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Saturday 24 July 2021

Anti-Vax Wacko Goes Incitement

Those inhabiting the real world will be aware that what our free and fearless press dubbed “Freedom Day”, the time when all Covid-19 related restrictions ended in England - well, officially, anyway - was last Monday, July 19. But this, it seems, passed by those on the anti-vaccine fringe, who staged an anti-lockdown rally in London today.

Kate Shemirani

For all those who weren’t watching paint dry, going on family holidays, resting up after a first week back in the office, or indulging in one of many other real-world related pastimes, attending this so-called Worldwide Rally For Freedom was a must. Here, they could share the company of like-minded people, as well as spread a little Rona for good measure.

Evening all, here all day ...

Shayan Sardarizadeh of BBC Monitoring was there to observe the speakers. “Anti-5G activist Mark Steele says the vaccine is a ‘biological, chemical weapon’ and ‘the virus is a hoax’. He says what's happening in the UK is ‘domestic terrorism’ and ‘genocide’. The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) ‘is a terrorist organisation’, he adds”.

Would anyone care to add to that heap of freshly steaming bullpucky? “Former member of the London Assembly and leader of the Heritage Party David Kurten says: ‘These vaccines are not actually vaccines, they're experimental injections’, ‘The people sitting in the parliament are doing the bidding of evil,’ he adds”. Way to go, Dave!

But there was one speaker determined to outdo both of them. “Speaking at today's anti-vaccine, anti-lockdown rally in London's Trafalgar Square, former nurse Kate Shemirani - who was struck off in June - says Covid vaccines are ‘Satanic’, citing ‘the pattern 060606’. The graphine oxide single-molecule sheet ‘is a conductor’, she adds”. Don’t tell me, if you make a funnel shape out of the sheet and hold it to your ear, it says “seats upstairs”.

But she was only getting warmed up. “Kate Shemirani says masks are ‘subjugation tools used by the freemasons’. ‘Within 10 minutes of wearing it is full of a bacteria that causes pneumonia,’ she says. She asks the crowd whether they're gonna have the ‘daily depopulation injection’”. Kinell, she’s been supping summat strong and no mistake.

And she wasn’t finished. “Kate Shemirani says ‘5G is a direct energy weapon’. ‘In your injections, the hydrogel is a conduit, it has an antenna that links you. It transmits and receives. This is surveillance technology’”. But before anyone moves rapidly in the direction of away, you need to know there is a sinister side to Ms Shemirani.

That was captured on video by Marc Lister. Here, she howls “Ask those who are giving it - have there been any deaths? Ask them - what is in it? Ask them! Get their names. Email them to me … we have a group of lawyers, we are collating all that. At the Nuremberg Trials, the doctors and nurses stood trial - and they hung”. Stop right there.

Having views that are seriously Out There? Freedom of speech, belief and expression. Telling whoppers about Covid-19 and vaccines? A pain for those trying to stem the numbers of hospitalisations and deaths, but one cannot object to free dissenting speech. But “we’re taking names and coming after you” is bang out of order.

Kate Shemirani has been caught on camera inciting the mob. She is not just a harmless wacko - her incitement will embolden others. Her little Wild West Show has to stop. Now.

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Ferdy Fox said...

Imagine being nursed by this nut-job. Scary................!

Anonymous said...





Is WRONG with these people?

Anonymous said...

Britain needs more funny farms to house these people.

Anonymous said...

No mention of Katie Hopkins being there?
After being deported from Australia, it seems she now wants to re-invent herself as a female David Icke.
So desperate for attention!
Sad cow.

Unknown said...

Not as scary as having mercury injected into you by someone who has no idea what they are injecting you with, for £12.85 a shot!

AndyC said...

Unknown wrote:

'Not as scary as having mercury injected into you by someone who has no idea what they are injecting you with, for £12.85 a shot!'

I'm surprised you let that one through moderation, Tim.

Vaccines do not and have NEVER had mercury in them. For years, vaccines did contain thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative used to thwart the growth of bacteria and fungi in vaccine vials. But thimerosal was removed from most vaccines in 2001, and it has since been shown to have no adverse health effects.

Pedro said...

So who did pay for it?