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Sunday 6 December 2020

Brexit Is Not Someone Else’s Fault

Once again, the news cycle in the UK is dominated by Brexit, and more specifically the trade deal negotiations. These apparently reached an impasse last week, but after a phone conversation between European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, they were resurrected, resuming later today. The two leaders will discuss progress later tomorrow.

Lying and misleading: Bozo The Clown ...

But with the transition period set to end with the turn of the year, this is clearly the last chance for a deal to be struck. And instead of focusing minds, the effect on many in and around our free and fearless press has been to falsely assume that We British are doing everything correctly and in good faith, so therefore it is, as ever, someone else’s fault.

So it was that we were erroneously informed last week that the EU side had brought “additional elements” to the talks. Some hacks decided that the Dastardly French were involved; Emmanuel Macron was singled out for especially adverse comment. Others merely blamed “Brussels”. I have to tell them that they are talking utter bullshit.

... Nigel "Thirsty" Farage ...

Any MP, member of the House of Lords, former Parliamentarian, party spokesperson, party supporter, lobby group representative, journalist, pundit or other media talking head who claims that the mess in which the UK Government now finds itself is anything other than self-inflicted should be regarded as a liar and charlatan of the lowest order.

This can be demonstrated by considering who wanted Brexit, who made the series of outlandish and untrue claims about its supposed benefits, and who then made the decisions which have brought the UK to Where We Are Right Now.

... Michael "Oiky" Gove ...

Who wanted, and campaigned for, Brexit? Who told us that our place in the Single Market would not be at risk, that trade with the rest of the EU would be free and seamless, that leaving would save us money, that there would be less bureaucracy, that we would hold all the cards in negotiations? Clue: it wasn’t a representative of the EU.

Who made the claim that tens of millions of Turks were about to move to the UK, and that our borders would soon be with Syria and Iraq, if we remained in the EU? Who made the claims about mis-shaped bananas, vacuum cleaners, toasters, deporting criminals, foreigners and rising crime levels, “others” taking “our” jobs and being gifted council houses? That didn’t come from anyone representing the EU, either.

... not to forget Matthew Elliott

Who decided to trigger the Article 50 process? Who decided that the transition period would end in December 2020? Who decided not to extend the transition period despite the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic? Who misled all those second home owners on how long they would be able to spend in EU member states before returning home?

None of those were the doing of anyone but our own political and media class, and more specifically those now in Government, along with all those lobbyists, hangers-on and sundry cheerleaders supporting them. They, and they alone, are The New Guilty Men And Women. It is not someone foreign’s fault. It is their fault, and theirs alone.

Now they can own the consequences. I’ll just leave that one there.

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Jonathan said...

Within 6 months, the hand wringing and denial will reach another crescendo when The fool in No10 bows to reality and gives way on many if not all of his red lines, when the Tories start to the taste the biter medicine of their lies about those sunlit uplands of Brexit, the same metaphor was used by Cameron and Osborne for their disastrous austerity polices - the poor just experienced painful cuts to their incomes and services.

Politics is often a dirty game, but too often it's populated by those who have failed to grow past 'ID' stage of development and rather overindulged by mummy and daddy.

Politics, should be about upholding the truth, compromising and working for the benefit of all society.

Sadly, Thatcher came in and rather ruined it for all.

Land of Hopeless Tories said...

Crap Boo-haha und der Lying from the shit government and MSM continues

Anonymous said...

Those in charge of the Leave campaigns began by lying, so it's no surprise that they continue to lie.

They were lying then, they're lying still
Perhaps they always will

Anonymous said...

Tories always say nice things and then shit on people

Sam said...

A comprehensive list of those responsible for Brexit must be kept or as sure as hell they will blame innocents for the calamities to come now Trump has shown how easy it is.
Sometimes I understand why some regimes have "re-education camps".

Anonymous said...

Britain, like the USA, has become a nation of lies and liars, thieves and nationalist scoundrels. Ur-fascism made manifest. A ruritanian soap opera of mediocrities and their tenth rate apologists.

Some of it made possible by sandal-wearing Guardian-reading lower middle class "liberals" frightened of anything outside their Laura Ashley chintz curtains and smug it'll-be-alright-on-the-night politics. The kind of people who always look the other way until events come pounding on their suburban doors to disturb Strictly Come Dancing.

Well, it's not going to be "alright". It's going to get even more evil as Britain retreats into a disintegrating deluded nation owned and governed by gauleiters in suits, lied to by craven propaganda media apparatchiks, and propped up by an economy dependant on money laundering and arms manufacture. A seedy, racist, right wing rat hole of spivs on the make. A nation that long ago lost its individual and collective pride to empty "patriotism". At this stage the moral and cultural decay is almost irreversible.

All this in spite of precedents in the 20th century.......

iMatt said...

Well said! Brexiters for too long have been bitching and moaning since 2016 even though they apparently got what they wanted. You'd think they had lost the way they behave. You'd also think it was the UK thrown out of the EU rather than deciding to leave.