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Tuesday 5 January 2021

Julia Hartley Dooda And Piers Morgan

The inmates of the Baby Shard bunker, or at least those participating in the contrarian propaganda enterprise that is TalkRADIO, have their problems right now, as they discover that YouTube has terminated their channel on the platform, not a surprise given the broadcaster’s indulgence of, shall we say, fringe views on the Coronavirus pandemic.

On top of that, one TalkRADIO host may have yet more problems explaining a miraculous coincidence by which the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog discovered that former Screws and Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan may have enjoyed a Christmas and New Year break on the island of Antigua: step forward the self-promoting Julia Hartley Brewer, who also spent the festive season on, er, Antigua.

The difference between Morgan and Ms Hartley Dooda is that he didn’t rub the Hoi Polloi’s noses in it, but she most certainly did, from Tweeting out a photo of the British Airways 777 on the apron at Gatwick, to a snap taken from the aircraft on its approach to V C Bird International Airport, to a selection of images of her suitably exclusive and expensive sojourn. Which occurred at the same time as Morgan’s.

So what is The Great Guido saying? "On the 18th December, the Foreign Office told travellers entry to the islands of Antigua and Barbuda ‘is restricted’. Guido understands that nevertheless before Christmas Day, though just after he urged Cabinet ministers on his show to introduce tougher measures to lockdown Christmas (December 16th), he flew out to Antigua in the Caribbean just ahead of the Tier 4 restrictions being imposed”.

What a coincidence: Ms Hartley Dooda flew out to Antigua, er, just ahead of Tier 4 restrictions being imposed. Indeed, she captioned her snap taken from the aircraft “Well, looks like I escaped just in time”. What else does the Fawkes exposé tell us? “According to a source Piers stayed at the exclusive luxurious Jumby Island resort, on the private island accessible only by boat from Antigua, which is 2 miles to the South”.

Who might have grassed Morgan to the Fawkes massive? It’s most revealing that the claim about the ITV Good Morning Britain co-host is vague on the date he is alleged to have flown out to Antigua - and that it talks about him “Heading for the First Class lounge at Heathrow”. See, different airport, it couldn’t have been Ms Hartley Dooda!

After all, it would have been a most unwise move, had she been the Fawkes informant. As The Great Guido has admitted in a moment of frustration over a lack of mainstream media coverage for its allegations about Morgan being seen wearing a Waffen-SS uniform, “follow-ups didn’t run in News UK’s titles because he is a protected man there”. Morgan goes back a long way with News UK CEO Rebekah Brooks.

So it must have been someone else who grassed Piers Morgan to the Fawkes rabble. I mean, what with the YouTube ban most likely coming partly because of the content she’s been so assiduously promoting, telling on one of Rebekah’s best pals would not be a good career move for a TalkRADIO host. Even if they had another job lined up.

But it’s one heck of a coincidence. Hopefully for Ms Hartley Dooda, that is all it is.

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Anonymous said...

It annoys me that people are allowed to travel abroad for their holidays during the pandemic. It makes a mockery of having restrictions. These morons risk bringing back new strains with them. Selfish, thoughtless gits!

Until I have had the vaccine, no holidays abroad for me!

The People Avoidance League (PAL) said...

These exclusive, luxury resorts, no matter if they're tropical or winter, seem to be full of total shits.

Steve Woods said...

I suppose it's too much to expect the pair of them to have bought single tickets?