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Thursday 21 June 2018

Raheem Kassam Fails French Class

Demonstrating that when it comes to being full of wind and piss, he is ready to take on all-comers, Raheem “call me Ray” Kassam, the Walter Mitty of the alt-right (who has still not carried out his repeated threats to launch a legal action against Zelo Street - we’ll be waiting a while for that one), has decided he knows more than the rest of the world about France and its recent history. Which, to no surprise at all, he doesn’t.
Kassam has decreed he does not like French President Emmanuel Macron, and would like to use this to boost a public profile which has been in decline since he left Breitbart. So it came to pass that he leapt on an exchange between Macron and a younger member of the citizenry, in which the President had chided a young student not to call him “Manu”, but Monsieur le Président. Which figures, cos it’s French.
Ray” expressed faux outrage at this news, scoffing “Jumped up little accountant lectures a kid for failing to bow to his fake title (the monarch is the legitimate head of state in France)”. And what monarch would that be, O not so wise one? After one Tweeter had put this question to The Great Man, he sneered “Um, the one they had before the leftist revolution? Read a book, babes”. It’s become a “leftist revolution” in the retelling!
Sadly, this gesture did not serve to make Kassam any more newsworthy that he wasn’t in the first place. So he decided to exhume the argument, such as it wasn’t, in order to have another go. “I tweeted this earlier and a bunch of leftists jumped in screeching, ‘REEEE FRANCE DOESNT HAVE A MONARCHY!’ Yeah I got that, geniuses. The point is French conservatives want their monarchy BACK from the constitutional vandals”.
Anyone following that? He says he got something wrong (talking about a French monarchy in the present tense) in order to inform some kind of superior argument, which for him is a contradiction in terms. But even having a second go did not do him any good. After another bored Tweeter asked “Are you saying the left are the only ones smart enough to work out you were talking bollocks?” he fouled up yet again.
Gosh you’re dumb. Spent any time in France recently? Try it. You’ll like them. The FN are excellent”. The FN are so excellent that they are no longer the FN. In any case, there is no discernible movement in France to return any kind of monarchy to the country.
Observing this spectacle of self-imposed car crash, Mic Wright mused “It appears that Raheem has decided to relitigate the French Revolution”, pointing out along the way the lameness of the claims to a French throne (thread HERE) before putting Kassam straight.
It’s almost as if Raheem only believes in democracy when elections favour the brand of tinpot dictator that gives him a woody. Almost as if Raheem is a bag carrier for fascists and all round piece of shit.” Throwing his weight around on social media - chucking out insults and threats he can’t back up - certainly gives that impression.

And this is someone who claims to be a contender for Mayor of London in 2020. No, don’t laugh. He’ll only chuck a few more toys out of the pram.


Guy Halsall said...

Only a tiny minority even on the French Right want the monarchy back (plus some weird 'left monarchists...), and even then they'd have to decide which claimant they thought they wanted (there are two), or - I suppose - which Bonaparte. What a knob he is. Also, I didn't think the FN existed any more; hasn't Marine changed their name?

Arnold said...

Le twat, c'est moi.

ISKRA said...

So, 'Call Me Ray' sidesteps the Centuries, dodges the coup of 18 Brumaire, avoids even Bonapartism and advocates for full Restoration for the French!

I'm guessing the French may reject Dodgy Ray's 'Regime Change' option on the very sound basis that he's exactly the kinda guy most people would ring the cops on if they saw him loitering near a school.

Nick63 said...

I'd love to see the reaction the next time 'Call Me' Ray tries addressing his hero an wet-dream buddy, Tangoman Trump, as anything other than "Mr President" in public. As the military say, "salute the rank, not the man".

iMatt said...

I wonder if this twit would also consider the American War of Independence a ''left wing'' revolution as well? Considering it overthrew or rather ejected a monarch from American soil? I think this would rather confuse the poor lad.

I'd bet £100 the far right types this self loathing useful idiot cavorts with laugh behind his back. And not too quietly either.

Jonathan said...

Ray isn't very bright, still campaigning to free the narcissitic one despite being provided with the Secret Barrister's detailed account on the case.