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Tuesday 28 May 2013

Mail Ramps Up Cam Attack

As if the purely coincidental (and not coordinated at all, oh no) attacks on Young Dave in the Mail and Sun yesterday were not enough, the attack on Cameron for having the audacity to take a bank holiday break with his family has continued today with an assault from the Mail’s tedious and unfunny churnalist Richard Littlejohn, whose memory is clearly not as long as mine.
Muslims, Guv? Issa crisis, innit?!?

So Dicky Windbag, rather than recalling the grievous error of Alf Robens, who went to be installed as a University chancellor the afternoon after a spoil tip filled with waste from the industry he was supposed to be running buried the village of Aberfan and killed 144, most of them children, has homed in on then Labour PM Jim Callaghan and his trip abroad during the so-called Winter of Discontent.

This requires the story of early 1979 to be creatively retold to make Callaghan’s error look really bad, so readers are told that petrol pumps ran dry, which they did not. And Cameron has not gone off to the Caribbean, but Ibiza, which is little more than two hours away by air, or rather closer to the corridors of power than had he piled off to the Hay Festival, held just over the Welsh border right now.

Nevertheless, Dicky Windbag is sure that Cameron and family should not have gone off to Ibiza, because there is outrage at last week’s killing: “That outrage ... is not confined just to the perpetrators. It is also directed at a complacent political class which not only allowed but encouraged Islamist extremism to flourish in Britain”. And there he slips another whopper into his copy.

And, as the man said, there’s more: “the police and the Funny People do have questions to answer. So this isn’t a time when the Prime Minister should be seen to go missing”. He ain’t missing, Dicky boy. But do go on. “The Bomber Command memorial has been desecrated. Mosques are being attacked. This is getting uglier by the day” pleads The Sage Of Vero Beach.

Is the Bomber Command memorial sacred ground? If it isn’t, then a graffiti attack, which has probably been cleaned off by now, cannot be called “desecration”. That’s just hyperbolic nonsense. And Littlejohn couldn’t give a fig if mosques get trashed. Plus how is Cameron being in Downing Street going to make a jot of difference? Is he going to personally guard all these places?

Dicky Windbag’s blether is no better than the Sun’s claim that last week’s killing isthe biggest terror crisis since 7/7”. But he confirms, together with the Mail’s coverage of comments from the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq in 2004, that the legendarily foul mouthed Paul Dacre has spoken, and found Cameron’s behaviour does not meet the criteria laid down by Himself Personally Now.

So that’s another lame hate campaign that’s bound to fail. No change there, then.

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