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Friday, 28 August 2015

Don’t Menshn Twitter Vigilantes

Regular visitors to Zelo Street need no reminder of the unending stupidity of (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch, who has recently claimed claimed Channel 4 man Paul Mason works for the BBC (wrong), blamed the Guardian for her ineptitude (wrong), claimed the Beeb’s Songs Of Praise from Calais was a fake and the Ethiopian Christians were Muslims (wrong), and more seriously, her attempts to paint veteran Labour left-winger Jeremy Corbyn as a forthright supporter of anti-Semitism (wrong).
(c) Doc Hackenbush 2014

That much was capital entertainment, but then, for reasons best known to himself, Stephen “Vicky” Pollard, editor of the Jewish Chronicle (JC), gave Ms Mensch a platform to tell that, whatever Corbyn’s stance, his supporters included a significant number of anti-Semites. Here, it seems she was aided and abetted by another self-proclaimed Twitter Policeman, Jeremy Duns, underemployed author and self-important bully.
And so it came to pass that the JC ran the results of Ms Mensch’s handiwork; here the trouble began. Pollard clearly endorsed her words: “Here's a superb piece in tomorrow's @JewishChron by @LouiseMensch on twiiter, antisemitism and Corbyn supporters”. If he had not had the article fact checked, he may end up wishing he had.
First, musician Alison Chabloz took exception to Ms Mensch’s characterisation of her words, on the straightforward grounds that she did not say what was attributed to her. Then S G Kinsman objected to being called an “anti-Semite for Corbyn”, on the straightforward grounds of (a) being from a well-known Jewish family, (b) not being an anti-Semite, and (c) not supporting Jeremy Corbyn.
This much was bad enough, but the self-appointment seems to have gone to the heads of Duns and Ms Mensch, with the former patrolling Twitter accusing those he dislikes of “giving succour to anti-Semites”. This is pure McCarthyite guilt-by-association. Let me put this directly: Duns is not the law, and should stop playing Constable Savage, inventing non-existent offences over which he can come over all righteous.
It gets worse - much worse. Ms Mensch is not content to leave it with her JC article, and is now actively pursuing Ms Chabloz in what appears to be a deliberate and malicious attempt to deprive her of her livelihood. Ms Chabloz has already had to have a cease and desist notice issued on her behalf against another purveyor of harassment. Both she and S G Kinsman are considering legal action against the JC.

Anti-Semitism is a serious matter; that much is not up for debate. What is in question here is the way in which Louise Mensch is first of all smearing those whose only redress is to take the matter to law, then setting herself up as a social media vigilante in order to cause others harm. The problem is that she is too stupid to desist, far less admit she is out of order. She should cease her campaign and seek psychiatric help for her obsession.

She is not the law either. This little Wild West Show from her and her pal needs to stop.


Anonymous said...

As an atheist I howled with laughter at your reference to the Jewish Chronicle as "the JC."

I reckon Homo sapiens would be done a great service if all the superstitious gnomes from ALL religions were to gather in the back of beyond and knock the living shite out of each other until nobody was left standing. They've tried it often enough throughout history.

Then the rest of us could get on with life without crazy paedophile priests, ex Nazi Popes, Dixie Bible Belt gun slingers, Northern Ireland nutters and Middle East mass murderers.

The sooner the whole loony charade has evolved out the better. It would probably deal a mortal blow to crackpots like Mensch and co.

Jimmy Christ said...

I can't say I'm 100% at ease with your defence of Alison Chabloz, she does have a problematic record.

Here defence of the Quenelle as a "up yours" isn't exactly watertight:


Claiming to be relying on some subtle non-antisemetic use of the Quenelle is either ill-advised and mischievous or downright ignorant at best given that it's become popular as a Far Right salute in France where traditional glorifications of the Third Reich are banned.

This is a good post on the subject by Howard Jacobson


I neither believe Corbyn to be an antisemite, nor an enabler of antisemites, but I worry your dogged opposition to the terrible Louise Mensch risks you becoming an apologist for causes that undermine your credibility.

Tim Fenton said...


I am not defending Ms Chabloz.

What I am pointing out is that, whatever her views, it does not allow Ms Mensch or anyone else to freely defame her as a result.

She is also entitled to earn a living without the likes of Ms Mensch trying to have it taken away.