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Sunday, 15 November 2020

Darren Grimes Creative Editing BUSTED

Always on the lookout for anything enabling him to push his talking points, and more importantly score him some clicks, world’s worst form-filler Darren Grimes has hit on a video promoted by provocateur Andy Ngo and aggressively endorsed by Combover Crybaby Donald Trump. The problem for Dazza is that, once more, he has failed to do his homework, and as a consequence his reputation has not been enhanced.

There have been protests, especially in Washington DC, by far-right groups unhappy that Trump has lost the Presidential Election to Democrat challenger Joe Biden. These have been attended by significant numbers of people not distancing or wearing face coverings, as The Donald would no doubt wish. So as a consequence there will be much spreading of Covid-19, illness, death, and as is the US way, medical bankruptcies.

Andy Ngo

In addition, there have also been counter-protests, and inevitably when pro and anti Trump factions have encountered one another, it has been kicking off. This is fertile territory for people like Ngo, who loves a misleadingly edited video. So he Tweeted one out, editing out the Trump fan’s violence - and kerb-stomping an opponent - to leave just the Trump fan being struck from behind at the end of the exchange. Trump loved it.

Human Radical Left garbage did this. Being arrested now!” he proclaimed (note that Ngo later deleted his Tweet, not an uncommon occurrence). This was right up Grimes’ street. “I thought the Left said the violence would stop after America had voted?” Dead innocent, dead smug, but sadly, not at all clever and dead wrong.

David Linney had seen the part that got edited out. “I've seen the full vid. Although it doesn't justify what happened, that guy who got KO'd was punching random people in that group before he got stuck one back. What did he expect. Misleading edit”.

One Tweeter added “Hi Darren, what do you think of the kerb stomp just before your clip?” Another observed “Grimy thinks none of us are familiar with digital video editing. Yet, thanks to Media Studies, more of us are aware of how large media orgs and halfwits like him edit footage to suit their narratives”. Not going so well, eh Dazza?

Meanwhile, Holly Figueroa O’Reilly, whose bio includes the excellent news “Sued Trump and won”, put The Donald straight. “Here’s the entire video, you piece of shit. The ‘victim’ assaulted a man exercising free speech, started a brawl, attacked women, and got his ass knocked out. Andy Ngo edited it. Fuck you”. And she wasn’t finished.

If our side would have stayed home, these Nazis wouldn’t have had anyone to fight. On the other hand, you can’t let white supremacists roam the streets of the nation’s capitol unchecked. So, I get why they were there”. It kicked off, and stuff happened.

Might be an idea to finish that hairdressing course, Dazza. Just a thought.

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Anonymous said...

One punch and the Nazi goes down and stays down. What happened to the virility of the far right?

Anonymous said...

If you look at social media you get imps like Ngo posting a piece of propaganda, then very quickly it gets copied by conservatives and amplified by an army of... well, amplifiers.

To explain - there's clearly a lot of bots that retweet such nonsense to make it look like people are interested in the latest orangey lies. But we also see a lot of real, allegedly intelligent individuals who oddly feel the need to constantly amplify and repost right-wing propaganda while claiming to be 'political independents' or 'left-wing' or 'free thinkers'.

I've watched so many of these characters - from fitness trainers, to bloggers, to paranormal podcaster to tech nerds and so on - completely flip overnight into right-wing amplifiers that the only realistic explanation for their slavish devotion to lies is that they're being paid to do a 'job', i.e. part of the right-wing grift movement. Political influencers if you will.

Ask yourself how many people you know on social media - not just in the US, but here - who started becoming obsessed with Covid denial, then from that to defending Trump, then posting weird conspiracy shit and now are full-on 'THE ELECTION IS RIGGED!!!!' types. Add in Brexit for the UK, though the progression there is generally quick deal...EU is evil.. NO DEAL SAVE OUR FISH!!

There's so many of these characters is astounding. Of course many are just idiots sucked in to the social media maelstrom but they're being manipulated by the amplification effect.

So the next time you see someone on Twitter/FB who forgets to talk about their profession & interests and instead devotes 24/7 posting to such guff, take a look at their recent media history and watch how quickly they flipped. Very, very odd.

In a completely unrelated thought - Emma Kenny is an interesting character, isn't she? She's a psychologist who is apparently an expert in everything from kids to suicide to serial killers. A psychologist who devotes 90% of her online time nowadays to coronavirus denial with constant reposts of world experts such as Pearson and Hartley-Brewer. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Grimes is a little floater. A small turd that just won’t flush.
The think is, little turds eventually either get replaced by bigger turds and disappear
Or they dissipate into oblivion once treated effectively by a smal amount ofhousehold cleansing project.
Toilet duck might prove effective

Anonymous said...

Grimes will soon be discarded like any other interchangeable Emma.

grim northerner said...

Emma exudes the "red wall falling" vibe, and is another celebrity psychologists damaging the academic credibility of psychology, alongside the "body language experts" on big brother, Graham "the genius" Stanier and Jordan Peterson.