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Monday, 28 December 2020

Brexit - Gove Admits Red Tape Lies

So, Brexit boosters, how many of you swallowed the claim that leaving the EU would mean cutting red tape for businesses? Every one answering in the affirmative has been taken for a mug. Because that claim was yet another among the litany of lying in which the Leave campaigns indulged. And now that it’s too late to do anything about it, that Primus Inter Pares of political liars, Michael “Oiky” Gove, has admitted it. While lying a little more.

Someone just smelled burning

And even the BBC has reported this late admission, though not the previous claims. “There will be ‘bumpy moments’ for UK businesses and travellers as they get to grips with new EU rules, says government minister Michael Gove. He said there would be ‘practical and procedural changes’ when the Brexit transition period ends on 31 December”.

Yebbut new passports. Which aren't actually blue

There is more. “Mr Gove also urged people going to the EU to make extra checks, including looking at mobile phone roaming charges and passport expiry dates”. The return of mobile phone roaming charges when out of the UK, which was previously derided as no more than a manifestation of “Project Fear”. Now he admits it wasn’t.

Gove “warned businesses that time was ‘very short’ to make the final preparations before the transition period ends … Businesses have been urged to make sure they understand the new rules on importing and exporting goods, including the different rules that apply to trade with Northern Ireland, and to consider how they will make customs declarations on EU trade”. Customs declarations - so more red tape for businesses.

Ian Dunt was less than totally impressed. “Incredible argument from Gove that Brexit makes sure exporters are ‘match fit’ for global trade - basically that the government is making it so hard to trade with our closest partner that now they'll be trained to trade all over the place”. And the red tape will impose itself on more than one level.

That was picked up by Ian Birrell: “It was claimed endlessly that Brexit would slash bureaucracy & red tape. Now look at the complex new bureaucratic infrastructure that has been agreed by Johnson with a Partnership Council, 19 specialised committees & 4 working groups”. And there will still be a role for the European Court of Justice.

On costs, Peter Stefanovic was also unimpressed. “‘It’s a good deal’ Michael Gove tells #BBCBreakfast who fail to point out it's cost the country £200bn, robbed British citizens of free movement & made everyone but his millionaire chums poorer for years to come”, adding “BBC viewers obviously don’t need to know this”. Ho ho ho.

Meanwhile, Denis MacShane spotted another whopper. “First Brexit fib of the day from Michael Gove to [Nick Robinson] that Brexit allows UK to create free ports. There are free ports all over Europe. UK had them but last one closed in 2012 as they don’t work very well”. Gove’s claim on being able to tackle inequality was another lie.

Michael Gove fails to explain how being inside the EU prevented Conservative governments from tackling inequality, when questioned on Today. Not a single example. Because the main levers - public services and tax - have always been at national level” noted Jennifer Rankin. Yet “Oiky” was not called out on air for any of his fibs.

When will Brexiteers realise they’ve been had? It’s all getting just a little bit obvious.

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AndyC said...

Leavers will NEVER accept they have been had. Brexiters like Gove will NEVER admit they lied right from the start. Remainers like me will NEVER see ANY benefit whatsoever in leaving the EU.

Anonymous said...

Political lying and hypocrisy is now almost institutionalised.

And nobody seems to care as long as they can get pissed, get high on haha powder and watch shite TV. Least of all charlatans in the Bozo Circus and on the Starmerised front bench.

It's almost as though an entire nation is committing slow, glazed-eyes suicide. An avoidable tragedy but one the dead-brained part of the population seem to want.

Jonathan said...

Just wait till all those Sun readers go on holiday to Spain, instead of breezing through Customs, they will now face significant delays as non EU citizens.
Will they blame Gove or the EU? I think we can guess!

Jonathan said...

Don't tell Brexiteers that the new shiny 'Blue' passports aren't made in Blighty but across the English Channel in good ol' France.

Will Farage, JJB, Hopkins, Fox and Mark Francois beamming the barricades or just moaming on whichever news outlet will pay them for their opinions.

Anonymous said...

Re: Jonathan - also what about those English alcohol merchants who set up in France to cash in on the booze cruisers from Plague Island? Think the Europeans are scrapping unlimited drink allocations so there's not much reason going to Calais to save pennies on a car full of plonk.

Anonymous said...

Re: Jonathan (2). When the history of this shitshow is written properly the likes of Farage are going to go down as some of the biggest traitors ever. They know full well what they're doing is weakening the UK which only benefits the filthy rich and certain foreign powers who want the EU breaking up. The culture warriors are there to add an extra layer of confusion to keep the masses at each other's throats instead of looking at what's actually going on (ditto for Internet conspiracy merchants).