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Friday 2 July 2010

A Stroll Across The Astroturf – 13

Another month, another “report”, full of “research” from the so-called Taxpayers’ Alliance (representing less than one tenth of one per cent of all taxpayers, and still no accounts published). It is at least good to see that Matthew “Gromit” Elliott and his pals in their generously donated office suite are keeping busy, even if the stench of rank hypocrisy hangs over the whole enterprise.

Because today’s “report” is another of the TPA’s “rich lists”. This time, it’s a Trade Union one, which should be no surprise, given that many of those thought to be sponsoring the TPA are union hating industrialists who give the impression they would rather not be encumbered by such trifles as workers having rights.

So what is in the latest TPA “report”? Well, we find out that Bob Crow, head man at the RMT, is on more than 100k a year. I am not surprised. “Scare” Crow is head man at a large and still powerful union, he tends to get his members a good deal out of their various employers, and so he gets the rate for the job. End of story.

But the TPA clearly isn’t satisfied. It wants to accuse the unions of hypocrisy and suggest that they are living a life of “well paid luxury”. How would they know this? Given that none of the union men and women in the TPA “report” would be about to invite the TPA into their homes, this is mere conjecture – unless those same TPA folks were getting the same kind of money.

But then, the TPA has still not published up to date accounts, and neither has it told how much its variously comfortable staffers are trousering. We can guess the kind of middling TPA package, though, from the recent journey through the Government revolving door of Susie Squire, now on a pay grade in the 60 to 70k range.

Given that La Squire was “only” a middling staffer at the TPA, it’s quite plausible that Matthew “Gromit” Elliott is on a whole lot more, which might just get him over 100k and entry into the world of “well paid luxury”. Not bad for someone whose talents don’t appear to reach much further than being yet another of these clever people who talk loudly in restaurants.

So when, TPA people, are you going to come clean and publish those accounts? And, while you’re at it, how about another list, one of salaries for all your staffers, consultants, and other hangers on?

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