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Saturday 10 December 2016

Nigel Farage - Delusional Snob

The increasingly downmarket and desperate Telegraph has recently gone full paywall, but its latest encounter with former UKIP Oberscheissenf├╝hrer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage has been helpfully lifted by several other media outlets. And what it tells us is that Farage is not only appallingly dishonest, he is a crashing snob, and delusional with it.
Squeaky stuck-up git finger up the bum time

Moreover, it showed just how little regard Farage has for his fellow Kippers, as he ranted “I am having a great time. I am not having to deal with low-grade people every day … I don’t have to spend my life dealing with people I would never have a drink with, who I would never employ and who use me as a vehicle for their own self-promotion”. So, UKIP members who thought he was the new Messiah, now you know.

Mr Thirsty’s skewed sense of what constitutes being well-off was equally jaw-dropping: he was “only” making £85,000 a year (plus expenses) as an MEP, while “Half my colleagues, my old contemporaries in the City, are now worth real money … I had lunch with a friend on Sunday, he’s worth 60 (million). Some of my very clever friends are worth 300 or 400. I have no regrets about being poor”. He’s a millionaire. But he’s poor. Yeah, right.

He’s also still pretending that the stories being leaked to the press about him are being leaked by someone else, so we read that  “Although the former Ukip leader has had several Conservative MPs tip him for a seat in the House of Lords, Farage said he wanted to keep his options open for the next general election”. Whether any Tory MPs tipped him for a seat in the Lords is immaterial - Farage was the one who planted the story.

So, having failed seven times on the bounce to get himself elected to the Commons, Farage may well try to make it eight defeats: “I can’t close that off. It means too much to me … Look, I hope, genuinely, that Brexit means Brexit and the job is done and there is no need for me. I really hope that’s it. But with every week that goes by, I think it might not be, so I’ll have to stick at it.” And then comes the jaw-dropping delusion.

As the Guardian has noted, “Farage, who was the first British politician to meet [Donald] Trump after his election victory, said he still hoped he could have a role to play in the US-UK relationship”. And what might that be? “Farage suggested one role he could potentially play for Trump was a Middle East peace negotiator. ‘I’m not suggesting that I can do everything, but I do think that I’m quite good at negotiating. I’m quite good at bringing people together,’ he said”. A Middle East peace negotiator, eh?

Just how are the factions involved, many of whom are followers of The Prophet, supposed to have any respect for a devious, dishonest, unprincipled pisshead like Farage? Someone who has spent more than a little time recently demonising their fellow Muslims? And Farage should remember that negotiation is about more than bringing people together. That much is the easy bit. He is away with the fairies on that one.

As well as being an insufferable snob with no idea of how all those ordinary people he pretends to champion live. Nigel Farage is a fraud, and all you gullible Kippers have spent those years of his leadership being conned rotten. What a bunch of mugs.


Simon Gee said...

If you want to see how mainstream Nigel is now, try putting 'garage' into a text. Yes, predictive text comes up with 'farage'. Is there no escape from this spiv?

Shawlrat said...

True colours revealed.

Alan Clifford said...

I suggest this "revelation" puts messrs. Nutall and Finch into VERY difficult positions.

Jacob Rees-Moggy said...

Nigel could be a 'peace negotiator', couldn't he? Wasn't Ginger Spice a UN Ambassador for something or other once?