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Saturday 21 August 2021

Oh Tommy Tommy - You’re Rumbled

Once again, Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, has found himself in court: more specifically, he appeared yesterday at Westminster Magistrates Court in central London, regarding, as Press Gazette put it, “an application for a stalking protection order after he went to the home of Independent home affairs correspondent Lizzie Dearden and her boyfriend, Samuel Partridge”.

There was immediate controversy: “Robinson, 38, attended the hearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Friday despite the expectation that he would join proceedings remotely due to Covid-19 isolation”. Partridge and Ms Dearden joined remotely. The wording of the interim order already in force against Lennon bears scrutiny here.

PG once more: “The order prevents Robinson … from contacting Dearden and her partner or publishing anything about them on social media unless referring to her as the author when responding to any story written by her”. So what did he do outside court before the hearing? Got it in one - he talked freely about Ms Dearden. And lied equally freely.

It was the usual faux victimhood stuff: “I’ve never had a jury, pretty strange, no?” Er, no. Do go on. “A journalist, who has wrote [sic] 225 stories about me since 2018 [probably false], a Saudi funded journalist … the company this journalist works for, and her colleagues, hired an extremist to go to my children’s home and livestream the address [definitely false] they threatened to kill my children [false]. It’s all on camera [false]”.

He then blames “her”, for the breakdown of his marriage. It is screamingly obvious who he is talking about, given the location, time and date. But he doesn’t stop there. “My children had to flee their home … she continued writing notes, then my wife’s car was petrol bombed [no it wasn’t] and the words BLM were sprayed on it [bullshit]”.

But his real beef was that “When Darren Osborne’s murder trial went … the journalist lied. Outright lied. She said in her report, that went around the world, that I had sent direct Twitter messages to Darren Osborne”. She didn’t say that. But, predictably, out comes the victimhood again. “That lie resulted in people threatening to murder my children again”.

All this lying and self-pity just to try and deflect from another of Lennon’s aggressive doorstepping exercises. And arguably busting the interim order already handed down. Added to that, TR News had an “overseas admin” reporting from the court. Did someone else report on Lennon’s behalf? Because that report named Ms Dearden at least twice, so if it was actually Lennon being “overseas admin”, he bust the interim order again.

Moreover, it should be pointed out that when Lennon and one of his fellow thugs rocked up at Ms Dearden’s place, his initial “polite questioning” soon became angry and aggressive, and as so often, he began to accuse her partner of paedophilia - which is straight up defamatory. I understand the court has been made aware of all this. As the case has now been adjourned to August 26, they will certainly know about it when they reconvene.

Stephen Lennon, despite his boasts, is not a journalist. Nor, sadly for him, has he taken on board the provisions of the interim stalking protection order already handed down.

So he should not expect to get any change out of his next appearance. Sad, really.

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Anonymous said...

Does - does he - does he actually - dye his hair black? The reason why I ask is that all the current photos of him with his chin growth (well it can hardly be called a beard) show its ginger as fuck. And that explains everything. He's a ginge. No wonder he went fash for cash.

Jonathan said...

Tommie could be one of the first prisoners to be part of a chain gang .

I don't agree with the prison industrial complex or shaming prisoners,but seeing Tommie hard at work on some farm picking strawberries in public might give the attention seeking sociopath food for thought ...

Anonymous said...

The fellow really is an utter fascist moron.

There is no other viable explanation.