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Saturday, 26 February 2022

UK Does NOT Stand With Ukraine

As the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces under the less than benign leadership of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and his gangsterist régime in Moscow continues, and resistance intensifies, some have chosen to stand and fight, but elsewhere there is a steady flow of refugees, the inevitable consequence of armed conflict. Some of those refugees have exposed yet another poisonous betrayal by the UK’s Government.

Set auto-smirk to stun

While the Home Office, ruled over by the Benidorm Holiday Rep Home Secretary Priti Patel, boasted “Today we're flying Ukraine's flag in support of the Ukrainian people, including those here in the UK”, other countries were acting, not showboating.

Writer and lecturer Molly McKew noted that “Estonia’s Ministry of Interior announces that all Ukrainian citizens who are currently in [the country] (even those whose work/study visa is about to end) can stay. Also, as of today all Ukrainians, even those who don't have a biometric passport, can enter Estonia without a visa”. Estonia was not alone.

A Tweeter who, in a display of grim humour, called themselves “Putin’s Kill List”, added “Slovakia - just like Romania, Poland and Hungary - is now also welcoming all people from #Ukraine and their #pets seeking safety. No documentation needed for the pets, no Covid documentation needed for Ukrainian [refugees]”. So what of the UK?

One anecdotal account sounded worrying. “Have heard a British friend from Kyiv has made it to Lithuania with his Ukrainian boyfriend but they were unable to get back to the UK together due to UKBA not granting visas, instead they are now going to Ireland, who let them both in without issue, despite neither being Irish”. Was this true?

It was for Ireland, as Helen McEntee, the country’s Justice Minister, confirmed: “I am appalled by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We stand with the Ukrainian people and we will play our part in assisting them in their time of need. That’s why I am immediately lifting visa requirements between Ukraine and Ireland. This will apply to all Ukrainians”.

Meanwhile, Labour MP Bell Ribeiro-Addy had bad news: “The Government has stopped accepting visa applications from Ukrainians - unless they have a British relative. Shameful how those who were so loud in talking up the prospect of war go silent when it comes to helping the people actually affected by it”. Would the Home Office care to comment?

Mark Gevaux had the relevant wording. “Visa applications from Ukraine for people who are not related to British Nationals are currently suspended, meaning there is no legal route for them to enter the UK and claim asylum. A source told the BBC the Government was ‘scenario-planning’ for an increase in asylum seekers from Ukraine”.

LBC host James O’Brien was unimpressed. “Until last week, Russian oligarchs could buy a British passport, no questions asked. Today, there is no ‘legal’ route to the U.K. for Ukrainians fleeing Russian war crimes. Both are deliberate Conservative government policies”. Yes, some of those “British Citizens” cited by a succession of Tory ministers have bought that status. A deliberate policy that yields deliberate Tory party donations.

Meanwhile, Priti Patel’s régime at the Home Office yields weasel words, but panders to the far right in the hope of a few opinion poll points. Our Government is morally bankrupt.

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Anonymous said...

It's not my government. I didn't vote for it and I don't want it.

And if they won't let Yemeni victims* in from the world's (current) worst humanitarian disaster....why be surprised when Ukrainians are treated thus, let alone the poor souls in the Channel.

Maybe it has something to do with all those arms deals with the mass murder gangster regimes in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

You remember those deals. One of which was the corrupt Al Yamamah contract - you know, the one in which Bliar/Brown stopped an investigation thereof.

*Latest estimate of Yemeni dead is 377,000. Quickly brushed under the BritYank corporate media carpet, scarcely mentioned. But look over there at Ukraine, even though Britain runs - government words - "a hostile environment".

Nigel Stapley said...

Add to this the brutal irony of The Smirking Gun and her equivalents amongst the 'sensible', 'moderate' 'centrists' at the hollow, poisoned heart of NewNewLabour praising the anti-war demonstrators in Russia for their courage (and correctly so) whilst about to put through the Mofo of Parliaments a Policing Bill which would make anyone taking part in similar, large, unsanctioned-by-the-plod protests here liable to arrest, criminal conviction and up to ten years in the clink.

It's all posturing, and the depressing thing is that - with the State and corporate media totally onside - they will succeed.

Mr Larrington said...

I'm sure that next Thursday evening “we” can stand on our doorsteps, clap and bang saucepans too. After all, it sent COVID-19 scurrying back from whence it ca… er, hang on.

Watch them Salute and Pocket the Loot said...

No Ukrainian refugees: a Brexit benefit that Reek-Bogg can chalk up.

Unknown said...

I wrote to my Labour MP to ask Priti Vacant alto accept Ukrainian refugees into the UK, considering many of thier grandparents or great grandparents served in our Armed Forces to defeat the Nazis and many settled here in the UK.

To be playing to the Gammon vote during the greatest crisis seen in Europe since WW2, is hardly surprising when it comes to the shameless friends of Putin currently in charge.

Anonymous said...

The Smirk is endemic among tories. So expect it from the red variety soon - they copy everything else.

The main users of The Smirk are Hunt, Shapps and Ugli Patel. It's a sort of I-know-something-you-don't-know schoolyard mime. Corner shop body language. Hunt and Patel use it deliberately, but Shapps is just a stultified moron.

But it doesn't stop there. It has infected TV "news" media too. Get a load of Yankified Meff Frei at C4...if he's not hustling "Right...right... we've run out of time..." he's Smirking.

None of them have a clue just how idiotic they look and sound. Completely oblivious to common sense.