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Tuesday 1 December 2009

Who Checked The Figures? – 2

Yesterday in the House of Commons, Young Dave did something that Pa Broon does not find easy: he made a public apology. As I posted recently, there was a row of non-trivial size after Dave’s assertions about money going to Muslim schools, and now he was admitting getting some of his facts wrong.

So far, so honest, but we are no nearer to knowing how the leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition got it so wrong. Where did the assertions originate? Who checked both them and the figures? One thing, if previous discussion of the Cameron character is to be believed, we can expect: whoever put this particular “dodgy dossier” before Young Dave will have found out directly what the Tory leader thinks of such service.

Moreover, the source will not be so readily trusted any time soon – that being any time this side of the General Election.

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