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Sunday 19 December 2021

So Farewell Then Lord Frost

Although those in touch with reality knew that he was outclassed, and indeed turned over all too easily, by Michel Barnier, that his reputation with Tories was as a soufflĂ© inflated well beyond the point of structural viability, “Lord” David Frost had been most useful in keeping the clown car of alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson on the road.

But nothing is forever, and especially when it is becoming abundantly clear that the miracle that was Frost’s Brexit deal is nothing of the sort. Fishing and farming communities have been sold out, the Northern Ireland Protocol has thrown the DUP under the Reunification bus, and the UK’s weakness outside the EU has been cruelly exposed.

So, although it has surprised many - more for its timing than anything else - Frost’s decision to cut and run had been coming, the pressure on him building, his ability (and that of others in and around the Tory party) to blame others for his failings ebbing away as the crises came and went. He’s resigned. And the effect has been delicious.

While the BBC has reportedBrexit minister Lord Frost has resigned from the UK government over ‘concerns about the current direction of travel’ … In a letter to Boris Johnson, the peer, who led Brexit negotiations, said he hoped the PM would ‘not be tempted’ by ‘coercive measures’ to tackle Covid”, the plausible explanation is that he had failed, would continue to fail, and would ultimately be seen, and remembered, as a failure.

What Frost had also done, and what became crystal clear in the hours after his resignation became public, was to paper over the gaping chasm that had opened up between Bozo and the Tory right, the headbangers, unicorn-seekers and flat earthers who want to not only believe that Brexit really will lead to bright, sunlit uplands, but also don’t believe that the Covid-19 pandemic is such a thing. So they have kicked off in no style at all.

Meanwhile in the real world, Jonathan Lis reminded us “Frost’s resignation comes after he demanded ECJ removal as a red line a couple of months ago, then completely backed down this week. Like every other Brexit minister, he promised to deliver all the EU’s benefits with none of its obligations, and in the end collided with reality”.

Anton Spisak put it more directly. “Lord Frost's resignation exemplifies a pattern among all the loud sovereignty purists: upon realising that there are difficult trade-offs inherent in their own choices, they pack their bags and leave, blaming others for the self-inflicted mess”. Steve Richards added “Brexit minister, Lord Frost, resigns… the Brexit Secretary, David Davis, resigned..the day after the referendum UKIP leader, N Farage, resigned…they all run a mile rather then face the practical consequence of their delusional fantasies”.

And Chris Grey had the all-important question: “Who replaces Frost now will be the key question. The answer will tell us whether Johnson wants a reset to pragmatic, even amicable, relations with EU. And/or whether he is too weak now to defy the Ultras with such a reset”. What happened overnight gives us an idea of how that will play out.

After (yes, it’s her again) Nadine Dorries attempted to defend Bozo in the Tory “Clean Global Brexit” WhatsApp group, Steve Baker, a walking advert against organised religion, removed her from the group, adding “Enough is enough”, and showing the Tories really have morphed into a Brexiteer death cult. Bozo is screwed. And so are we all.

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Mr Larrington said...

Farewell then.
Frosty the Wasteman.

Spring has come early.
You melted.

Anonymous said...

On current record it'll probably be Steve Baker. The Ultras will accept nothing less.

Grand Theft Clown Car said...

"Steve Baker just 'cancelled' Nadine Dorries! Telegraph, Spectator, Sun & Mail 'journalists' have never been more desperate for instructions from their owners. Will be interesting to see what the orders are." - James Oh Brien on Twitter.
Nads too woke?

Nigel Stapley said...

As his more illustrious and capable namesake might have said:

"Goodbye, good night and fuck off!"

Arnold said...

From the fantasy world of the Mail and Brexpress.

A rare Brexiteer in Whitehall, Lord Frost has made his name fighting Britain’s battles with Brussels in the face of barefaced threats and hostile rhetoric.

His fearsome reputation at the negotiating table prompted Boris Johnson to declare him the ‘Greatest Frost since the Great Frost of 1709’ in his conference speech this year.

He transformed the Brexit talks, symbolising a new, unapologetic and frankly patriotic approach by getting our negotiating team to wear Union Flag badges.

His approach was so unlike the feeble and defeatist attitudes of so much previous British contact with the EU that Brussels realised it was for once dealing with serious opponents, with an iron determination to stand up for ourselves.

LORD David Frost is "right at the very top" of potential successors for taking over from Boris Johnson following tensions in the Conservative Party.

Anonymous said...

Post-Bozo the tory Gammons will appoint some gimp with a "strong and stable" appearance manufactured by arsehole London "pr consultants" bullshitters.

Far right tory media (i.e. all of them) will promote him/her/it as "centre-right", "moderate", even "progressive". Just as they promoted the red tory Quiff Quisling as (no laughing at the back!) "forensic".

Long term it won't matter who the replacement is. Just as it won't matter if red tories are the replacement at the next general election.

Britain has become mostly a Catamite Nation. It actually likes being fucked over by thieves, liars and hypocrites in thrall to US loonies.

So....a new flag-waving distraction is badly needed, probably in the East. The only question now is whether the electorate will be stupid enough to fall for it yet again.

We've been here before.

Anonymous said...

So, it seems as though the person who allegedly negotiated the deal realised that it wasn't a good deal after all, and resigned citing other irrelevant reasons rather than the truth.
You are right, it does all sound far to familiar.

Martin Read said...

Hateful bully of an idiot. Good riddance!

Quick, drink a glass before we find out who his replacement will be.

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

Yeah, but apart from that, Anonymous 14.44, everything else is looking up, eh?

Mr Larrington said...

And Frosty the Wasteman's role is to be filled by alleged Foreign Secretary and trainee draught excluder Liz Truss. That will surely give the Unelected Bureaucrats of Brussels™ sleepless nights.

Anonymous said...

@ 18:30.


If you (or the Quiff Quisling) say so.

Or something.

AndyC said...

Yet another Brexiter running away from the mess he has done so much to create, having realised, but not admitting, that Leaving might not have been such a good idea after all.

Unknown said...

Simon Convey is "looking forward" to working with Liz ..

Anonymous said...

Like Frost, the Quisling is "patriotic". He said so in his "public address" (while failing to list any policies whatever).

And since patriotism is the last resort of scoundrels..........

RodJ said...

Mr Larrington - I disagree. Truss will give the Unelected Bureaucrats of Brussels sleepless nights - they'll be too busy pissing themselves laughing to get to bed.

SteveHolmes11 said...

The over ready deal has

(Wait for it, wait for it).