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Sunday 2 May 2021

Bozo - Money, Lying - And Kompromat

As Tory poll numbers show the first signs that Wallpapergate may be beginning to register with the electorate, a remarkable coalition of journalists has come together, whether by coincidence or otherwise, to tell those voters to look somewhere else. Alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is variously held to be on his uppers, and not some mere lazy and narcissistic liar who is not fit for office.

The Murdoch Sunday Times has led the way in deflecting attention from the inconvenient suggestion that the recent refurbishment of the 11 Downing Street flat may have cost as much as £200,000. “Is Boris Johnson too poor to be PM?” they ask. QTWTAIN. It is, for starters, not the “being Prime Minister” which is causing the alleged money worries.

What's that, Boris? Two page spread, you say?

Small wonder, then, that when the ST Tweeted out the teaser “Johnson has told friends that he needs to earn about £300,000 a year - twice his salary - to keep his head above water, while a former No 10 insider said it was ‘received wisdom’ that he is permanently broke”, the response was not quite what the paper’s hacks may have expected.

James Ball mused “Full-time job at London living wage: £22,500 … Median UK full-time salary: £31,500 … Top 1% salary point: £192,000 … What Boris Johnson says he needs to live: £300,000 … Man of the people!” LBC host James O’Brien added “Poor people with such chaotic personal lives used to end up on Jeremy Kyle. Says a lot about Brexit Britain that this man has ended up in charge”. Then a second front was opened up.

This came from BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg, who has penned a longish read titled “Boris Johnson: What is the PM's relationship with the truth?” Do we even need to ask that question? No matter, she manages to compare Bozo to the late Steve Jobs, while driving it around the houses instead of giving us the obvious and simple answer.

Bozo is a congenital liar. He was sacked from his first job in journalism for it, he was sacked from the Tory front bench for it, and most recently, Peter Stefanovic has compiled the occasions when he has indulged in the practice before the Commons (the video has garnered over 14 million views, but the BBC for some reason has ignored it).

Bozo lies his way out of every tight corner or difficult question, if the truth is inconvenient to him. He lies in order to kick the can down the road. It’s part of the act. What is rather more relevant, and way more serious, is what happens when his being allegedly skint, and in an abusive relationship with the truth, are picked up on by those hostile to the UK.

Money worries? Most interesting

Former BBC man John Sweeney saw the ST claim and mused “Boris ‘is skint’ shock - kind of intelligence the Russian secret state might act on”. This is not so far-fetched as it may seem: Bozo, as Sweeney points out, has been a regular guest at Evgeny Lebedev’s Palazzo not far from Perugia. He’s attended parties there without any security detail being present. He has, in return, gifted Lebedev a seat in the House of Lords.

Evgeny Lebedev’s father Alexander was a colonel in the KGB. As Sweeney points out, “Alexander is the source of Yevgeny’s money. And no-one stays rich in Russia for long without the blessing of Vladimir Putin”. The BBC and ST pieces are mere dead cats.

Putin latched on to Trump. The question now is, has he done the same with Bozo?

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Anonymous said...

Peter Stefanovic and Tim Fenton are New Media.

Murdoch/Rothermere creeps and broadcast propagandists like Kuenssberg/Neil are Old Media relics. They might as well shovel their lying shit via quill pen and cartridge paper. They look, sound and read as though they're suspended in a laboratory solution in a media museum jar. Fortunately, their day is beginning to fade. Meanwhile, their only practical use is a target for derision.

AndyC said...

Douglas MacArthur's response to a question about FDR could just as well apply to Johnson. 'He never told the truth when a good lie would do.' Of course FDR was a truly great leader, whereas Johnson is anything but.

Arnold said...


Well they would, wouldn't they?

MPs denied they were taking revenge on the Commission for PM's flat makeover

Well they would, wouldn't they?

Mr Larrington said...

I think Francis Bacon had Bloody Stupid Johnson in mind when he said “He doth like the ape, that the higher he clymbes the more he shows his ars”

Anonymous said...

What exactly does Boris spend his money on? He was making bank for years writing his (lol) articles, does he have no money saved? Okay, he'll be paying out child support dosh, but what else? He's currently in a job with a free house, expense account, free transport, free international travel...

Is he huffing nose candy like Al Pacino in Scarface?

Would love to see his KGB file. All those pics of him 'partying' in Italy...