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Tuesday 7 May 2013

Is Littlejohn Worried He’ll Be Next?

Today, the Daily Mail’s unfunny and talentless churnalist Richard Littlejohn has returned to a theme he gives every impression of obsessing over, and that is his perception that the Police are becoming increasingly reliant on dawn raids, rather than to question suspects discreetly, before building the case against them and only then arresting and charging.

Cops, Guv? Coming to get me, innit?!?

Arrest first - ask questions later: How dawn raids and ransacking houses became standard operating procedure” he blusters, apropos of Nigel Evans being nicked at the weekend. But he doesn’t care about the Tory MP for Ribble Valley. Dicky Windbag is, first and foremost, concerned about what happens to Himself Personally Now. And it seems he is frightened the rozzers might come after him.

At first, back in 2011, he took an almost jocular view as news emerged of Neil “Wolfman” Wallis having his collar felt. On that occasion, the criticism was that the Met were putting all their effort into phone hacking when they should, he believed, have been arresting Muslims, who were going to bring down ten airliners, except of course that this act never came to pass.

But by early 2012, the paranoia had descended on The Sage Of Vero Beach: “Scotland Yard Stasi and this sinister assault on a free Press” was the headline. “Squads of up to 20 police officers raid suburban houses at six o’clock in the morning. In related operations, dozens more detectives rip out car doors, tear up floorboards and search through underwear drawers and beneath mattresses, terrifying innocent women and children”.

This would not normally bother Littlejohn, or indeed any of his pals who scrabble around the dunghill that is Grubstreet. But when his fellow hacks get hit, that’s different. And anyhow, they say they’re all innocent, and as any fule kno they’re all pillars of honesty and integrity, aren’t they?

Then he goes and calls Trevor Kavanagh “one of the most respected political journalists of his generation” and everyone goes into Smash advert mode. A word in your shell-like, Dicky, he’s a Murdoch stooge and the only thing he gains respect for is his ability to reel off whoppers while keeping a straight face. But the common thread running through these stories is Littlejohn’s own mounting fear.

In February this year he was off on one again: “Where's the liberal outrage at this sinister threat to our freedom?” he moaned. “Our” meant he and his fellow hacks. He never batted an eyelid when it was anyone else getting hauled out of bed and taken down the cop shop for a light grilling. And today’s outburst suggests he can’t keep his mind off the story, which leads one conclusion to be drawn.

Littlejohn is scared that he’ll be next. Even if he stays in his gated Florida compound.


Richard T said...

I presume that his fears about the midnight knock on the doors of Littlejohn mansions are simply paranoia or propaganda. It is inconceivable that this paragon would have done anything that merited police attention.

Anonymous said...

"A little light groping"