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Monday 18 January 2021

Mike Graham Breaks Himself

Nothing encapsulates the deeply unpleasant right-wing orientation of Murdoch noise floor occupant TalkRADIO than the equally unpleasant behaviour of the station’s hosts. And none of those hosts is quite as unpleasant as dribbling bigot Mike Graham, the Mr Blobby of the Baby Shard bunker, who has targeted Ash Sarkar of Novara Media, only to discover that this was a campaign destined to develop not necessarily to his advantage.

Blobby blobby blobby

After Ms Sarkar had passed adverse comment on Graham’s equally avoidable colleague Julia Hartley Dooda, Graham wobbled into action. “Ash still won’t reveal who bankrolls the ghastly [Novara Media] shills. But at least Twitter is waking up to her nastiness”. An unpleasant has-been calling nasty on someone who he’s frightened witless of debating.

Ash Sarkar

Mark Coates reminded The Great Man just who was being nasty, observing “As for your own immaculate twitter conduct. Where to begin”, and quote Tweeting Graham’s gratuitously abusive “Sarkar the parody witch”. Iron Mike wasn’t going to take that lying down. So he made sure he was sitting up before attempting a put-down.

I break people who come after me [punctuation missing] Mark. You wouldn’t know what it’s like to get death threats, insults and leftie inspired poison. Don’t be an arse”. How does he break people, then? By sitting on them? Farting in their general direction? Tearing up a copy of the Guardian live on air? Or causing them to die laughing at him?

Few were impressed. And Ms Sarkar was one of them. “The last thing ‘Iron Mike’ over ere broke was wind, but still you gotta respect the tough guy talk from someone tweeting from home at 1am. No instinct for self preservation, could do anything. 10/10 hard man behaviour”. Might not just have been wind. He could have broken the toilet seat.

So what did Graham decide to do at this point? What would a sensible person have done? What would Nietzsche have done? The sensible approach might have involved realising that Ms Sarkar had got the measure of Iron Mike and his assembled bellies. But the equally iron code of the Murdoch mafiosi meant he could not lose face by admitting it.

The result was as predictable as it was pathetic. “Great to see your kind supporters wishing me dead [punctuation missing] you absolute horror show of a woman. Keep shilling those pounds out of the idiots. And how do you think it’s all going to turn out for your rabble?” Why does he have such a problem with an assertive young woman?

While others were contemplating that question, Ms Sarkar returned briefly to the fray in order to deliver the coup de grace: “I’d take your spirited defence of civility a little more seriously if you hadn’t spent a significant amount of your time calling me a ‘bloke with a moustache’ … I don’t wish you dead. I think having to live trapped within the confines of your own personality is punishment enough”. BOOM! OUCH!!

What is his problem? Well, perhaps this exchange from last April answers that one. After the TalkRADIO Twitter feed had told “Border force seen fitting face masks on migrants at Dover”, he sneered “How about just sending them back?

Is it just another case of bigotry? You might wish to ask that. I couldn’t possibly comment.

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Anonymous said...

Being "attacked" by Graham et al is like an attack by a rabid moth.

I've seen harder blobs of jelly.

Anonymous said...

I rather enjoyed today's show with views from the complete political spectrum and of course the inclusion of the wisdom of Peter Hitchens. although Mr Hitchens misses the fact that lockdowns don't work because people continue visiting others in their cars. Why else are there so many cars on the road at 7pm on a Sunday evening?

I would suggest that instead of indulging in infantile personal insults of Mike Graham's appearance (which is the result of his medical condition how, very woke of you, not!) you just stick to actual debate and argument. If this is the humour you claim to retain whilst writing I would further suggest you look in the mirror and speculate what people may say in a similar vein about yourself, I refrain from comment. But I daresay tuning into BBC 5 live instead may improve your blood pressure.

James said...

Here is a dilemma: Ash Sarker along with Owen Jones, is in denial about engaging in cancel culture; they both played a role in weaponing antisemitism in order to the destroy Corbyn-led labour party's chances; smearing prominent left-wing personalities who have engaged in anti racism activities and protest before her and Jones were on this earth.

Sarker herself, has been victim before to vicious lies and smears, though she has via Novara reflected on this experience, she has not demonstrated insight on how she populized this culture, of which no good will come. So who do I side with in this instance given that both parties are equally repellent ?

Anonymous said...

Anybody who "enjoys" Murdoch far right propaganda tells you more about themselves than they would acknowledge even to themselves.

Anonymous said...

I can listen to "propaganda" from anywhere and make my own mind up thank you very much and as such this entertains, why not? If you prefer to listen to punish yourself then I pity you. The fact that you call Talk Radio "far right propaganda" when it is merely of "right-wing orientation" even by this left orientated bloggers perception tells us all we need to know about yourself.

Anonymous said...

Murdoch "merely of right-wing orientation".

Jesus wept.

That'll come as an unpleasant surprise to the Hillsborough and Grenfell families, destroyed mining communities, a quarter of the population in poverty, food banks, secession-minded Scotland and Wales, those opposed to monopoly media ownership, those opposed to Gotcha! warmongering and mass slaughter, and anybody of a democratic inclination. Let alone Tim's restrained language.

All it demonstrates is just how many duped and wilfully ignorant mugs there are in Britain. Shades of Weimar Germany 1932. Any day now expect the British equivalent of the "right-orientated" freikorps that invaded Washington.

N said...

No one tried to make your mind up for you, gibbering paranoid simpleton. They told you the facts, and you didn't like it.

Talk Radio is far right, as we all very well know. Stop being such an intellectually challenged coward and get out of your right wing crock bubble.

Only morons would listen to the sub-wit drivel coming out of Talk Radio. Only morons would ever be convinced by such grim, lying propaganda.

David said...

Mike Graham; well-known for massaging his own ego on Twitter by extolling the virtues of his output, in between organising pile-ons against anyone who dares to hold a contrary opinion to that of him or his talkRADIO colleagues.