Sunday, 18 March 2018

Tommy Robinson Free Speech Falls Flat

[Update at end of post]

After the UK authorities decided they could get on fine without the likes of Martin Sellner, Brittany Pettibone and Lauren Southern, Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, declared that he would travel today to London to give the speech Sellner would have given, and at Speaker’s Corner. By doing this, he would, he claimed, be “reclaiming free speech”, although from whom was not told.
Sadly, the whole exercise did not go according to plan: Lennon was intending that Lutz Bachmann, founder of Pegida, would be there at the event to read out the mythical speech in its original German. But the UK Border Agency, having been told very loudly and very clearly that Bachmann was intending to enter the country, stopped him at Stansted Airport and he was deported this morning back to Germany.
Lennon was not downhearted, though: he kept on advertising the event, reminding his followers that he would still give the speech at 1500 hours, and that the nearest Tube station was Marble Arch. And so it came to pass that he stepped up to give the speech, and the considerable Police presence standing between him and his pal Caolan Robertson prevented anyone tuning in to hear a word that he said.
Robertson vainly tried to connect a microphone; this, too, failed. All that could be heard was noises off from the crowd, people reminding one another which former politicians were definitely paedophiles, others calling for Lennon to speak up, and finally, after Robertson confirmed that the speech had indeed been delivered, loud but brief chanting in support of whatever it was that had been delivered.
Was that it? Well, Robertson did try and over-dramatically pretend he was being pursued by “Antifa” and “Far left demonstrators” as he left the scene. But the faithful were assured that the speech would be uploaded to YouTube. Which could have been done without going to Speaker’s Corner, or indeed without wasting the time and resources of an already overstretched Metropolitan Police to deal with the crowds - and the fighting.
And as Nick Lowles of Hope Not Hate pointed out, “it's a bit rich of Tommy Robinson to present himself as a defender of free speech after he's spent last 9 yrs not affording same rights to Muslims. He's called for Muslims to be blocked from speaking, new mosques banned and Muslim immigration halted … The only rights he seems to care about are for anti-Muslim haters and German and American racists”.
He also noted that Bachmann is, among other things, a convicted drug dealer. Perhaps Lennon will be going mob-handed to have one of his “polite conversations” with him, or perhaps not. There has been no assault on free speech in barring a quartet of far-right shit stirrers from the UK, no-one prevented Sellner’s speech being delivered, it could have been just put online anyway, and all that we have seen is another publicity stunt.

Many of Stephen Yaxley Lennon’s adoring followers will carry on believing otherwise, and that the Scary Muslims (tm) and Rotten Lefties (tm) are out to get them. More fool them.

[UPDATE 1820 hours: for those who have already claimed this post is lying (yawn), I include two Tweets from someone who was not only there, but very close to where Lennon was speaking.
As can be seen, the person otherwise known as Far Right Watch (Twitter feed HERE) echoed what I posted, telling "As for his speech, his microphone was broken and with lots of chanting, no-one heard a word. But they cheered at the end of whatever it was he might have said".
They added "Apparently it'll be uploaded to YouTube but I couldn't hear him from 6 feet away, so good luck with that. The camera could barely see him".

As I said previously, a publicity stunt. Nothing more, nothing less]


  1. Why are you lying? I just watched a livestream of it... and it was a good turnout with only a small line of police in the middle.

  2. Tim Fenton your artical is very inaccurate. Tut tut shame on you for trying 2 push such lies.


  3. Pathetic. Under the circumstances Tommy did a good job. Islam is a evil ideology like Nazism and Communism.

  4. The live stream is fine. Loads turned up. And the speech was made. Job done so no it didn't fall flat at all so why speak such bollox. It's this sort of journalism which has lead us where we are now.

  5. By the way this article has only 220 shares the video of the speech has had far far more then that. So what's fallen flat? Lol

  6. Tommy. You don't need to hide behind an anonymous tag. Just stand up and be counted boy. By the way, it is *article.*

  7. I understood everyword of his speech. Go get a hearing aid you obviously need it

  8. This articles a bit far fetched my friend. It's one way of embarrassing yourself I suppose.

  9. Dolores la Passionaria Yaxley-Lenin18 March 2018 at 20:20

    More of this please, Tim. These 'patriots' may be illiterate but at least they don't use profanities like some of the other contributors here. And on a Sunday too. There's no call for it in my opinion.

    (Though Tommy should really have been in church rather than up in the Babylonian cess-pit that is our capital).

  10. Fuck that Nazi cunt Robinson and his inbred followers (all 10 of them)

  11. OK Fenton enough of you're commie dialectics. argue your way out of this one:

    Yer mum

    got no answer have you don't lie

  12. Oh! Fear Tim Fenton, what a sad person you are. I watched the live stream and heard everything Tommy was saying. How sad that someone in your position had to resort to lying to try and get yourself noticed. Also only a small line of police around! So caught in yet another lie you sad little snowflake, go and cry in mummys arms.

  13. Good grief. I've wandered into a hen house.

    *Wanders out again.*

  14. It's good to see we have control of our borders and the UK does not allow hate preachers in. Aren't those things Stephen Yaxley Lennon (Tommy) wants?

  15. Creambun Brexit Lemmon18 March 2018 at 23:08

    Just came to say that my micraphone was sabotajed by a Muslamic agitatoe who we arn't going to pay the invoice, and everyone who came to here me could see me and new fool well what Martin Sellner's speech was going to say the truth, and that is the patriotic truth and no lie.

  16. Wow, please fuck off Tommy, or Caolin, or whoever you are. At least put it all in a single comment instead of spamming short ones.

    Crying 'liar' is kind of sad. Tim's got the better of you.

  17. Sorry, Stephen, I didn't quite catch you...

  18. Anyone wanna buy a used second hand fascist?......Goin' cheap dahn the East End......

    1. Shit, they can't go dan the East End, it's all Muslamic dan there mate. No go areas an that.

  19. Sewerage Yakult-Lemming19 March 2018 at 10:45

    It’s them Muslamic Ray Guns strangling are FEARLESS and free white meeja.

    (Or in this case a couple of gammons and a 25 year old Sony Handicam)

    Need to ban Shakira Law (for as we all know - the hips don’t lie)

  20. Lovely to see 'Tommy' and his pet creep trying and failing to show they are some sort of free speech super heroes.

    Just fuck off 'Tommy' or you might end up banged up like the Britain First idiots.

  21. ah, the old "not conducive to the public good" excuse. Been around for many decades. Never heard the right wingers object to it when it was being used against those they disagreed with - which until recently was basically everybody it was used against.

    And what of our glorious press who mocked the European Convention on Human Rights when anyone tried to use it to stop such deportations? If nothing else, the new direction from May-hem has a certain entertainment value......

    And it's not just here. The Pegida/AfD rabble rousing has led to the new German FM Seehofer shouting about taking back control of borders (not even an original slogan) - so Bachmann can hardly complain when another country does it!

  22. Tommeh is a coke head cunt who needs a hood shoeing