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Friday 27 August 2021

Laurence Fox Goes Full Racist

From the moment he dismissed the idea that he enjoyed white privilege, while accusing someone who was not white of racism, washed-up actor, not very good chanteur and DOA politician Laurence Fox has veered closer and closer to the racism line. Yesterday, in no style at all, he charged right over it, to the surprise of no-one at all.

Not only that, he may have - twice - committed contempt of court in so doing. What happened can be put directly: as the BBC has reported, “Manchester City footballer Benjamin Mendy has been charged with rape. The 27-year-old defender has been charged with four counts of rape and one count of sexual assault, Cheshire Police said”.

Ngo West - worst tribute band ever

There was more. “Mr Mendy, of Prestbury, has been remanded in custody and will appear at Chester Magistrates' Court on Friday”. However, “A police spokesman said: ‘Cheshire Constabulary and the Crown Prosecution Service would like to remind everyone that criminal proceedings against Mendy are live and that he has a right to a fair trial’”.

That did not stop Lozza quote Tweeting the BBC headline and adding “Get kneeling, fuckers”. Owen Jones correctly identified the key component of Fox’s rant: “This grotesquely racist tweet underlines that opposition to Black Lives Matter isn’t driven by being anti-Marxist or all the other excuses. It’s driven by racism”. It certainly is.

It may also be driven by contempt of court: demonstrating that he is of less than perfect courage, Fox later deleted the offending comment. But, as Jones’s response shows, the internet never forgets. And to ensure he dug himself in good and deep, The Great Man returned to his vomit this morning and chucked up a whole lot more.

For too long, footballers have been portrayed as saints with the highest moral virtue. When all too often they prey on young women using their fame, then use money & power to buy silence in a way ordinary men never could”. One more for the contempt charge, Sarge. Meanwhile, Lozza wanted us all to know that he is the victim in all of this.

Nothing in my admittedly provocative tweet was about race, although it is with crushing predictability that it was spun this way by my political opponents & the usual media grifters … Instead I was instructing footballers to kneel for the victims of rape & sexual assaults committed by footballers - a point none of the usual, vocal campaigners picked up on as they clamoured to shoot the messenger & once again avoid the inconvenient message”.

If he had been so minded, he might have picked up on a Premier League footballer being arrested last July. But he didn’t. Not that this has anything to do with the footballer concerned being white, you understand. Meanwhile, the Tweeter known as Buddy Hell showed just where Fox is heading: “Keep digging, Looza. By this time tomorrow, you should arrive in the Marianna Trench”. And his career was looking so, er, unpromising.

It’s entirely possible that Cheshire Police will want a word with The Great Man concerning more than one of his Tweets. While the Fox career heads, generally, in the same direction as that of folks like Hatey Klopkins. Like downhill at increasing speed.

The time of Laurence Fox was for a time, but not for all time. Just rejoice at that news.

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Anonymous said...

DOA - dead on arrival or drugs of abuse...maybe both🤪

Anonymous said...

"Footballers as saints"?

Christ, where's Fux been hiding all his comically sad life.......

gillette said...

Flox has been going downhill faster than a bobsleigh on the cresta run for years now

Arnold said...

Would he have made that tweet if the footballer had been white?

And https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9930787/Laurence-Fox-drags-kids-anti-vaxx-row-Actor-says-hell-ban-boys-school-Covid-jab.html

Quelle surprise'

James said...

"For too long footballers have been portrayed as saints''....What the fuck!?! If you think that, then there are two conclusions to be made:

1. You are talking out of your arse in order to get away with smearing BAME people and revealing your own prejudices.

2. You have happily buried your head in the sand for decades regarding the content of most red tops and middle market papers and how they report and intrude upon footballers regarding their personal lives and their failings as human beings. We have a few now with consciences.. oh dear !
Go into a newsagents come an average sunday and there you will find a story about player Smith's sex life and a interview with the girl etc.

Fox is a bullshit artist and if you had the ear of footballers and their families, my suggestion to them regarding the whole tabloid press in addition to creeps like Fox is for them to hire out personal detectives and display their secrets in public. See how they like it. Fox cannot complain about cancel culture and mob rule when he is happy to smear people who as stated by the police are entitled to a fair trial ala innocent until proven guilty. He really is a GRADE A twat.

Mr Larrington said...

@Arnold: if the sportsballist had been white then Looza would probably have blamed the victim.

iMatt said...

I do wonder when the ever ridiculous Fox will highlight a fellow actor charged with rape or child abuse in exactly the same manner. But then, we can hardly call Fox an actor these days can we?