Friday 22 January 2021

Nigel Farage - Now An Irrelevance

After Combover Crybaby Donald Trump left the White House for the last time earlier this week, to the great relief of all those who wished the SOB had never arrived there in the first place, some of his supporters were left bereft. They had backed The Donald to the exclusion of any thought that he might lose. And their number included the now forlorn figure of Reform UK Oberscheissenf├╝hrer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage.

Nige was certain Trump would beat Democrat challenger Joe Biden, so certain that he let it be known he had wagered £10,000 on the outcome. And he lost. He also lost his cachet as someone with access to a serving President. Worse, there was the prospect that Trump was facing an impeachment trial and may be barred for holding office ever again.

So Farage had to not only defend Trump, but make himself sound knowledgeable and relevant. Sadly, he achieved none of these goals, starting with his claim “This is why impeaching Donald Trump is a mistake”. Yeah, right. Holding to account someone who incited the armed storming and trashing of the United States Capitol is a mistake.

Like heck it is. But do go on. And on he went to talk to fellow bigot Rowan Dean (still alleged to be editor of Spectator Australia, even after losing that lawsuit) on Sky News Australia, that well-known Antipodean variant on Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse), asserting that Republicans who want to dump Trump are “making the biggest mistake of their political careers”. Yeah, why bother saving their party from wipeout, eh?

And while he was in pretend mode, Mr Thirsty pretended something else - that Trump has some kind of Presidential legacy, other than that of a chiselling gangster. “I will be posting a new video on the Trump legacy later today … Watch my thoughts on the Trump Legacy” he pleaded. What legacy? Tax cuts for the rich, his followers dishonestly gaslighted into believing the election was stolen, a country divided, Covid-19 almost ignored.

So that’s For Some Value Of Legacy, then. Still, there were still media appearances, weren’t there? Well, if you count a chat with dribbling bigot Mike Graham at Murdoch noise floor occupant TalkRADIO, maybe there are. Here, Nige told anyone not yet asleep that the Democratic Party had been taken over by The New Hard Left. This means that THE SQUAD got re-elected to Congress, and added two new members. Yay The Squad!

Not going too well, was it? And it got worse, as Farage desperately blubbered “There are media reports that the bust of Winston Churchill has been removed from the Oval Office. If true, this is a slap in the face to the British and any prospects of good relations”. Who gives a flying foxtrot what he thinks? And as to that photo he posted, well.

James Doleman pointed out that Nige had posed “While standing in front of a portrait of George Washington, who carried out a successful armed insurrection against the British Crown”. One last pointless gesture from Mr Thirsty? You got it. "Trump’s greatest legacy is that he restored faith and trust in politics. He made promises and kept them”. Master, how far shall I tell him to Fuck Off? Trump spent four years lying his head off. End of.

That desperation tells you all you need to know. Nigel Farage is irrelevant at home with his pals protesting about Covid restrictions while the death toll skyrockets, and he’s even less relevant in the USA now Trump has gone. All that hot air and no-one listening. Sad!

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  1. According to my Twitter feed today, Nigel is back to his usual grifting tricks, demanding a "processing fee" of £80 from potential ReformUK election candidates.

    1. Presumably that's £80 on top of the £500 deposit that they'll have to pony up (and subsequently lose).

  2. Niggle who?

    Thankfully I had forgotten who that irrelevance was quite a while ago. I think the best thing for all concerned is to never mention his name again (both Drumpf and Niggle).

  3. His sniffing around Trump’s arse was an embarrassment to the UK.

  4. The most successful politician of our generation. Say whatever you like he beat you, now be a good boy and accept the democratic will of the people for all our sakes !

  5. The Democratic Party is "The New Hard Left"?

    Nigel and the Gammons have been gargling aftershave again.

  6. Mr thirsty becomes man Friday, hopefully maroon on a tiny speck of shite somewhere midstream never to be rediscovered. While we are at his his lack of noises towards fisherfolk even outdoes his appearances in the European Parliament in support of them. Gabby little shite. No loss to anyone .... farages migrant watch? .... just take yer German passport and fuck off pal !

  7. But harsh reality has hit a buddy of his. The sainted James Delingpole has told Telegram followers "Feeling at the moment a bit like one of those millennial cults where the appointed hour has come and gone and the earth has not been consumed by fire while the faithful are raised to heaven in their giant spaceship. And I’m waiting for a cult leader to tell me: No, it’s OK. We got the date wrong. The Great Awakening is actually going to happen on…”

  8. He did promise that if Brexit didn't work (which it isn't) he would "simply leave". Presumably now the Orange Infant is no more the USA holds less of an attraction.

    St Helena perhaps, or there's always the Falklands.

  9. "The most successful politician of our generation. Say whatever you like he beat you, now be a good boy and accept the democratic will of the people for all our sakes !"
    Why? By successfully organising a train wreck?

  10. Hear Nigel's take on Trump's legacy.

    I'd prefer to ream out my urethra with a rusty soldering iron, thanks.

  11. I wonder, does de Piffle have a bust of FDR in Downing Street? Although I guess the Witch had one of Pinochet