstep as you make your career? Tell me: how I can help you?” and certainly not “I can barely control myself whenever I see you. You make me too excited. Baby I couldn’t wait. All year I have been waiting for you. All year. You drove me nuts. I have thought about no woman as I have thought of you”.

... and him, too

Which is quite the compliment, considering the number of other women that our alleged Prime Minister has seduced, or attempted to seduce, over the years. Or perhaps he uses the same chat-up line on them all. Whatever: good Tory activists, Councillors, AMs and yes, MPs, will continue to keep schtum, while the Labour Party, often very publicly, will continue with left and centre beating up on each other in no style at all.

You might have thought Susan Hall had nothing to teach the left. You thought wrong.

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Anonymous said...

Labour doesn't have a "centre", let alone a "centre" leader.

It's a remainder threepenny opera of red tories who actively sabotaged the election of 2019 and helped smear Jeremy Corbyn. For evidence of which, see the internal report of March 2020.

It is now led by a greasy right wing spiv with no policies or interest in overturning 40 years of inflicted extreme right craziness. The only interests of him and his apologists is maintaining the status quo and enhancing their own miserable political existence.

They are perfect willing puppets for the latest ruling gang of thieves, warmongers, liars, hypocrites and charlatans. Which is why conditions will only worsen whether they "win" a general election or not.

40 years of desensitised brutal blue and red toryism are enough. More of it will push this country beyond saving. And we will have let it happen.

Pendragon said...

Now that Owen Paterson is no longer a MP will he still be employed by Randox? Or will they quietly get rid of him in a few months when the "sleaze" row has blown over?

Pendragon said...

Jacob Rees-Mogg reminds me of Herr Flick.

Anonymous said...

and the first comment proving Tim is completely right in what he says in the final two paragraphs of the post.

Rosie said...

The very thought of the Blusterer at it with anyone makes me reach for the anti- nausea pills.

Socrates. said...

I agree with ms. Hall.

I too agree we should be ruled over only by "those who know". This democracy stuff is for the birds.

We should all quietly quaff our Victory Gin, get squiffy, and warmly love Big Brother.

Look, here comes BBC, ITN, Sky and those nice messengers Murdoch and Rothermere with your daily injections of Soma!