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Sunday 18 July 2021

GB News Gets Thirsty

Former Murdoch editor Andrew Neil was unequivocal in dismissing the idea that Gammon Broadcasting™ News (“Bacon’s News Channel”) would be like Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse). “In terms of format we are like Fox but we won’t be like Fox in that they come from a hard right disinformation fake news conspiracy agenda. I have worked too long and hard to build up a journalistic reputation to consider going down that route

There was, he assured the Evening Standard, a “strong editorial charter written into everybody’s contracts saying that if they spread fake news and conspiracy theories they will face disciplinary action”. Sadly, this assurance lasted as long as it took Neil to hand over to the singularly unpleasant Dan Wootton on the channel’s opening night.

Worse, Neil then bowed out (temporarily, we are told) after two weeks, and next came the farce of stand-in daytime host Guto Harri being taken off air - cancelled - for indulging in that FREEZE PEACH which GB News claims to champion. Could it get worse for the great helmsman of Brill-O-Vision? Sadly for Neil, it could. And will do, starting tomorrow.

Responding to grim viewing figures, which have revealed that at some times of the day GB News effectively has no-one watching, management has pressed the panic button and brought forth a new four-evenings-a-week prime time host: step forward former Brexit Party Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage, who will host, er, “Farage”.

Mr Thirsty has been without a regular media pulpit since June last year, when LBC sacked him, as the BBC reported at the time: “This week the 56-year-old compared Black Lives Matters protestors to the Taliban, for demolishing statues of slaves traders. His departure comes after the station's owners Global Radio were criticised by some presenters over its response to the protests, following the death of George Floyd”.

In the meantime, Farage has spent some time shilling for Combover Crybaby Donald Trump, a campaign which developed not necessarily to his advantage, as Trump lost last November’s Presidential Election. In the wake of Trump becoming one of those losers he claimed to dislike, Farage found himself being grilled by, er, Andrew Neil.

Nige had claimed there had been voter fraud. “So what is the evidence of voter fraud?” asked Brillo. “Oh, the evidence of voter fraud with postal voting, of course, is there for all to see. We know it ourselves on our side of the pond …” Brillo wasn’t convinced. “No, where is the evidence from the United States, of fraud of postal votes?” Come on Nige!

Because it’s so new, it hasn’t come to light yet”. He could be arguing in his spare time. Neil found this even less convincing. “So there is no fraud”. Farage hesitated, but sadly, only momentarily. “Er, there is no evidence of fraud … at this stage”. It took Brillo less than half a minute to put Mr Thirsty back in his box. The same Brillo who says there won’t be any peddling of conspiracy theories on his watch, because he has a reputation.

But the desperation of bringing Farage to GB News four evenings a week means that conspiracy theories - like the US voter fraud that never was - will be front and centre. Unless there is someone to call him out. And he wouldn’t be there if there was.

So will Brillo ever return? You might wish to ask that. I couldn’t possibly comment.

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iMatt said...

A clear case of a rat joining a stinking ship! Just which other far-right loon and ghoul will GBN recruit? Tommy Robinson? Kate Hopkins? Nick Griffin? The bones of Oswald Mosely?

Arnold said...

There's another ideal candidate looking for a job.


Anonymous said...

Lest we forget:

Neil was the editor of the Murdoch Sunday Slimes when it ran the headline article "The Truth" the week after MacFilth peddled the same Hillsborough lies in the Murdoch Scum.

Neil has never apologised or admitted he lied. After I pointed this out to him on Twitter...he blocked me.

That's his "reputation".

Neil stinks out British public life. He's from the same tory pig sty as Kuentssberg, Marr, Preston, Boulton, Hilsum and all the other bought-and-paid-for media propaganda pedlars. Cowards all.

Mr Larrington said...

Bah, ninja'd by Arnold on the Hatey Cockpins story!


DaleyGleephart said...

Darren Grimes sitting on his lap as an Absurd Century Archie Andrews might pull the viewers in.

Anonymous said...

Farage expected to be UK Ambassador in Washington by now but sadly that wasn't to be so now he's touting his threadbare dishonest rubbish on Going Bust News and will probably be there until it's finally put out of its misery which will be some time before Christmas surely?

Anonymous said...

The far right now have no option but to go even further right. Otherwise they look like they got it wrong. And, given their sheer stupidity and cowardice, that would never do.

For examples of where this is headed... see the 20th century. Watch out too for a "major international disturbance/'threat' to keep the paranoid gullible in line. A Reichstag Fire on steroids.

Britain 2021. A nation that never learns. A nation of mugs and wilful ignorance. At the present rate doomed to be forever tied to the jackboots of the Pentagon, Langley and Wall Street. Plague Island long ago detached from reality.

Anonymous said...

If Far-Right Farage wanted to be a proper journalist in any way, he'd investigate where the reported £60 million pounds spent on GB News actually ended up - because on the evidence so far, It's not on screen in any way at all.

So, Neil, any comment to make there? What did happen to all that money? Was it really for the station - or was this all some kind of tax dodge/money laundering scam? Because from where I'm standing, I think I know what the answer is - not that Failure Farage would ever tell us.

J said...

They seem so desperate that they will probably give the craftywanker a slot with Hatey Slobkins as a co-host...

I still think its hilarious that the craftywanker did up his bedroom to look like he was in the studio, then when everyone took the piss at his larping at being a real Gammon Bastard News, the news of the National Front, host he changed it by putting some cheap space shit up and pretended he hadn't larped at being a real presenter... so sad.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Farage want to scrap the licence fee?
How will his fans watch his show live if they have cancelled their TV Licences?