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Tuesday 19 January 2021

The Long Tory Road To Insurrection

The 2020 United States Presidential Election resulted in a win for Democrat challenger Joe Biden, who is due to be inaugurated tomorrow as the 46th President of the USA. This reality, though, has still not been accepted by some out there on the right, who continue to believe that the election was stolen, that there was widespread voter fraud (there wasn’t), and that Combover Crybaby Donald Trump should be declared the winner.

This refusal, when mixed with a little conspiracy and a lot of guns and aggression, is what brought the USA close to seeing a coup two weeks ago, as the Capitol was stormed and trashed. And there are still those talking of making a last stand, one of whom will be familiar to Zelo Street regulars, but what may not are the Tory Party links in play.

Rocking up somewhere near Washington DC yesterday was washed-up motormouth Katie Hopkins, who has recorded a message for Citizens of the Union. “The reason I’m here in your country, and I’ve broke in to this country, is because I need you, because we are looking to you for hope. We need you to stand up for all that is bright and you are fighting for the light, and Europe looks to you for hope, and together we will make a last stand”.

John Mappin

So routine, so desperate from a has-been who lost her LBC show, her Sun column, her Mail Online column, and her access to Twitter. But look closer, at the mug placed next to the mic. THE CANDACE OWENS SHOW. Thus the trail that leads back, through wacko conspiracy land, to supposedly mainstream Tories who might now be wishing it didn’t.

It was Ms Owens who turned up at the launch of Turning Point UK in December 2018 and in response to a question about nationalism told “Whenever we say nationalism, the first thing people think about, at least in America, is Hitler … if Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, OK, fine”. This was excused as a mere “gaffe”.

Candace Owens

Meanwhile, the media spotlight was shone on John Mappin, the Camelot obsessive who was TPUK’s main man, at least, for wealthy donors. Mappin, let us not drive this one around the houses for too long, is a fruitcake. Even Arron Banks called him “a complete fruit-loop”. Mappin’s latest stunt is even more cringeworthy for TPUK backers.

As the Observer has reported, “A key supporter of Nigel Farage and Donald Trump has provoked ridicule after using his Cornish castle to fly the flag of a prominent conspiracy theory identified by the FBI as inspiring rightwing violence. John Mappin, who owns Camelot Castle at Tintagel, used the hotel to promote a rightwing hoax known as QAnon”.

Viewers may still want to look away now

And as Nick Reeves has shown, Ms Owens has been favourably received by the Member for times long past Jacob Rees Mogg, former YBF Golden Dolphin recipient Steve Baker, as well as Brexit Party Oberscheissenf├╝hrer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage, plus the Trump Gang and their hangers-on. TPUK was backed by other Tory MPs, too.

Those others included Bernard Jenkin, and Priti Patel, the latter now mystifyingly elevated to the post of Home Secretary. All of those Tories now have a clear link, through Ms Owens, to an act of incitement to overthrow the democratically elected Government of the United States. With a dash of wacko conspiracy theory on the side.

Will they now distance themselves from Turning Point UK? Don’t all shout at once.

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Anonymous said...

We beat the Yanks to it by 30 years.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?

Anonymous said...

To 00:45.

It's been crazy for many years. It'll get crazier too.

But the population have been (and are) fed dumbing-down medication and cultural pabulum by quack hacks in corporate media and Parliament. It worked too.

Which is why what you see is what you get. A seedy, morally corrupt, glaze-eyed mess that neither knows or much cares that it is dying on its feet.

Might as well get used to it. It's all you're going to get for the foreseeable future. It suits the owners and the rest mostly couldn't really give a fuck as long as they can watch Pointless and "read" the Daily Heil.

At the present rate Britain won't sink giggling into the sea. It'll sink moaning why a tiny number in the lifeboats are jeering at them.

We can't say there have been no warnings. History is full of examples.

N said...

You have a real problem with literally any television show you can think of. Constantly mentioning literally random television programmes for it, a bit like a bot. It's a very strange tic, and I think possibly borne from the fact there are things you aren't telling us whenever you comment about who you really are. You come across as a pathetic snob who everyone avoids at dinners.

No wonder your type of politics have slid into irrelevance. Every member of the public knows you hate them, and they therefore stop listening.

Clearer heads have prevailed. Biden won the American election, and you dorks will continue to slide into irrelevance.

Anonymous said...


You prove the previous point perfectly

Well done.

N said...

No Anon, I prove my point, and Mine alone. Snobs, liars and people misrepresenting themselves are pointless, and I will call the likes of you out. On your bike. Try not to have a fit the next time a soap opera you dislike comes on.

Anonymous said...

Tsk tsk "N".