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Saturday 31 December 2016

Sun Editor’s Elite Hypocrisy

The Super Soaraway Currant Bun loves to tell its readers that it is there to champion the cause of Ordinary Hardworking People, and that it is the plucky underdog pitched against the Metropolitan elite. Nothing could be further from the truth: the Sun has for years taken its readers for mugs, with its deeply unpleasant editor Tony Gallagher being the worst kind of elitist - and a stinking, uncaring, sneering hypocrite to boot.
Tony Gallagher - far less pleasant than he looks

Typical of the pretence was an editorial back in October which toldTHERESA May’s war on our complacent metropolitan elite on behalf of working people has been a long time coming … Too many in Westminster sneer at their own voters’ views, lives and patriotism as offensive, parochial and backward. Yet they are there to represent us”.
As, I would remind Gallagher and his increasingly upmarket band of sneering snobs, are the Sun’s staff. Yet they do not: railing against the purported elite on the one hand, they think nothing of putting the boot in on the less fortunate while letting the world know as they lord it around the capital’s most exclusive restaurants and watering holes. You think I jest? Gallagher is one of the very worst examples of conspicuous consumption.
While he and his hacks are maintaining their public pretence of being ordinary people and most certainly not part of the metropolitan elite, Gallagher is flashing his cash and making sure everyone else knows it, Tweeting photos of the posh nosh to which he has become accustomed over his years bullying underlings and dissing beggars.
Typical of Tone lording it over the proles was one meal last August where he told his Twitter followers “Then beef, girolle and sorrel … Venison, courgette, onion and crowdie (cheese apparently) ran it v close”. Last month he was on to Barrafina in Soho, enthusing “Quail at the new @BarrafinaDNst - queues out the door at the fabulous new Hart Bros venue.  Everything is great”, and earlier this month sampling another of their outlets “Pork belly with mojo verde is on the menu all the time @BarrafinaDRln however”.
When Alastair Campbell suggested that this looked “a bit metropolitan elite”, Gallagher replied that it was “Wonderful Spanish food for the masses”. What’s that, then, Tone, the kind of place you can get a pincho of tortilla for two or three Euro? Er, no - suckling pig at the Dean Street branch of Barrafina was on the “lunchtime specials” board yesterday - for just £17.80. For one item. That’s out of the range of most Sun readers.
And just to underscore the Sun editor’s sneering Loadsamoney snobbishness, this was while his paper was endorsing the creepy stalking of a homeless woman. Oh yes it was: two days ago, it wasDanniella Westbrook spotted trying her luck at the bingo in Runcorn after becoming homeless”, while yesterday the Sun hacks sneeredHomeless Danniella Westbrook spotted treating herself to a 95p sausage roll at Greggs”.

While the paper’s bully-boy editor flashes his wad on social media, his hacks leer at someone who’s been made homeless. But they’re not part of the metropolitan media elite, honestly. They’re just into a little occasional conspicuous consumption.

Tony Gallagher - the very worst example of the sneering, overmonied, uncaring, unprincipled, hypocritical, cosseted media class. Pass the sick bucket.


Alan Clifford said...

Call me picky, but those photographs look like coagulated vomit.

Rather like the contents of Gallagher's rag, actually. And what passes for his "mind."

Anonymous said...

Those photos looked photoshopped. Like the George Michael ones.
I'm sure there are no records (anywhere) of any media photo shopping.....