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Sunday 13 June 2021

Harry Cole Marr Whopper UNRAVELS

In yet another futile attempt to appease the Murdoch mafiosi, the BBC went into truly barrel-scraping mode this morning and allowed the odious flannelled fool Master Harry Cole, a pretend journalist who has been made political editor of the Sun, to appear as part of the paper review panel on The Andy Marr Show™. The result was all too predictable.

Claims to be a journalist. No, don't laugh

Cole, who is incalculably stupid - and equally dishonest - took an alleged news item from the increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph under the headline “Macron triggers Johnson’s fury by by claiming Northern Ireland is not part of UK”. This, he proclaimed, was a diplomatic gaffe demonstrating how the dastardly foreigners didn’t understand the UK.

But, in true Cole style, or rather lack of it, the claim was not only not true, but was soon unravelling. Sadly, in the meantime, not only Marr, but also the BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg, had allowed the claim to be passed off as fact. This enabled alleged Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to whimper that the EU was being “offensive”.

Raab went on to claim “Various EU figures here in Carbis Bay, but frankly for months now and years, have characterised Northern Ireland as somehow a separate country and that is wrong. It is a failure to understand the facts”, while Ms Kuenssberg, not for the first time, excused the behaviour of alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson by claiming that the Northern Ireland ruckus was not really a major topic of G7 conversation.

This excused Bozo and the Tories from having the BBC’s audience informed that just about every other leader at the G7 had ended up with little short of disdain for Bozo and his bluster. And all the while, no-one on the Marr Show so much as peeped at Master Cole using the Beeb to propagandise for the Government. Some clearly had short memories.

It was less than six years ago that Cole secured his first Sun front page lead: the story, claiming that then Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn would have to be sworn to the Privy Council on pain of his party losing its allocation of “Short Money” was totally untrue, and, yes, it was soon unravelling. And that’s what the Macron claim has now done.

The Elysée has, as Reuters has reported, told that “the prime minister queried how [Macron] would react if French courts prevented the shipment of Toulouse sausages to Paris … The president said that Toulouse and Paris were part of a single geographic area and that Northern Ireland was on an island … The president wants to highlight that the situation was quite different and that it wasn’t right to draw this kind of comparison”.

So the Telegraph claim was bunk - another former paper of record that now needs its supposed “news” coverage backed up by a reliable second source - and the BBC allowed Master Cole to talk well, but lie badly. Meanwhile, Bozo gets away with timing his press conference at the end of the G7 so that it clashes with England’s opening Euro game against Croatia. And our supplicant media class will let him get away with it.

This morning’s Marr Show, given the information which was most likely already there providing someone had asked the question, and which is now all too widely available, was not the BBC’s finest hour. That’s what you get for inviting an unprincipled liar to speak.

And it still won’t stop the Murdoch press trashing the Beeb. I’ll just leave that one there.

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Nigel Stapley said...

It is now way past time for the Boris Booster Company's 'news' division to be disbanded and reconstituted with none of the current editorial staff re-hired.

Take this from the BBC 'News' website at the moment:


Note two things:

1. In the second paragraph, it says:

"Reports claim French President Emmanuel Macron said..."

It wasn't 'reports'; it was 'report', singular. It was from the Toryglyph and - as you pointed out - was total bollocks. The BBC piece even includes a link to the item in the DT.

2. The caption to the embedded video reads:

""Were you offended by President Macron's comments about Northern Ireland?", asked the BBC's Laura Kuenssberg"

So Kuennsberg - like Marr - had clearly made the assumption that what the Barclaygraph said was true without any attempt to do basic journalism and, y'know, check.

Clientism, stenography and propaganda; the stock-in-trade of the Castration since the publication of the Hutton Report.

Anonymous said...

Harry "Hamster Face" Cole and Andy "tory arsewipe" Marr. Christ, mutual onanism in public. To say nothing of Laura "Sack Of Corrupt Lying Shit" Kuenssberg.

British media at its far right worse.

A nation rotting from the face down.

Anonymous said...

Lest we forget.

THIS is Kuenssberg:

Arnold said...

Macron triggers Johnson’s fury by by claiming Northern Ireland is not part of UK”.

But it isn't! There's a border in the Irish Sea!

"Raab went on to claim “Various EU figures here in Carbis Bay, but frankly for months now and years, have characterised Northern Ireland as somehow a separate country and that is wrong."
It's right! The UK is a union of four countries! Probably not for much longer.

Anonymous said...

To 19:57.

You won't have long to wait for the new strain of yapping media poodles.

Wait until you get a load of them. Zombies from the "media schools". Empty-headed dickheads the lot of them.