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Wednesday 27 June 2018

Godders Blames Grenfell On EU

The inquiry into the Grenfell Tower disaster continues, as does the misinformed and often idiotic commentary from all those armchair enthusiasts across social media. One of those alleged experts, except he isn’t, is disgraced former MEP Godfrey Bloom, who was too poisonous even for UKIP. He was also too much for the Ludwig von Mises Centre, who stripped him of his Honorary Presidency following an anti-Semitic outburst.
But what Godders is still good at is pretending he knows what he’s talking about. He is also attuned to iron law of far-right Brexiteers that the Observer’s Carole Cadwalladr must be attacked at every opportunity. So he took to Twitter to dismiss her concerns about the Grenfell tragedy and instead impose his own warped view of proceedings.
Ms Cadwalladr had told “look at Grenfell. This is systemic failure. Everything failed. Our laws, our regulators, our ability to hold power (big tech) to account. Politics failed. We have a govt that is covering up. And an opposition that is enabling it”. Godders wan’t having any of that liberal namby-pamby rubbish, no Sirree!
This disaster was the direct result of uncontrolled mass immigration & the disastrous EU fire regulation superseding British regs. I suspect the enquiry will airbrush all this out & blame the Russians” he declared, which was wrong on so many levels that it took several further Twitter interventions to correct the old fraud.
On the subject of those fire regulations, one observer asked “Will you cite ‘the disastrous EU fire regulation’ or are you just making it up?” Yes, the EU has confirmed “EU Member States remain responsible for setting the level of fire safety in buildings on their territory and to enforce their building regulations”. Godders pants on fire again!
Another Tweeter simply replied “@goddersbloom is lying. Just repeating an already debunked myth in the hope some of his gullible followers repeat the lie. The safety regulations among other EU states are much more stringent than ours. Don’t forget, leaving EU will result in ‘a bonfire of red tape/regulations’”. Whoops!
More injection of reality followed: “You are a small-minded racist. This was caused by a wealthy council abandoning its duty of care for its residents in favour of gentrification, then scapegoating the fire service”. Could it get worse? It certainly could.
It didn’t take long for someone to notice that this was just another gratuitous attempt to smear Ms Cadwalladr: “Piling on with your mates in attacking one of the few decent journalists left in the country I see. If it were up to the likes of you there would be no fire regs at all”. But Godders was not downhearted - far from it.
So he was back at it today, attacking the NHS. “The NHS was indeed conceived over sixty years ago. That is the point. Do you drive a 60 year old car? Use a 60 year old telephone. The whole concept is anachronistic”. Very good, Godders. And how old are you?

Godfrey Bloom is so useless he can’t even smear straight. No change there, then.


Arnold said...

Even the UK has different building safety standards. Scotland tightened its laws up after a tower block fire some 20 years ago.

The NHS uses 60 year old equipment, drugs, anaesthetics, etc? News to me.

Anonymous said...

Yes the car has changed. Designed by new people, utilising new technologies, to improve the lives of everyone. All done to the same core idea of getting people from A to B. I'm sure someone cleverer than me can make a doctors/nurses, hospitals etc. analogy from that.

Anonymous said...

Pedaling ideas and concepts that wouldn't look out of place in pre WWII Germany? You wouldn't do that today. Except he, and certain parts of the political spectrum, does.

Still, as long as he can smear and misdirect...

David B. said...

Other things conceived over 60 years ago that are anachronistic in the contaxt of modern society:

Godfrey Bloom.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. Bloom was conceived over 69 years ago.
Between him and the NHS, I know which one grew up and got better.