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Saturday 6 November 2021

Covid - UK Has Lost The Plot

They said we were in the lead when it came to vaccinating the population. They said we could have our “freedom” back. And they are still saying that the Covid-19 pandemic is, effectively, over. But I have to tell our here today and gone tomorrow politicians, and our free and fearless press, that they are all plain flat wrong.

Those going wrong include those in our media class who have kicked and screamed ad infinitum, and indeed ad nauseam, at such trivial restrictions as wearing a face covering in shops and on public transport. They have no doubt had a nice warm feeling since July 19. They have used their influence and enhanced their status. Families of the thousands dying needlessly since that date may have a rather different take.

The pretence of victory is typified by today’s Mail front page lead, which thunders “New wonder pill slashes critical cases … Millions more can book booster … AND infections plummet … NOW A TRIPLE COVID BOOST”. Meanwhile, whoever was running the Twitter feed at the increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph decided to top that, but in the process rather let themselves go. So much so the effort was later deleted.

Covid cases in the UK have peaked for 2021, real-world data from King’s College London suggests … Researchers said that on average one in 53 people in the UK currently has symptomatic Covid - down from one in 56 the previous week”. Demonstrating that maths, as well as journalistic ability, are no barrier to employment at today’s Tel.

So what is the reality of Covid in the UK? Sadly, the country is in a far worse state than its European neighbours: one need only look at the figures to see how bad the situation has become under the less than concerned premiership of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and his libertarian Health Secretary, Ayn Rand devotee Said Javid.

Seven day average Covid deaths for Italy? 42 per day. Adjusted for population, that would give a UK daily total of 47. How about France? Seven day average Covid deaths 32 per day, with a roughly equivalent population. Spain? Seven day average Covid deaths 19 per day. Adjusted for population, a daily total of 26. Portugal? Seven day average Covid deaths 6 per day. Adjusted for population, a daily total of 40.

The seven day average for UK Covid deaths yesterday showed 171 deaths per day. Hospital admissions are running at well over 1,000 a day and the figure is rising. Sure, the number of infections has declined - but then, we just had half term week, and one of the leading vectors of transmission has been school age children.

But what about our lead in vaccination? The proportion of our population aged over 12 that has had one vaccine shot is 87.2%; those that have had two make up 79.6%. Portugal has double jabbed 98% of those eligible - those that have passed their 12th birthday. We had the lead, the rest of Europe caught us up, and they have left us behind.

Also, the countries mentioned maintain what many - apart from the selfish and inconsiderate part of our media class - would consider common sense restrictions: face coverings in shops and on public transport. France is particularly hot on Covid passes.

But Bozo doesn’t care, and Saj is a good libertarian. So the UK is screwed twice over.

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Mr Larrington said...

Ayn Rand, the prescient genius who completely failed to foresee the explosion in domestic air travel in post-WW2 USAnia…

Anonymous said...

Ayn Rand, the White Russian fascist who "hated 'the state' and welfare"....who ended up accepting National Security and Medicare. An utter nutcase.