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Monday 11 January 2021

China Covid Conspiracy Infects MSM

The ever-vigilant Sunder Katwala, who has charted the proximity of LBC host Maajid Nawaz to a number of conspiracy theories surrounding the US Presidential Election and its aftermath, has now picked up on another Nawaz endorsement, one which has profound implications for the media establishment and whose views it promotes.

Tonight, [Maajid Nawaz] & [Simon Dolan] are among 10 signatories on an open letter to the FBI and M15: it alleges lockdown policies result from a global plot by the Chinese Communists, alleging malpractice & corruption by WHO, Imperial College, Western [Governments] & many others”. Katwala stresses that he is not sharing the letter, partly because it may be defamatory of one or more of those it mentions [Thread HERE].

It is, let us not drive this one round the houses for too long, proper tinfoil hat stuff. The problem, though, is not that someone is postulating a wacko conspiracy theory - that’s not exactly news right now - but that this has infected the MSM, and those who are so often invited on by broadcasters to give We The People the benefit of their superior insights.

Apart from Nawaz, who must be testing the patience of LBC management with his, shall we say, occasional eccentricity, there is the loathsome Toby Young, who has enthusiastically endorsed the letter. “Today’s update on Lockdown Sceptics is here. Includes details of a well-researched letter from scientists and lawyers to the FBI demanding it investigates the links between the West’s most passionate lockdown advocates and the Chinese Communist Party” he announced earlier.

That one was Retweeted by none other than loud lockdown denouncer Carole Malone. Tobes then went on to describe the letter, “The Chinese Communist Party’s Global Lockdown Fraud”, in gushing terms, telling his followers “This is excellent”. It wasn’t.

Those endorsements were bad enough. But it got worse: one of the signatories to the letter was one Clare Craig, a pathologist who uses the wacko-linked smiley in her Twitter header. She RTd Nawaz’ “OPEN LETTER TO SECURITY SERVICES … CCP’s Global Lockdown Fraud”. And she also gets broadcast media invites.

Indeed, her Tweet from early this morning advertising an article telling “An infectious disease and critical care doctor writes on the harms of lockdown” was RTd by self-promoting TalkRADIO host Julia Hartley Dooda. And Clare Craig has been given a platform by the Murdoch broadcaster on more than one previous occasion.

Last November, TalkRADIO’s audience was told “Consultant pathologist Dr Clare Craig tells Mike [Graham] the NHS will not be overwhelmed by January, saying ‘we are not in a pandemic’ … Dr Craig also urged Boris Johnson and Chris Whitty to ‘question whether they are wrong. They have to start doing that’”. Looks like straight-up wacko denialism.

This is so bad that it has already gone way beyond Maajid Nawaz. It’s being endorsed by people put before MSM audiences, who are already pushing provable nonsense. It’s high time some of these people backed off the tinfoil hat stuff and gave their heads a shake.

It’s one step away from going full-on QAnon. And it’s past the time it was stopped.

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Sam said...

So they've got a grand conspiracy theory about China?. Why are they writing to the FBI? Should be the CIA. Not too bright.

AndyC said...

An acquaintance replied a few weeks ago to my message asking how he was getting on in these trying times that the lock-down and restrictions on our behaviour were a global plot (by whom he did not tell me) to impoverish us all thus enabling the establishment of a new world govt or some tinfoil hat drivel like that. Needless to say I didnt even bother with a rebuttal to such arrant nonsense.

Anonymous said...

My sides were aching with laughter before I got to "Carole Malone"....but that finally sent my coffee all over the keyboard.

I can't believe anybody takes seriously a woman with the look and sound of an exploding cabbage and the intellect of a dying flea.

This latest "development" makes ol' Joe McCarthy look like Bertrand Russell.

What a gang of loony ranting righty crackpots!

Anonymous said...

Not entirely sure that conspiracy is going to work...

"We have a cunning plan to defeat the imperialists."
"Go on."
"We force them to lockdown their economies by releasing a deadly virus that's also a fake virus that doesn't exist. When their economies lock down they'll go bankrupt."
"Ok, so who do we sell all our stuff to if the West collapses?"
"You know the stuff which China makes that is fuelling our economic ascent."
"Shit. Didn't think about that."
"You also didn't think about what happens if the plan is exposed by a top British brain like Toby Young."
"Off to the gulag with you, mate".

Unknown said...

I've acquired a few new ex-aquaintances that way too.

grim northerner said...

It's not about reason, it's morons being weaponised via social media into becoming unwitting brownshirts, our very own qanaon. we may have to defend our hospitals and health professionals from these clowns physically in the near future.