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Thursday 11 November 2021

Piers Morgan Not Racist Or Veering Right

Former Screws and Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan, well-known for his continuously thrown mardy strop at the Duchess of Sussex, his mardy strop at being called out by Alex Beresford, and his less than friendly encounter with Ash Sarkar, bridles at any suggestion that he may have a problem with people who are not white. And then, and then.

And what's more, Ron ...

Then, as Ronald Reagan put it, “there you go again”. Another person who is not white being gratuitously attacked by the host of upcoming Murdoch TV offering The All-New Percy Moron Show for the benefit of Himself Personally Now. “Biden doesn’t stand a chance in 2024 and neither does the epically unpopular and useless Kamala so unless Joe finds a new VP to succeed him soon the Dems can kiss goodbye to the White Housereads the headline, in a routine slice of mardiness and stinking hypocrisy.

Only last January, Morgan had told his followers “An amazing, historic moment. Kamala Harris becomes the first woman, and the first woman of colour, to be Vice President of the United States of America” before adding the hashtag #CeilingSmashed.

But now he’s been inducted into the Murdoch mafiosi. And will soon be appearing on the not-at-all-right-wing-and-shouty-with-it Sky News Australia, and of course Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse). And so: “'Dumb and Dumber' is one of my favorite [sic] movies … I regret to say that President Joe Biden and his Vice-President, Kamala Harris are fast becoming the political equivalent of Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne”.

And, as befits this mouth on stilts, there is more. “Barely a day goes by when one of them isn’t doing something worthy of abject mockery - from Biden falling asleep at the COP26 climate change summit”. Just fuck off. So Joe had a snooze. Unlike alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson who was fast asleep with no face covering.

Taking time off from attacking her ...

Go on. “And it’s not just me that thinks this”. Makes a change. “A truly shocking new USA Today-Suffolk University poll reveals crushingly bad approval ratings for Biden … the only real surprise is that anyone’s really surprised”. Like you weren’t last January, Percy. Have another try. “President Biden’s presidency is not yet a year old but is already in deep trouble”. Sorting out the mess left by your pal Combover Crybaby Donald Trump, eh?

So what’s the problem? Wait for it: “an insanely woke agenda”. Percy, you wouldn’t even know what “woke” means (clue: it’s not just a term of abuse). So who agrees with him? “As Joe Concha put it on Fox News”. He’ll be citing Tucker Carlson next. His pal Tucker Carlson who bangs on about The Great Replacement. But nothing racist about that.

... so he can attack her instead

Then he gives the game away, that game being that Morgan has veered an awfully long way to the right. He thinks Biden should ditch Ms Harris. “He could then appoint a new voter-friendly moderate VP”. Someone explain what makes Kamala Harris not moderate? Anyone? And for those who think Morgan hasn’t veered right, try this snippet: ”the current woke-crazed Democratic party”. Using Mail Online to set himself up for FNC.

Hello all those people who thought Piers Morgan laying into Bozo and his ministers meant he cared about ordinary people. This latest column shows just who he really cares about - Himself. And if that means veering to the right to make himself at home at Sky News Oz and Fox News, then he’ll do just that. Good Morning Britain is well rid of him.

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Anonymous said...

He's the Piers Slagg of bought-and-paid-for corporate media.

A bum for hire. Anything for money.

Rosie said...

He is a one flabby-faced shape-shifting monstrous ego that man; a towering hypocrite guided entirely by how much money on offer that will give him the most influential platform. He is capable of sticking it to charlatan ministers as he did with the social care minister over Covid in care homes; but that effective excoriation has been entirely undermined by his pandering to racist populism. Nasty man.

Mr Larrington said...

(Holds nose, visits Fail Online)

Colossal bellend and self-appointed Wokefinder-General Piers “Morgan” Moron might yet be able to provide us with examples of Vice-President Harris' extremist behaviour, but he doesn’t appear to have put any in his spite-filled screed. This Unit cannot actually recall the Veep making the news at all since the inauguration, but my woeful ignorance of USAnian politics* suggests that her job is to keep her head down until such time as the Prez goes mad or gets murdered utterly to DETH and not to go out into the world spraying wokeness from a light aircraft or wilfully misspelling the word “potato”.

* compared with the Encyclop√¶dic grasp of the subject held by showbiz hack and publisher of fake photographs Piers “Morgan” Moron, the colossal bellend.

iMatt said...

This is the very same Piss Moron let's not forget who on GMB asked the historian Professor Kehinde Andrews who dared criticise Winston Churchill (shock horror)why he hated Britain and did not live in another country. Prof Andrews just happens to be a black man! Moron would never ask a white academic equally critical of Churchill the same question. Just as his degenerate pal Donald Trump is happy to question the birthplace of Barack Obama but never did with his white predecessors!

Moron is a bigot. Plain and simple.

AndyC said...

Saturday afternoon and there hasnt been a post from you since thursday, Tim. I trust you arent unwell.