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Wednesday 16 December 2009

Non Exemplary Behaviour

A regular visitor to Zelo Street has emailed me a list of the Australian delegation to the Copenhagen summit. So what? Well, so it’s a very long list, that’s what. After the name of Aussie PM Kevin Rudd at the top, there are another 113 (yes, one hundred and thirteen) names. That’s a lot of hotel space, seats on aircraft, food, personal transport, and yes, carbon footprint.

And, if that one delegation is so large, the corollary is that there will be a lot more of those non-trivially sized groups representing several other countries. When we consider what the gathering is supposed to be about, it’s not good publicity, and it’s not a good example. This will be meat and drink to the denial lobby and their cheerleaders such as Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse).

Perhaps the next such summit can be held by teleconference. After all, we are supposed to be setting an example. Meanwhile, Fox “star” Sean Hannity has continued his attempt to rubbish the established science by saying that “it snowed yesterday in Houston”. Anyone not knowing better might think that Rupe was wanting to keep his target audience ignorant and frightened.

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