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Monday, 14 December 2020

Spectator - Owen Jones Hardly Got Started

When author and campaigner Owen Jones recently called out the Spectator’s routinely dishonest editor Fraser Nelson on BBC Politics Live, citing the magazine’s publication of articles promoting Greek neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn, and praising the actions of the Wehrmacht, as well as a piece claiming there was not enough Islamophobia in the Tory Party, he barely scratched the surface of the magazine’s seedy side.

Fraser Nelson, editor, The Spectator

Not for nothing does Zelo Street refer to the Speccy as “increasingly alt-right”: not satisfied with employing the services of racist, and indeed self-confessed anti-Semite, Taki Theodoracopulos, Nelson and his boss Andrew Neil have overseen a sewer of racist bigotry, as well as climate change denial and even, arguably, normalising paedophilia.

The racism comes not only from Rod “a smile, a song, and a four-pack of Stella” Liddle, who got a mention from Jones, and who also pennedIs it possible to draw Serena Williams without being racist?” (in his case, the answer was “no”), but also from regularly featuring career Islamophobe Doug Murray The K, who memorably decreed that “conditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder across the board”.

Racism? Ooh no, just FREEZE PEACH!

Also, the racism does not end there: the Speccy has been excusing the antics of US white supremacist group the Proud Boys. Last September it toldThe Biden campaign and the press badly want Gavin McInnes’s expanded group of drinking buddies to be a household name, representing the horrifying specter of right-wing violence that is supposedly looming over America. Why this obsessive push to vilify such an obscure group?”.

Moreover, “the truth is that the Proud Boys are quite short on the evil so many want to foist on them”. Murray also weighed in on the group’s behalf last month: “Exactly what the Proud Boys are is disputed”. Sadly for Doug, Raw Story had news the following week fromKyle Chapman, the founder of the Proud Boys’ so-called ‘tactical defense arm’”.

Lack of subject knowledge need not impede Spectator pundits

And what did Chapman say? “We will no longer cuck to the left by appointing token negroes as our leaders. We will no longer allow homosexuals or other ‘undesirables’ into our ranks. We will confront the Zionist criminals who wish to destroy our civilization”. Yes, that’s the calibre of people that the Spectator is prepared to defend.

The climate change denial has included indulging James “saviour of Western civilisation” Delingpole and running a dishonest front page telling “Relax: Global Warming Is All A Myth”, followed by “The Sea Level Scam … The rise and rise of a global scare story”, after which George Monbiot called the claimthe biggest blunder of his career”. But Nelson, as with Jones’ calling him out, merely shrugged it off and remained in post.

Year 10 means 14 and 15 year olds

Could it get worse? As if you need to ask: last weekend, another Rod Liddle blast from the past was unearthed, telling readers “the one thing stopping me from being a teacher was that I could not remotely conceive of not trying to shag the kids. It seemed to me virtually impossible not to, and I was convinced I’d be right in there, on day one”.

Add to that Monbiot noting that Nelson “has also championed a wildly misleading film about Aids and promoted scare stories about vaccinations”, which confirms the conspiracy wacko element of the Speccy’s content. This is a seedy, disturbed, malevolent, misogynist, racist, conspiracist and intellectually bankrupt sewer. I’ll just leave that one there.

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Anonymous said...

Liddle Dickhead made me think about how weird the UK press was in the 80s. You had Page 3 with lots of girls starting at 16/17. Taking such pictures these days would get you tossed right in the nonce wing but back then it was all a 'bit of fun' and poor Claire Short was regularly eviscerated for being a grumpy man-hater because she wasn't a fan.

Then the tabs were obsessed with the 'wild child' bunch of under-age girls who hung round the London clubs and did, well, stuff with old celeb scumbags - Mandy Smith/Emma Ridley were household names for years and no one in the media thought maybe the fuzz/social workers should have been involved.

At the same time some of Thatchers biggest backers were either straight out porn barons (like Paul Raymond & David Sullivan) or selling their other content via smut (Murdoch).

Is almost as if a chunk of the media were actively okay with this sort of thing and judging by Liddle and his defenders, still are.

Unknown said...

Nelson is a prissy fluting jerk, a low grade excuse for a human being.

Anonymous said...

Don’t forget Piddle also dumped his wife n kids after being caught shagging a piece of meat (receptionist at aforesaid journal) barely out of wet wipes.

Anonymous said...

The Spewtator is actually invaluable. It and its employees give an inkling of the true depth of fascist moral corruption in corporate media. If this is how they openly propagandise it doesn't take much effort to imagine their concealed behaviour and opinions in private. Plus their links to politicians.

Does anybody really think it's possible to compromise with these wannabe fascists, nazis and falangists? What price a British equivalent of Pinochet Chile thanks to our parliamentary poltroons?

Sam said...

Liddle vocal supporter Julie Burchill has been lashing out on twitter and calling people "supporters of a pedophile" re those who call for a bit of tolerance over followers of the Prophet, so revelations that school kiddies would not be safe if Ron the Con had been a teacher somewhat dent Julie's Liddle fandom. What those who screech about Islamic wedding practices (certainly not my cup of tea) forget is that the British age of consent up until the late 1800s was 12 and British society turned a blind eye to children selling themselves on the street or in brothels let alone delivering your coal or cleaning out your chimney for a pittance so as a race we are hardly clean skins when it comes to child protection. Thankfully laws change although that hasn't stopped an estimated 4 million UK kids living in poverty today in a country of inestimable wealth. It's all just plain old white superiority and racism and it's based on myths yet these dills are given platforms to announce their ignorance and then paid handsomely for it. So weird.

Unknown said...

In 1812, Jane Austen roundly condemned the Spectator as being full of preposterous opinions couched in language so coarse she wondered how anyone could endure it. Little has changed in the intervening 200 years, except it seems to be treated as respectable because of its antiquity. Just look at the social inadequates it employs; so lacking in empathy and self awareness, they possibly singe realise that racism is more than a journalistic point of view reaffirm than a crippling social disease.