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Wednesday 11 December 2013

Super Soaraway Twitter Storm

Think Before You Tweetadvised this blog back in July 2011. Whoever may have been looking in, the Sun’s non-bullying Political Editor Tom Newton Dunn does not appear to have been among them – not if today’s Twitter storm is anything to go by. Newton Dunn appears to have believed that only those with a similarly unreconstructed attitude to women would be interested. Big mistake.
Boldly, @stellacreasy has just asked the PM to justify Page 3 – while wearing a bright blue PVC skirt in the Commons chamber” he told, thus demonstrating the expert synchronisation of opening mouth and boot insertion. “Yeah, because what she’s wearing dictates whether or not she’s allowed to make feminist points” was an early reply. But Tom didn’t take the hint.
I don’t seem to notice you commenting on what any other Ministers are wearing” ... “So?” ... “It’s no surprise to see who your employer is, given your comment” ... “Precisely what does her manner of dress have to do with the question?” ... “And what’s the PM wearing?” followed in short order.
And, as the man said, there’s more: “A woman in a skirt voicing her opinions? SOMEONE ALERT THE ELDERS SHE MUST BE STOPPED” ... “Well, I’m in my pajamas. What effin’ difference does it make?” and my favourite, from Justin Moorhouse “Boldly @tnewtondunn has just Tweeted whilst wearing a lovely lacy bra and frilly knickers under his suit”.
Hannah Williams tried another tack: “Bright blue? I don’t know how you dared show up for work this morning”. There were more suggestions that Newton Dunn should have asked what Young Dave was wearing. The Staggers’ Helen Lewis added “A woman is wearing CLOTHES in the COMMONS? I, for one, am shocked and appalled”.
And still the adverse comment rained down: “Bizarre comment ... How is that any different to a brown tweed skirt, except in your mind? ... They’re only allowed to express themselves as they want if that chimes with what the Sun wants ... You’ve made yourself look very stupid, as ever”.
The responders still weren’t done: “Does blue PVC chime? What are you wearing, Tom? ... Stella is a great role model for young women ... ‘Political editor’? What a joke” (the last one I liked a lot, if only because it happens to be correct).
And there was a sting in the tail: “You really are a massive tool ... Gonna imagine @tnewtondunn is making those comments while collaged in semen-soaked Page 3s, because that’s how it sounds ... you mean like a fag ash covered dirty old man who’s just stepped out of a bookies”. Say sorry, Tom. You’re an arsehole.

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Shawlrat said...

Would love to know whether it's the fact that it's blue or the PVC thing that's upset him. Whatever , it shows the calibre of this government and what they think is acceptable behaviour.