Monday 7 June 2021

Julie Burchill Does A Royal Racism

Having been caught indulging in gratuitous anti-Semitism (while claiming to be the most enthusiastic Philosemite), washed-up pundit Julie Burchill has gone one better, after news broke that the Duchess of Sussex had given birth to a baby girl late last week. Haz and Megs let the world know that the new addition to their family would be called Lilibet Diana, after her great-grandmother, and late grandmother. Most press coverage was positive.

That is, apart from the inevitable overbearing sneer from the Daily Mail, as the inmates of the Northcliffe House bunker thundered “New baby Sussex given Queen’s family nickname (but did they even ask her?)” Guess which paper the Sussexes are taking to court.

But the Mail was put in the shade by Ms Burchill, who was so confident of her ground on firing up Twitter that she limited replies to her followers. "What a missed opportunity. They could have called it Georgina Floydina!” Disrespecting the dead, trivialising a two day old baby by using “it” to describe her. And Ms Burchill was not alone.

She was egged on by Joanna Toch, who is a family judge: “No Doria? Don’t black names matter?” Judge Toch has since thought better of her intervention and deleted her Tweet, but in the meantime she had spurred Ms Burchill on to greater, er, depths. “I was hoping for Doria Oprah, the racist rotters”. Look over there at someone else’s pretend racism!

Then she was back to dig so deep she found bedrock. “Oprah BeyoncĂ©!” Laugh? I thought I’d never start. Nor did many others, not least barrister Miranda Grell: “Even more upsetting than reading Julie Burchill's tweet about the new Royal baby was to then read the disgusting, racist twitter conversation that followed between Burchill and a practising member of the legal profession. I feel sick personally and professionally”. There was more.

When the Internet was germinating on the mind of Tim Berners-Lee he felt such a tool could link people across the world and be a force for good. Instead people like Julie Burchill decided to use it to racially abuse a 2-day old baby because people like her are abhorrent … I'm not sure there's a better example of the British media's cloistered nature and systemic racism than their continued upholding of Julie Burchill as some sort of lauded journalistic provocateur when she's merely a bigoted hack”. And more.

Julie Burchill works for the Telegraph and Spectator and Joanna Toch is a family judge in the UK. Today, they both decided to welcome Lili Diana to racism. The Brits also welcomed Archie with racism when he was born … Let's imagine that Prince Harry had married a Jewish woman, and that Julie Burchill tweeted ‘Anne Frank’ instead of ‘Georgina Floydina’. It would quite rightly be deemed antisemitic. The fact she tweets this filth with impunity further highlights Britain's institutional racism”. One pundit had seen enough.

Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, who you can tell as she’s a doctor, mused: “Archie was compared to a Chimpanzee at birth. Lilibet, at birth, is used to poke fun at racial killing of George Floyd. This is Racist … The utter disrespect & dehumanisation of Harry and Meghan’s children because of their proximity to ‘Blackness’ is Racist”.

But Julie Burchill will continue to be published by the increasingly alt-right Spectator magazine. Editor Fraser Nelson will wave away “something on Twitter”. The Burchill income stream will suffer no loss. All you need to know about our free and fearless press.

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  1. What a missed opportunity by Burchill's parents, opting for boring old “Julie” instead of “Omni-Bigot Has-Been Fuckwit” or “Unhip Old Shitslinger”.

  2. Burchill is a vile character but Leftists fawning over Royal births is embrasssing.

    1. @ 14:21.

      Show us where "Leftists" are "fawning over Royal births".

      In your own time.

  3. No one's fawning over a royal birth. Plenty of folk are calling out a washed out, racist, bigoted, transphobic, foul hack. And thats it.

  4. My e-chum AndrewC says that Bitchall has deleted her Twitter account. I do hope he is not mistaken.

  5. It's really concerning that so many sick rightists are able to freely spout vile, hateful shit to millions of idiotic bigots who exist in a horrible little counterproductive cloud of flag shagging butcher's apron fake superiority where the racial abuse of a new born baby is socially acceptable.

    Brexit Britain.

  6. Aaaaaaaand, she's been sacked by the Telegraph. Just imagine how toxic you have to be that even the Torygraph notices.

  7. According to her Facebook page, Julie has now been sacked by the Telegraph.

  8. Burchill sacked?

    If so, Fat Julie's on the same road as Big Nose Kate.

    Couldn't be a more suited pair of fellow-travellers.